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    Well fuck it. I donate money to IC because its included in tekkit so anatomica may not support tekkit but I literally support this forum.

    Oh I remember this genius.

    I have a friend whos a hacker and he hacked into tekkits/technics and it
    shows atleast half of the donations are going to a foreign bank account
    which is owned by none of the mod authors that have there mods in
    tekkit/technic. Whos getting half the donations? O_O serious shit

    I don't get it why people can't just respect freedom of choice. Some people like using tekkit so they do. Some prefer manually installing mods and they do that.

    As a server admin its a thousand times easier to tell people to just install tekkit than giving them a list of mods and videos on how to install them so of course I like tekkit. Why does your preference somehow nullify my preference?

    I can see the point of that though, Tekkit server would require the person install tekkit or build and configure their own "tekkit" client. Plus the technic forum offers space to share your server, they only asked that you put a decent effort into your post. Also splits them into open servers and whitelist servers with the chance of getting deluxe server if your post and sever prove exceptional. Be a lot easier to find tekkit players on there anyhow.

    I advertise on both and its helping the server a lot.

    I have a tekkit server on the server list and I have also donated money to IC for its great contribution to the tekkit pack and I think the IC crew would make a serious error in judgement by encouraging threads like this and not debunk people who make claims like the ones made in this thread (like that technic posts fake paypal links and pockets the money that is donated to IC through it)

    And on top of that start deleting all references to tekkit like servers listed that run it would be bad.

    I mean how hard is it to officially address the aforementioned accusations? "The paypal links are genuine and the money goes to IC"

    or confirm them if that's the case (its not)

    Mod developers cannot sue anyone. They have first of all, not copyrighted their works because mojang already owns minecraft itself and as such the mod developers cannot copyright a modification to someone else's copyright.

    And yeah I do want the easy solution. Why would I want a more difficult solution to do something?

    Easy and user friendly is good. I run a tekkit server and being able to tell people to just download and install the launcher is a thousand times easier than giving them links to 19 different mods and then telling them to start editing jar files and where to put the mod files. I would just end up with 50 threads about errors and problems installing it.

    Instead I have tekkit, quick and easy to use and bloody user friendly.

    I have a friend whos a hacker and he hacked into tekkits/technics and it shows atleast half of the donations are going to a foreign bank account which is owned by none of the mod authors that have there mods in tekkit/technic. Whos getting half the donations? O_O serious shit happening...

    That is all a complete lie.


    I was waiting for this.. yet another "person" with a total lack of knowledge about ownership using complete BS defenses.

    put it simply, they are stealing any mods they don't have permission to
    use, period. The devs of the various mods own the code that they wrote
    or helped to write. Technic/tekkit is lucky they don't get shut down and
    sued into the ground for theft.

    No mod developer can sue tekkit. All of it belongs to mojang.

    I see your point about distributing mods without the original developers consent but as an end user. If I had to choose between having IC and tekkit available or just IC. Then I'd rather have both. Options are good, the more options we have the better. I just wish that the developers of the mods had the foresight to see that their mod being added to a major mod pack can only benefit them.

    Except that tekkit/technic just grab a bunch of mods from other developers and mash them together. Try making your own big mod like ic2 once and see if you dont get mad from someone stealing your work without so much saying you will do it.

    Except that they aren't stealing the work any more than google steals the content on the sites they link to. Tekkit is a modpack and make a lot of great mods work together with a very user friendly installation and launcher. They also properly credit the original mod developers, help more people find out about the mods and help get donations for the mods while refusing to accept donations themselves.

    You know that moddifying of Minecraft is allowed and recommended by Notch himself?

    Mojang publicly supports the moding community but has yet to put any legal support behind it at all. At the drop of a dime Mojang could slap all modders with a cease and desist order.

    Just like IC has a lot to add to minecraft so does tekkit. Its not one or the other, its both.

    I did indeed have railcraft at the time but I didn't use any of its items if that makes a difference. This base was located on an ocean platform so the entities were very few. I know that running too many IC devices and having power travel through too much wire can cause severe lag but if this was the case then it should all have been cleared up when the whole base was nuked and not a single machine or object remained.

    The mod is fine. Its just presentation that's not going so well.

    Like an apple pie served on the floor. Ultimately trying to impose this kind of draconian control on information about the mod is futile in the long run. I mean just googling gets one all the uu matter recipes on the spot. it just means that the official sources become secondary when people search for information about the mod.

    Its like if Microsoft wanted to keep the keyboard shortcuts a fun little mystery that people had to figure out on their own so they erase all documentation. Then stand around wondering why people don't think its a good move. If people wanted to be kept in the dark about a mods feature they wont be out looking for answers. I'm not sure who you're trying to cater to by putting so much effort into hiding and rehiding stuff in the mod and silencing people who are willing to share the answers.

    My guess is some personal control issue where you feel the need to personaly moderate every single users gaming experience regardless of their personal wishes. I can see you making DRM software sometime in the future.

    Its not like "Hey I made a great mod, here you go, have fun with it"

    its "Hey I made a great mod, and here are the instructions for how I intend for you to play with it"

    Its like when playing video games with someone and they take the controller away from you because they think you aren't playing good enough or the right way. Even if they mean well they aren't helping you enjoy the experience.