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    To start off, Buildcraft meshes very well with Industrial-craft, and I'm glad to see another user adding it to their mod repertoire (I'm sorry you weren't able to make this post yourself as well).

    As for your Questions, I will highlight them, and answer each of them individually and thoroughly as I can:

    • What side of the blocks do they eject(or not eject)?
    • How can I automatically charge re-batteries in a MFE?

    • What side of the blocks do they eject(or not eject)?

    The blocks do not eject, per se, from any of the Industrialcraft machines (We'll touch on that more in Question 2). The way Buildcraft works, if that where the piping enters the machine matters (Entering the top inserts the object into the top slot, the bottom into the bottom, and the right side to the output slot (where applicable)). Using this knowledge, one must set up a piping system similar to the one shown below:

    Note: I have the continuous current set, so I can power the whole system by a torch, but have it wired up currently as if you were to connect a clock (Which would come from where the lever is located).

    Having your piping set up this way, works as Buildcraft is intended to work (The output side (right) is connected with a wooden pipe to withdraw the items to place them into a chest). One problem one may run into by using the continuous current setting on buildcraft (mainly to conserve space, and to minimize lag with the upteen-million block updates) would be "What? The items are inputting faster than they are smelting, and dropping out of my piping, causing me to lose items?!??! (rageguy.jpg)". This can be fixed easily with a "catch system" (also known as the overflow system):

    As shown in the image, I have an inverter set up (Yes, my redstone torches are green, its so I can see them easier. ;P) connecting to the side of the block, powering the torch on top (basic redstone circuitry). Directly above said redstone torch, I have an Obsidian Vacuum pipe, which will suck-up any items within the frontal 2 block area (Which again, will be touched on in your second question). The piping then wraps around back to the "loader pipe", where it passes through a "diode pipe" (Iron pipe), which will allow an item to enter from any side, but will only be able to exit through the single open path (Change via right clicking the iron pie). This set up will also work with smelting multiple items (Iron dust, gold dust, cobble, and sand all in the "input chest") due to the fact the furnace will reject any item that is not currently in the top slot (if filled) and the catch system will send the item around to try again.

    Now that I've answered your first question thoroughly enough ( ;P ), let's take some of the knowledge we've gained and apply it to your second question:

    • How can I automatically charge re-batteries in a MFE?

    Simply put, one cannot automate this process without a few changes to one's IndustrialcraftConfig.txt file ( Remove the "#" from in front of "#generatorDropAll=true" , thus activating it).

    Once the change is made, the set-up is fairly simple:

    As you can see, the input piping system enters the top of the MFE, where the batteries are charged. This is where we run into problems. Wooden pipes now have a diode, only allowing items to pass one direction through them. How does one extract the batteries from the MFE then? Simple, remember that change we did to the config file? Any generator (and MFE/MFSU for that matter), will now drop all charged batteries (and Charged Crystals and Charged Lapitron Crystals) into the world (Or a Nearby Chest) Setting up a vacuum pipe to catch these "runaway batteries" is how one would get them to enter the piping system once more (Or by using a Wooden pipe to extract them for the catch chest)*. ^^

    *NOTE: The diamond pipe you see on the right side, is only needed if you're using an MFE to charge your batteries, and are charging more than 16 at a time ( I would suggest using an MFSU, since it will hold more than enough energy to charge 36 Re-batteries (a double-chest worth)).

    As an aside, the usage of the "DropAll" feature is a bit risky, and one's batteries may get thrown out of range of the vaccum pipe. To lower this chance, surround the MFE with solid blocks, which will then force it to eject into the adjacent square (for the most part).

    Feel Free to PM me with any questions if you still cannot post here, and I will try to respond as quickly (and thorough) as I can.

    Also, be sure to include what version of IC you are using, it'll help with updates, as well as keeping the forum clean so people won't have to sift through threads.

    I haven't had any issues with my Wind-tower dropping my FPS as of yet, and it's running approx 45 windmills atm.

    A quick question though, what's your render distance set to? I noted that you said you toggled the quality (assuming Fancy to Fast), but didn't see anything about your fog. Minecraft has issues with it's Far render distance on it's own (creating a recursive Memory loop that eventually crashes the game), and I'm betting IC's added CPU usage (and the like) isn't helping.

    Try setting your fog high (Normal or Below) and see if that helps.

    They store the amount needed per power level if I recall correctly. Eg. Light level one is 1Eu/s to 15Eu/s (guesstimates), thus at light level one, it will store 3000 Eu (based on the 20FPS cap), which it only uses a very small amount in relation to that 3k it's storing. Again, all these numbers are guesstimations but the concept is the same.

    I am using IC 7.20

    Okay my server is setup correctly, but in my testing I have found that my solar flower is not generating any power what-so-ever I used a EC manipulator and found that the reading before the first MFE is 0EU. I have made many flowers on SP and all worked fine, but on MP nothing is happening.

    My current setup is a 12 point flower and I have my switches in the proper places. I am also passing the current through a MFE > HVT > HVT > MFE > Machines

    ECM's don't display chat messages correctly in SMP.