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    i could be mistaken but isnt it everything that is affected by redstone on server?

    Iron and Wood doors still work correctly (Now if you mean IC added things such as MFEs, I'm unsure about that, I have not tested it).


    It's only reinforced stone doors that are broken currently when it comes to Redstone current, I just checked it myself.

    I could get behind this idea, with a few changes:

    Coding a 5 block area (Assuming radius) might be a bit of a headache, and cause lag (Due to it checking for an entity every "tick" it's in a loaded chunck).

    Using the Redstones "Detect Entity" line of code (What makes it light up when walked on, hit, etc), may be one solution to defeat the lag that the on tick detection would cause. Which brings up the question of: is it possible to make Uranium have an invisible "collision mass" of 5 blocks ( I know there was once talk of it with shielding when IC SMP was still fairly new). An extension of this, while the item is in a container, it would apply the effect to the container as well.

    I would also like to see a config option for this feature, being able to turn it on and off.

    If anyone would like to do some research on this (Invisible collision mass), and know of a mod that implements it gracefully, I'm sure it could be feasible to add this in game.

    Please follow the Suggestions format a little more closely.

    Also, please elaborate on the weapons in your opening post, such as what kind of weapons? Ranged? Melee? Guns that shoot high powered lasers? Grenade launchers? We need to know what they will be used for and what materials should be used to make them (and how)?

    One last thing, please try to keep it as one idea per thread (You've added in the suggestion for a full set of composite armor I see, how is that a weapon?)



    Seeing as a lot of people are having issues installing and setting up their IndustrialCraft server, I thought I would give a set of highly detailed instructions:

    Installing IndustrialCraft for Survival Single Player:

    • Browse to your .minecraft folder.
    • If you have a vanilla (unmodified) minecraft.jar file, skip to step 3.

      • Create a back up copy of your bin folder (This will save mods you have installed).

      • Start minecraft via 1.3 Launcher (The new one) and click 'Options'.

      • Click 'Force Update', and log into the game.

      • Congratulations, you now have a Vanilla .jar file. Exit minecraft.

    • Open your bin folder and right click and open with your minecraft.jar with your preference of Archiving Software (Winzip, 7zip, Archive Manager, etc).

      • Delete the META-INF Folder.

      • Copy the contents of ModLoader's zip file into the minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of ModloaderMP (Client side) into your minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of minecraft (Leave it's sub folders alone, as in copy them as a whole), Industrially Improved Pickaxe, and Experimental Nanosuit File from IndustrialCraft into the minecraft.jar archive and close it.

      • Copy the IndustrialCraftConfig.txt file into your bin folder.

        • Open IndustrialCraftConfig.txt
        • Remove the # from infront of: enableNano=true, addMineableOres=true

      • After modifying and saving IndustrialCraftConfig.txt, create a second copy and
        paste it into your .minecraft folder (Depending on the OS and Launch Method,
        IC will read the config from one place or the other).

    [*]You now have successfully set up your Minecraft for IndustrialCraft!

    Setting Up IndustrialCraft On A Server:
    (This requires that you atleast know how to set up a vanilla server, so I will not go into unneeded details).

    • Start by downloading the minecraft_server.jar file from here .

    • Open the minecraft_server.jar file and copy in the ModLoaderMP server file .

    • In your IndustrialCraft zip, there should be a folder named "server" Open it and copy it's contents into the minecraft_server.jar archive

    • Close your Archive folder, and copy the config file from the IC zip, into the parent (main) folder, where your minecraft_server.jar is located (Togglable effects for the server are located near the bottom)

    • If you've done everything correctly, you should have successfully installed minecraft on your server.

    (Note: This post will be "prettyfied" (even more) once I get around to it.)

    I'm know as Adien (Adien_Alexander/Adien_Alecsander/Adien87 are all aliases), and I'm 23 years old from Indiana, United States.

    I've been playing Minecraft since just before the Halloween Update, and have been using Industrial-Craft since forever (When you used to be able to power solar panels by torches underground. ;) )

    Other mods I use include:
    More Flowers (mostly for easier Dye for Plastic Craft).

    I've also made a few mods myself, that were only introduced to a small number of friends (Which I may get around to updating once I upgrade my box) that added different types of dungeons to the game, and the loot was based on what type of dungeon it was (Normal dungeons still spawn). I also plan on updating the Rubber compatibility class file for IC and PC, as well as making a compatibility patch for BC and IC, so that Industrial Diamonds can be used to make the Buildcraft stuff (Not just a simple insert ID into crafting window, make diamonds) once I have permission of the modders of course.

    My other activities include:
    Magic: the Gathering (Semi-retired, Not a fan of the new Mirrodin block at all)
    World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (Avid player, trying to get a play group for my area set up)
    Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) (Taking a break, don't have transportation to practices in this area, as well as not being able to afford it).
    (Yes, the SCA is technically LARPing, but we beat each other with sticks, not that sissy foam crap. ;P )

    I would like to propose, the addition of Reinforced stone hatches to the Industrial Craft Mod.

    With the addition of Hatches to Vanilla Minecraft, I've realized how useful they are and would like to see an "Explosion Proof" alternative.

    For the recipe, it would take 6 Reinforced stone blocks, arranged exactly like the crafting pattern in Vanilla Minecraft (3 horizontal blocks directly on top of 3 more horizontal blocks, or a door pattern on it's side), and would yield two (2) Reinforced Hatches. These new hatches would follow the same rules as Vanilla hatches, and have the feature/drawback of only being able to be opened by a redstone current, like that of the reinforced stone door.

    Possible uses could be:

    An opening on top of your Nuclear reactor cooling room, for easy feeding without leaving any gaps.
    A vertical way out of your Reinforced bunker
    Reinforced Openable windows (As suggested by Hellfia in the IRC channel)
    Explosion proof "Drawbridge"

    The above list is just a few of the many possible uses for these new hatches.

    Hope to see them in game,