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    The reason wind mills break is they produce a massive amount of power, compared to solar. Solar are not nearly as powerful, and should be passive. Do solars break in real life? (Don't give me the "This is minecraft" argument, the generators are based off of real life.) I've seen solars irl, they require little to know maintenance, even the snow slides right off them.

    Snow slides off of some of them IF its a solar panel designed for heating and not for electricity(though im not saying it doesnt but there would be the lack of heat there to allow the snow to slide. None the less though Solar panels irl still requires maintenance, more so than you think. Most companies suggest that you remove any debris and dirt and ensure all connections are tight on a monthly basis. Theres plenty of more things that are required to do.

    Last thing is most solar panels are rated to last 30(ish) years but if you dont do daily/monthly maintence you can expect them to break within the first few months.

    Hmm, I've looked through "reactorplanner.html" and "launch.jnlp" and there isn't a single reference to "IC2ReactorPlanner.jar", everything points to "ICReactorPlannerV2.jar".

    I got this crazy idea that java might have its "own" set of cached files and i was right, Once i deleted those and restart firefox all is well. :)

    Doesn't matter what link i use i get this, The standalone works fine though.

    Whats the length of the tin cable? You may end up losing the 1eu/p each solar generator gives because the loss per cable on tin its 1 eu every 40 blocks iirc while gold its not used to such long distances (3 or 5 blocks for 1eu iirc).

    Hook a lowvoltage transformer before touching the Gold Cable and you might make it work.

    27 block distance. I put a MFE up top and had gold the rest of the way and its fine

    So you know what your doing your just being a pain? Do you know how to use a wiki? Have you even edited the page yet? Or did you want them to stop programming and do that for you right now? :S

    Didn't know simple questions and curiosity attracted trolls. My bad.

    Also before you get angry on the internet, There has been no official response whether this is a bug or if a typo on the wiki.

    You see, the wire frys at a packet size >5 not total eu. A solar panel sends a 1eu packet, but you have sever solar sending energy, which produces a total of 20 eu/t, but each is sending a 1 packet.

    I think i understand what your saying, but still none the less the wiki shows this


    Tin cables can only tolerate up to 5 EU/t,

    and my screenshot clearly shows that its exceeding that. which tells me the wiki SHOULD say: "Tin cables can only tolerate up to 5 EU/p"

    But with that said what your saying also is i can have 1000000 solar panels connected to tin cable and have a 1000000 EU/t on it and it wont fry? Something is just wrong with that.