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    Sorry, but I think, that 16 stacks of plant material it too much! X(
    Coal (1 stack) + stuff = 1 :Industrial Diamond:
    Bio (16 stacks) + stuff = 1 :Industrial Diamond:
    It's cool idea (installed), but now... I think I will never use it.
    64 coal is MUSH easier to obtain, than 1024 plant material. JEEEE-ZUS... :pinch:
    It's just crazy value...

    Bio stuff is just TWO (or 4... but still not 16) times worse than coal stuff! Not 16 times!
    Why? Remember coal and bio fuels! 2 :Compressed Plantball: + :Empty Cell: or 1 :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: + :Empty Cell:

    Oh, I really like your last idea, about filling meters but not the make-the-geothermal-into-another-reactor-idea
    I am also plagued by my geothermals flipping out when i am just using power but not exactly 10 EU/t, it is very annoying...


    georeactor? really?
    no wai!
    geogen with lava, steam and such is way more instresting and realistic than another go-go-nerdie puzzle anyone will know week after release

    - strongly agreed!
    I am really don't like idea of another (second) Reactor, sorry.
    And the last my idea-post (filling with water and lava, creating steam and helping with Coolant Cells for longer generation) is very cool (In my opinion + they even don't need to add another items or blocks for it!). I really like it!
    And now what?! In Soviet Russia we have the same Geothermal Generators! HAYO! :D:D:D

    First off I want to say this is sounding very interesting. :)

    However, I am concerned by the talk of using Water Cells. If this is a Geothermal power system, it should generate steam from straight water, not water in cells. I would also prefer to work with straight lava than with Lava Cells. The current GeoGens don't use cells. Ablaka doesn't want to allow cells to be refillable, so its better to make the GeoGens not use cells at all (except maybe for Cooling Cells). In addition, not using cells for the water or lava will allow them to be pumped straight in.

    Maybe than I should implement some new filling system?...
    How about that:

    All-new GUI ! (and system)

    We got here inputs for lava and water buckets (and you will get empty buckets back, yeah),
    Storages for lava and water (steam),
    Energy storage (if no wiring to some active machines/BB/MFE/MFSU),
    Some places for Coolant Cells,
    'Info list' (current EU/t output, and maybe some approx time of GeoGen work until run out of resources (lava)):

    If you put in lava bucket, nothing gonna happen, you NEED to fill GeoGen with water FIRST, at least 1 bucket:

    Or two: ^^

    Or three: :D

    And then, when you will add lava...

    Blam! Steam appears! Miracle!
    From this moment (when you got lava and steam in storages), GeoGen will start generating tha powa!
    In example - 1,2,3,4,5 "parts" if steam will generate 6,8,10 (like now),12,14 EU/t.
    (there are old values at this picture)

    While working, steam WILL NOT end! (until there is some lava in storage)
    Lava - yes, will slowly comming to the end, than more steam you got, then faster will lava end.
    Coolant Cells! If you insert 1/2/3 Coolant Cells, lava "dissappearing" will become slower.
    And yes, they will be damaged in the process. 1 Cell will take a lot of damage from lava heat, but if you put in 2 or 3 Cells, damage will divide among them!

    Here I added one more bucket of water, water instantly turned to the steam, (cuz GeoGen already working) and output EU/t becomes higher:

    When lava storage will become an empty, steam will fast (by leaps) end:
    (and if IC2 team will add a sound like "Phhhhhhhh...!" at that moment, it would be GREAT!)

    In that case we don't need any new damaged or refillable items (except Coolant Cells, but they already implemented)!
    And still, for best GeoGen work and powa-generating, you need to fill it ALL (5 lava buckets + 5 water buckets + 3 Coolant Cells).
    In my example new GeoGen outputs are 6,8,10,12,14 cuz 10 already is in GeoGen, and I want some lower and higher values; not only 10 EU/t and not supa-ultra-mega 5-10-15-20-25 EU/t's, that will be too imba, much easier and cheaper than Reactor's power.

    What do you think now?
    Alblaka? :)

    The damage bars idea is good but since the geothermal generator can have 5 sets of slots (in my vision of it)
    you should have a cap of 5 EU/t for each lava/watercell combo (watercells) and when you just dump a lava bucket (or cell) into the generator it will fill up the bar (like it does now and generate 10 000 EU at 5EU/t (half of current) because it is an inefficient way of producing power (but still an option)
    I like the idea of duplicates with damage bars

    Hmm.. I don't like GeoGen power bar, like it;s working now. :(
    "Just fill GeoGen with lava, and wait until power bar will decrease and generate 5t EU/t..." So boring, imho.
    I want GeoGen power bar work like in Advanced Solar Panel addon, when GeoGen is linked with something, it will generate EU out, if no links to other machines, it will fill his own power bar.
    In A.S.Panels they have 11 EU/t at day time, and 1 EU/t at nihgt.
    So GeoGen will have 4 EU/t if you put in 1 Water Cell ans some Lava. 8 EU/t - if 2 WC and some Lava, 12 EU/t - if 3 WC and some Lava.. etc
    Balanced Water-Lava Cells and Coolant Cells you will need only for longer generating time.
    If those values are too much imba, you can make "3, 6 , 9 ..." or even "2, 4 , 6 ...".

    GeoGens now are like just another energy storages with 5 EU/t output! And Lava Buckets - are their batteries! Don't you see it???
    I really don't like it. Energy generation is smooth process. But now just feed one Lava Bucket to GeoGen and you will instantly gain 10 000 EU with 5 EU/t output... :pinch: No No No! Please, I don't like it, no! ;(

    Thats why I suggest half-reactor, half-another_new_type and smooth energy generation for GeoGens with much more realistic fuel - Water + Lava Cells. :thumbup:

    And I wish Alblaka say something about this most under discussion suggestion by current time! OMG :D
    Even more comments (yep, 3/4 of them are mine :rolleyes: ) and views than at the Antimatter topic, but still I don't even know what IC2 team is thinking about it... :S

    I like this idea, it makes geo's quite good (and a use for lava!).

    I would suggest that, to possibly make coding easier, you implement the following: you put the cells you want to deposit in the Geo and they disappear and then reappear; they are being replaced by a duplicate item which isn't stackable and has a damage bar. This way there's virtually no new coding, just adding 3 "new items", which are used up for energy generation like you say in the OP. Also, there should be an output slot in the GUI, which the empty cells are deposited in after their contents are used up for energy generation by the Geothermal (that way there is no tin cost).

    You like?

    Daaamn, damage bars, I forgot about it...
    And I like that idea about replacing and empty Cells output. Now will add this in the OP.
    Thanks! ^^

    A much, much better sprite, in my opinion, even though I can see why the old sprite is as it is, since it fits the theme of the chainsaw and drill.

    If anything, it should be colored bronze to match the tool you make it out of. Annnnnnd maybe redesign the Drill and Chainsaw to fit this model. :D

    I made "Refined Iron colour" cuz bronze colour not good looks with those red energy pixels. Anyway, it's wery easy to recolour if you want.
    And :Refined Iron: already is in recipe of :Electronic Circuit:, so.. I think it's ok.
    I really don't know, how :Chainsaw: and :Mining Drill: should look (better than now), so I haven't problems with them :rolleyes:

    First I think you should delete or atleast crossout the denied ideas.

    Second I really like your 9 slot gui idea with more water + lava cells making more energy and coolant cells letting it run for longer
    however I think that you should still be able to just dump lava cells or buckets alone (without water) into the generator and then it would make energy at the current rate also I think the gui should be larger ( 5 wide 3 tall) to allow more combinations of lava/water/coolant cells
    (less efficient)

    1+ hope it get implemented

    Thanks, yep, GUI may be 5x3 or even bigger if IC2 team make that decision. :thumbup:
    About lava buckets/cells alone making energy.. dunno. Lava produce 0 power, just heat, steam produce power, so at least 1 water cell should be I think.
    Or just water bucket, not cell... water should be.