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    However, i admit the Reactor should be slightly more expensive, eventually. Probably move it to Advanced Machines, thus requiring Carbon Plates and Additional Alloy to craft.

    Oh great, tovarish' Dreamer, you did it... :pinch:
    No, I'm joking, this is really thing-that-you-should-do-with-Reactors.
    BTW, what aboud snow and ice block cooling?
    And (maybe already reported) I can remove Reactor with maximum 5 added Chambers (if right-click with Wrench at Reactor) and all will be fine, even Chambers will be dropped, but with 6 added Chambers it will only open GUI.

    2) Can you let miner take the items from the chest? For example, if there are some pipes in the chest, first, miner will use that pipes, and after that - pipes from pipe slot. It may be useful when you mine from the elevation about 80-90.

    Yep, +1
    It would take only one slot of the chest. And it isn't hard to code? O-Mats in IC1 have same system.