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    @ SpwnX:

    Should your windmill tower still be done in 1.4.6 like described in the tutorial or was there some major change in IC2 that a different design would be better?


    PS @Greg: Klasse Addon geworden, Respekt! Hatte bisher keine Zeit zum Zocken und bin jetzt seit 3 Tagen mit der 1.4.6er Version unterwegs :D Ein kleiner Hinweis: Ist es absicht, dass deine config-files bei jedem Start via MagicLauncher überschrieben werden? Wenn man die Dateien schreibgeschützt macht, ist es kein Problem. Evtl. vorm Erzeugen der Dateien ne Überprüfung auf ihre Existenz machen?!

    Hey guys,

    I'm using a clean MC 1.3.2 vanilla server, only modded with Forge #251, IronChests and the newest 1.106 IC2 release. With that setup running I started a new world just for fun and now I got my first Iron Furnace (out of 8 iron bars) which should be a bit more efficient than the normal furnace is. But I just noticed, that the Iron Furnace drops no XP orbs for you when taking a melted product (iron, gold, etc.) out of the furnace. Tried it couple of times now with different materials where you receive XP when melted in a normal furnace.

    As I don't really know where to put this I opened a new support thread.

    The main question: Is it a bug or feature (intended to behave like mentioned above) ?


    Ah ok, never thaught of that. To automate it like this I need to modify my factory. From the factory input a filter ist pulling out a stack and directed same way as the sorting machine, 4 different ways (until now) :

    • to compressor
    • to extractor
    • to furnace
    • to macerator, then to furnace

    That's how I connected the system so there's no option to grab the dust before smelting yet.

    Thanks for your helpful feedback, as usual ;)


    A bit much or? I run with only 6 Macerators, 6 Furnaces, 3 Extractors, 3 Compressors, 1 Canningmachine, 1 ScrapMassfab, 1 PureEnergyMassfab, 4 Recyclers and 1 blutric Alloyfurnace, with no Overclocking and i dont get any Problems with the workload (even when i insert Tons of Ores)

    When we were mining with 3 players concurrently the factory had quite a lot to do, but with some upgrades (added about 2 days ago) some less machines might be enough.

    Why do all these people need large Energystorages? I just consume it directly after Production.

    Sometimes I need a quite large amount of energy (filling gravsuit bodyarmor = 10mio, 3 parts quantum = 3mio, 2 ultra lappacks = 20mio, mining laser = 1mio, etc.), multiplied by 3 if we're preparing all together that's quite a lot. Anyway I like to have some buffer of energy, can't be a bad thing to have ^^

    But you have enough for 45 MFSU's? ;)

    Why not Relay? Its much better. I have four of them, to direct my Stuff, where i want it. (General Sorting, Direct to Factory, Direct to Recyclers, Direct to Thaumaturgy)

    40 of those MFSUs came from our earlier base, so I didn't put much effort in getting about 12 more around the new base. The problem with diamond chests isn't the diamond, it's the gold or silver which you need for upgrading to diamond ;) After some testing I found the UU-matter recipe for gold ore, so that problem might be fixed too as we already got quite a lot of this matter.
    Regarding the relays I need to take a closer look to that RP logic gates, quite a while that I used them.

    Half of the Copper/Tin Dusts are getting to another Chest for later Craftingpurposes instead of getting smelted. That solved the Bronzeproblem for me, even when i plan to autocraft Bronzedust in the future (using the automatic Craftingtable from Immibis Tubestuff).

    How do you split the dust between smelting and storing ?

    But Ineffective. These Compressors are costing more Energy with the Overclockers, than your CASUC produces. You need tons of Compressors, to get it effectively running.

    Already assumed that, need some inspiration for water-casuc, haven't been in the nuclear engineering forum for a while. Maybe the reactors remain dummy and I put some more materials into solar arrays as they are reliable and need no control / refilling.

    I have already seen it in the Framechallenge. I like that Machine, even when i dont need it myself. It has only a Purpose on Multiplayer, where many People need Food.

    The wheat isn't used for food only, just started a new sheep farm to get more wool for insulated cables. To "generate" more sheeps :thumbup: you need some wheat to feed them ^^
    BTW: This is an advanced version which is nearly entirely hidden underground so that it doesn't disturb the view :D

    You have a very large Base. I prefer compact Designs, because of shorter Ways and less loaded Chunks, but large Bases are looking much better, than a 16x16-Tower. :)

    Indeed it's very huge. Starting to think it's a bit too big, because I don't know what to do with the whole empty space :P

    =============== Update #3 ===============

    So it has been quite a long time since the last update, I had enough work with my studies so there wasn't any time for minecraft at all.
    Sorry for that but as I now have some free time, there will be some updates coming ;)

    Modifications: kicked out buildcraft, added mod_Backpack, added mod_IronChests, added mod_zGraviSuite

    I already spent some time the last couple of days, finishing some construction sides and want to show them to you. After testing a bit with ComputerCraft and RedPower I completed my factory and built a big automated farm.

    Enough text, here are some screenshots:


    I'm a Programmer so i have a Question about that:

    So you are using the while-loop and the local "run" for what? I'm sure you can remove all four Lines without causing any Problems or even without causing any Changes to the Endprogram.

    But that Machine is awesome.

    That part was from an earlier version, where I only had a single deployer and one single farmland-field. As the deployer had to move each row from left to right or the other way round, I put that in a while loop and set the condition to false when it was done. Dunno why I kept this in place as it's quite unneccessary like you already discovered ;) Will fix that now.

    BTW: You're quite right that there is no need for a farm as there should be enough food around. An even bigger version of this farm (except from the RP frames construction) comes from my earlier MC-Time where I nearly had no mods installed. Now having the quantum Armor (legally ;) ) there is not a real need for food, is it ? I've noticed a quite funny behaviour: When you are wearing a full quantum armor and your food falls to 8.5, just remove the quantum helmet from your body and re-put it there. You will see your food raising to 9 which is enough to regenerate health. I'm not sure whether this is meant to be.


    Hey guys, me again.

    I really did need some time with those frames until I got into it. After trying several things out I went on building a more useful machine. Harvesting some bigger wheat farms isn't that difficult if you use an intelligent water-system. But the larger the farm is, the more annoying it is to fill it up with seeds again. So I started with my known design for a farm and did some things with these frames. I think the result is quite impressive and works for me.

    Farming like a boss:

    control sequence for CC:

    Feedback and suggestions are welcome, I'm always looking for ways to enhance my machines.


    PS: After Building the farm and a frame-construction like this you could put some hoes in the deployers for the first run to let them create the farm-land ;)

    Edit1: Minor changes to the CC code (thx for the hint of Greg) and added some comments ;)

    Hey guys,

    as I now got some time until studying starts over, I wanted to spend some time with the new RP frames. The TBM of Greg looked pretty awesome, but even after watching some tutorials from direwolf wtc. I can't really get it. I have really trouble to get anything to work and a quite simple only-forward inchworm drive nearly killed me. Is there any place to look some explanations of the frame associated blocks, what they can, what they can't and how you have to stick some things together :wacko: ?

    I already figured out that computers from CC don't like to be moved as MC will crash then.

    What I have done so far:

    Inchworm drive with forward move only, some blockbreakers and a chest. That's all for now, I currently can't figure out, how to get another move done:
    Move the whole thing 1 block left and 1 block back right again, that i break all blocks in front of it. My problem is the RP circuit, would be great if someone (Greg?) could post a small tutorial how to control some different frame motors for executing a sequence of movements.

    here are some screenshots of me failing :

    Would be great if someone can help me :)

    Edit 1: Got TBM to work now, but the design may be everything else than optimal. The use of 3 Timers with <= 1.000 sec is also quite critical, so I need some better / advanced circuits which control the whole TBM and not only parts of it.

    results so far:

    - rework RP circuit
    - figure out how to work with falling gravel / sand into the way of the moving head
    - protection from water/lava like Greg did, but I dunno how he did this


    PS: this is creative mode until I unterstand the whole frame-thing and know how to build some more compact machines, but for now creative mode in SSP seems quite right :P

    You could probably guess it from the URLs ;)

    It's a german image-hoster with imho good speed and good options:

    A registration is really worth it, you can create galleries, delete your images, retrieve links for all of your uploaded images, etc.

    PS: if you substitute


    in the URL for the thumbnail with


    you won't be redirected to the abload-page (showing image in an iframe) but directly to your image

    Quick comment on the progress:

    sorting machine done, obviously pretty similar with your tutorial-version 8)
    factory in progress (for ores, food, rubber, uranium) :)

    Today I did some testing with ComputerCraft in SSP and the API for RedPower ist really awesome. One single computer can be a really powerful microcontroller when using bundled cables, allowing you to use 5*16 I/O ports (in total: 80, if you can also wire to the front of the computer, it would be 96) and the lua programming language is pretty easy. For testing purposes I just wrote a little disco-program with flickering RP lamps in different colors ^^

    I'm not really sure if you understood me. The whole unsorted stuff ist pumped out from the first chest by and adjacent filter in the right direction. The other filters, which are only for sorting purposes, suck their stuff out of the tube, where all the stuff from the first chest is flowing through.
    But you say, the redstone-pulses for these sorting-filters aren't necessary, which sounds pretty cool. I'll have a look at your tutorial later, after some hours of MineCraft it's time to learn again for the exams, 2 to go ;)

    Filters cannot suck up items out of the Tubesystem, therefor are Retrievers, but if you mean items, which are laying around the Filter/Transposer, then it will suck up a 3x3-Area in front of it (on top and on bottom are also possible), if you apply a single Redstonesignal.

    Oh they can, that's just what my sorting machine is based of. A quick and dirty scheme:

    :Intergrated Plating: = blank (no item)
    :Rubber Log: = chest
    :Glass Fibre: = redstone tube
    :Extractor: = filter

    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log:
    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Extractor::Intergrated Plating::Extractor::Intergrated Plating::Extractor:
    :Rubber Log: :Extractor::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre:
    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Extractor::Intergrated Plating::Extractor::Intergrated Plating::Extractor:
    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log::Intergrated Plating::Rubber Log:

    The left chest is the input chest. All the stuff will be pumped out from it into the tube. At the same rate the sorting-filters (connected to their individual chest) will suck in their stuff right out of the tube. I tested it multiple times in SSP and we have just finished the big one in our storage room. At the moment, the timer which pulses the redstone tube (and thus all the filters) is set to 10 seconds, which seems a bit too slow, cause sometimes the filters will miss the right spot, where they can suck in their item from the tube. According to your tutorial a value below 5 seconds should NEVER be use, so we'll try 5 seconds later on.

    But the mechanism itself is working just like shown above, dunno if that's the best way to do it (probably not ^^)

    Probably he will expand his tutorial to ComputerCraft guides, just ask your question in his tutorial thread here:


    I will show some CC stuff, too, but it's still a long way to go until I'm going to get a bit more into CC. My friend is actually working on the sorting machine, but we have some discussion about the redstone pulses and how they can be done with fewest lag. Our sorting machine consists basically of a lot of filters, because we didn't want to use that annoying blutricity stuff, as we already got enough different power types (IC2, BC2).
    One redstone tube is running nearby all chests, and the filters should suck in the stuff what has to be delivered to their chest. I don't know yet at which distance the filters could suck in, but that's needed for the correct time of the pulses going into the redstone tube.

    Also I have to mention that I had to stop playing for a while as I have some exams to do. Updates will come in 1-2 weeks from now on ;)

    This looks pretty nice, will become part of the cobblestonegenerator anytime soon. It it currently suspended as we already have quite a lot stone bricks.

    The computer toggles the timer for blockbreaker or am I misunderstanding something ? It will allow the blockbreaker to run for 30 seconds with the timer (1 pulse every 1.5 sec ?) and stop it for it for one second, before it continues to run ?

    Also thank you for the examples and the interesting turtle programs :thumbup:

    PS: Dass mit ctrl (en) strg (de) gemeint war, ist mir klar :) Bisher hatte ich einfach noch keine Zeit mit den Cobblestonegenerator näher anzusehen, da erstmal die Räumlichkeiten mit Lager und Sortiermaschine gemacht werden müssen, bevor ich mit IC2 Maschinen und Cobblestonegenerator weitermache ;)

    Update #2 - mob trap, second basement, some progress at the storage room and sorting system

    Floor lightning is already finished, I guess there are no screenshots needed for that.

    Glad to say, that I got another friend involved to this project, as the other one is totally occupied by his studies at the moment.

    As we were running out of bonemeal for white lamps I decided to build a mob trap for collecting as much bones at the lowest effort possible. Because I already watched a couple of "Let's play" videos I was pretty familiar with one design. After a couple of hours, especially the water flow was very time consuming, the trap was finished. With placing a filter at the correct spot with two chests, it was time to burn mobs!
    The top part of the trap with the lava is integrated in the second basement, where the whole IC2 machinery will be put in.

    @ GregoriusT: I didn't have enough time to look at your cobblestone generator, but after some more progress I will. Also I throwed in ComputerCraft and did some pretty basic tests in SSP, it's quite astonishing, what you can do with it. As I'm a little bit experienced in microcontrollers and assembler / ANSI C, I will definitely find a way to use it :thumbup:

    Thanks for your comment :)

    I haven't posted any screenshots of our other homes yet, where most of the stuff is stored. I am very proud to say, that no resources are cheated! We spent hours of farming in the vanilla-way: digging down to y=12 and run for it. That time we haven't had much machines so far, therefor we did it the old way.

    1. Cobblestonegenerator:
    Just like you said, pretty soon I was bored of the bugging cobblestone-generator, too. Every couple of hours it needs to be fixed. Your solution sound somehow good, but a bit complicated. Would be great if you could explain a little further, maybe with some screenshots ? :D

    2. Lanterns:
    My samples were just some try-outs, nothing final. Having done some googling I'm not able to find the design of Redled72, do you have any sources ?

    3. Factory:
    At the moment I can't really guess what you mean with that. On my TODO there's of course a big sorting-machine for the storage-room, but it is scheduled a bit later, when most of the fortress is finished.

    Right now I'm running out of bonemeal and ink-sacks for the RP lamps, probably have to force my friend farming some stuff for them :P

    Next I will add a TODO-list in the first post ;)

    PS: Schön, dass hier noch ein paar Deutsche unterwegs sind :thumbup: Wenn du mal Zeit und Lust hast, kannste gerne auf meinen Server joinen, bei Interesse schreib einfach ne PN ;)

    Hey folks,

    several weeks ago I started a new MC server with a friend to spend a little time chopping some blocks. After a while I got bored from the vanilla stuff and looked for some mods with new blocks. IndustrialCraft looked really interesting so I spent some hours with reading and getting into the mod-zone.
    When mods were added and server was fired up it was time to leave our old sky-home (little fortress hovering about 30 blocks from ground) and discover the new resources included from IC2. We built a nice second fortress, powered from solar panels and set up the IC machines. A few weeks later I thought it would be cool to have some more mods, cause I started thinking about a nuclear reactor and wanted a precise redstone control system. So I picked RedPower2 and for further possible automation I chose BuildCraft2 as well.

    With these new stuff I started a new world, fixed some problems with the block-IDs and testet some litte things in creative mode. Having everything checked for proper function I used MCEdit to put our two old homes near each other in a fresh world. That was our best option to have all the new stuff from beginning besides our existing storage from vanilla and IC2 runs.

    Now it was time to farm resources a lot, cause I wanted to build something BIG. Spending some time with RP and BC I built my first MK1 CASUC with snow-golem and ice-cooling, outputting 1820 EU/t. In further attempts with BC I built a stone-brick-generator using lava, water, blockbreaker, filter, induction furnace and the automatic crafting table. With that machine it was pretty easy to gain the massive amount of blocks I intended to use for the new BIG fortress while spending some time idle on the server at a safe spot.

    While starting the construction I discovered the awesome scaffolds of IndustrialCraft and not much later the extremely useful filler from BuildCraft. Building the foundation and the walls that way was pretty easy. I decided to use walls with a thickness of 3 blocks, so I would be able to hide some wires within the walls.
    As the fillers were working I did some samples for lanterns, lights, which I could use later on.

    Alright, that's pretty much the actual progress, time for screenshots:

    =============== Update #1 ===============

    Building a big industrial fortress [IC2, RP2, CC] == Update #1 ==

    =============== Update #2 ===============

    Building a big industrial fortress [IC2, RP2, CC] == Update #2 ==

    =============== Update #3 ===============

    Building a big industrial fortress [IC2, RP2, CC] == Update #3 ==

    That's it for now, more to come ;)


    • remodel the surrounding landscape incl. planting trees, etc.
    • build an outer wall around all existing houses leaving enough space for some more
    • find a good lightin concept
    • finish the sorting machine with the remaining items
    • optimize the factory
    • ...

    At this point I don't want any ratings but advices and constructive criticism is always welcome :)


    PS: Please excuse possible mistakes in language cause I'm from Germany but I do my very best ^^

    Edit1: Sorry for the issue with the screenshots, resampled and uploaded again for lower filesize :thumbup:
    Edit2: Added TODO list
    Edit3: Update #1 - floor lightning part1
    Edit4: Update #2 - mob trap, second basement, some progress at the storage room and sorting system
    Edit5: Update #3 - factory, energy storage, sorting machine, wheatfarm
    Edit6: moved Update #1, #2 and #3 out of the first post as 10.000 characters aren't enough ;)