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    We do not consider any applications posted in this thread, follow the link the topic thread.
    Any applications beyond this post will find their chances hindered, as it only serves to tell me that they are incapable of following instruction and haven't bothered to read the rules.

    On another note, server is currently offline requiring a power cycle - may take some time.


    Build Rights / Whitelist Application:…ewtopic.php?f=487&t=61406 (Requires registration)

    Do not post applications in this thread. We will not consider listing you if you do so.

    The AEF community is hosting an Australian IndustrialCraft² + Buildcraft Server supplied by Platform Networks ( The server is currently running on Bukkit with the mods IndustrialCraft² 1.23, BuildCraft 2.2.4 and RedPower 2.0pr3b

    The server requires additional addons. A list has been compiled on our forums at…ewtopic.php?f=487&t=62181
    Upon applying, you agree to follow the specified rules.
    - No griefing
    - No excessively foul language
    - No cheating (glitching, duplication, 3rd party software, client modifications affecting gameplay (XRAY, Flight), etc).
    - Redpower clocks must have a minimum pulse rate of 2 seconds. Redstone clocks are not allowed.

    Failure to follow or breach of the above will see you out the door immediately.

    Shift + Left Click from within a machine's gui to extract items or by doing the same to move items into the gui (such as an electric furnace) causes the server to crash with the following stack:

    There is also another instance of a crash, though may not be relative to IC2 itself. If a chest is full and one left + shift clicks an item stack from their inventory, the server crashes with the following stack:

    It's a feature that it can't be sold through tradeboxes? I might have caused a misunderstanding -
    Basically any potion of the same type and amount of potency can't be sold using the tradebox at all which, I would assume, is because it can't match them properly.
    I haven't gone to trying other items with a similar sort of setup, but it wouldn't be surprising if they can't be sold either.

    mfsu dont output form sides

    Besides stating the obvious (since I wouldn't get the above measured current if I did it incorrectly), care to look at the design again?
    Switch cables output down by default and up if redstone current is applied to it.
    MFSU/MFE's output up OR down. There are cables attached to the top of the first level storage, and then below the second level storage.

    Advanced Solar Tree (based off:
    I modified the design slightly from what the video shows to fill up for the 4 missing slots in the tree to make full use of the sunlight.

    (Make sure you don't melt the inner 4 cables in the above when your trying to get the next few cables onto the MFE/MFSU in the next image)

    After setting all MFE/MFSU's to Output 64:

    You can slot one more cable at the bottom and attach an energy storage unit to it's sides without losing any more power.
    You can also use a cable instead of a switch cable for the top most part of the tree.