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    I would simply let it run for 430 seconds in heat configuration. I think thats quicker and easier than putting 243 lava buckets in it. Just make sure you you wont let it run for 472 seconds or parts start to melt

    For some reason this doesnt work on our server. Its running for at least 10 minutes now and is at around 1800 Heat. The configuration is exactly the same, we double checked. I'm really confused on whats wrong here. Either the Temp Reader is wrong, or i'm missing something.

    Something is really wrong here. It should have been exploded for long now according to the tool but the heat reading is only at 2500 wtf ?

    As for spacetoad and flowerchild. We all know what they're really doing. They've formed a childish alliance because of attention problems, it's really as simple as that. FC literally quit forge after complaining about Eloraam and her involvement with forge, and someone pointed out that according to change logs, he'd been doing nearly nothing for quite a while and Eloraam was putting out huge fixes and changes constantly. While I know that for sure, I can't say the same for spacetoad since he's far less vocal and aggressive then FC, and can only speculate based off what's been going on. What seems likely is that since Eloraams Redpower has been adding a lot of functionality that makes BC a bit redundant in some areas. It's not an intentional dig from Eloraam but its still true. She's taken a lot of his popularity, especially since she's become so involved in technic and forge. They might as well call their new mod pack "Pleddase don't use RedPower!"

    Oh wow, stayed true to your name there, first time i feel like i have to say something in this thread after 62 posts.
    Out of all these People, Spacetoad seems to me in all that gibberish the most professional of all of them. His coding is proper, he focuses on his project, he's a humble helpful guy that enjoys his mod, enjoys minecraft. In fact i never seen or heard him rant about anyone on a personal level in out in public, nor fuel any other stupid flamewars. To label him now of childish behaviour and treat flowerchild as some tainted witch that needs to be separated from the healthy community is just bullcrap and straight unfair. Mostly into the direction of Spacetoad, now i know that fanboys from all corners want flowerchild to be wiped of the planet, with usual internetbullshit reasons called "simple facts" that in fact are egoopinions since they would like to get deeper into the asses of their favourite modcreators. I can understand that to some extent but: the criticism towards Spacetoad in that matter just because he acts heaps more adult is not right!

    I remain corrected but until then your creditibility took a huge hit in my book, now you can say you dont give a shit, but its time for a LOT of people here to get down from their moral horses and learn some respect or just -pardon me- shut the fuck up.

    would it be to much of a hastle to let that script run if it helps and resend me the world ? I'm getting desperate here and dont know what to do else anymore :/

    I made it! I flippin made it! It looks all good so far gonna keep you updated, i'm so tired from constantly figuring out how to do it, its like a 3day nonstop gaming session. Thank you so much evans, without your tips i couldnt have succeeded, you made some people VERY happy.

    I'll post my solution afterwards so if anyone needs the same help...

    Rough; I reccommend recycling all your old BC pipes and using RP2 since you get nice features and it's part of the core mod instead of extra addons.

    I fixed, well worked around the zeldo pipe problem, i found a compatible version which does the trick for the BC pipes at least but the Eloraam Transition still doesnt work, i might need a step by step help to make sure i made everything right.

    I tried to make the transition for eloraams again, i went into the config changed everything in my 1.8.1. server to the config values in my 1.0.0 server. Done that, but when starting the server 1.8.1 i get errors about empty entities and such. So i'm doing something wrong. When i copy the world over just as is it obviously doesnt work since the ID's havent changed in the world file...

    Eloraams explanation to solve this problem are excessive as usual :P

    Could it also be that this ID fix only works in 1.00 versions ?

    I'm getting close to the solution:

    It seems as the problem is around Zeldos Pipes mod. I removed that one along with all blocks that came with it from the server when updating it, however... i noticed when i delete Zeldos Additional Pipes on my 1.8.1 server and i restart the server, it fucks up ALL pipes from Buildcraft. I have no clue on why it should do that but i can see it in the server log and afterwards the pipes turn invisible.
    Since Zeldo doesnt have an updated versiont hat works together with IC and BC i ditched it, it looks like i have to fix that problem somehow first before trying to get the server to 1.00 in anyway :(

    Have you removed your Redpower 2 config to let it use the new block IDs?

    PS don't forget to keep an old backup for your 1.8.1 copy...

    This is what i have done:

    I compared the Config in my old Server with the New Config of my new server. I changed the ID's in the old configs to the values in the new config (which is different to the one you posted btw), then i started the old server once. Afterwards i stopped the server, copied the World Folder from the old Server to the new Server (without deleting anything) and Started the new Server with the above result.

    So what you say is, i should delete the config on the new server before starting ? why did i change the id's then if i let it reassign new ids ? I dont understand how forge works at all for that matter...

    I have uploaded my old Server Files to (i deleted the minecraft.jar + the mod files due to copyright limitations) if that helps all the current configs are in there.

    EDIT: Something is still wrong, its not as borked up as before but the items in question before are just missing now. BC pipes are invisible, (figure i do the same there) marble completely disapperead completely. My Marble roof has vanished...
    EDIT EDIT: BC seems to generate problems as well when upgrading NOT related to IC and independetly from the RP Mod. Figure i can forget about saving my complex BC machines :P

    I checked the BC Config files, they have exactly the same ID's that cant be the problem there...

    Ok this is how it presents itself, i changed all id's carefully. and theres no black stuff appearng everywhere anymore, thats better. but still all the bugged items from before just disappearead now, they are blocking movement but they are all invisible. They are not functional anymore though since my machines stopped working that were depending ont hem (like redwires). The same happened with all BC Pipes, they just turned invisible essentially breaking the world. I dont know what to do from here really since i couldnt find any differences in the Buildcraft Configs.

    I agree on most parts, especially the magic stuff, i'm not even looking at that with my ass. I think its silly, it tries to give Minecraft a theme which it doesnt have. I always understud vanilla Minecraft as interesting but more as a whitelabel to attach mods to to make the game the way you want. Enchanting however already looks like a mod, and i dont like it.

    On the mob situation, well zombies are not really original granted, but the creeper itself has become a trademark and is like nothing else attached to the MC franchise. Its the only thing i fear on top of that still.

    Endermen, well, they are not really impressive, if anything then annoying if they steal blocks out of your walls here and then, Hooray -.- what a challenge to fill them. Dragons i havent seen yet so i cant comment. Eloraam can programm whatever she wants but she wont fill more than a niche if at all, MC as a whole is still very good and it has some annoying stuff that you can mod away. As long as its that way, fine.

    I dont like all of the changes since 1.8.1 as well though.

    Hey guys, i got a server going and i'm thinking of a proper way to easy upgrade everything to 1.00 i have some questions for server owners though:

    1. Currently the following Mods are in the server:

    • BC Most recent for 1.8.1
    • IC2 1.337
    • RP Most recent for 1.8.1
    • Zeldo Additional Pipes (must!)
    • Thermometer for IC2 to measure Reactor Temperature (can be abandoned)

    Will the server break if i upgrade it into 1.00 due to ID conflicts or other stuff other than some of the ID conflicts that Abla posted ? Any experience form others ?

    2. Given the release is a few days old... Is IC2 so far stable in SMP, any new hickups ? If not, what causes incompatibility ?

    3. GIven that Question 1 is possible, can i delete all chunks around our built stuff and it shoudl become upgraded with all the new features from 1.00 ¨?

    4. Anyone using the new GSLS Shaders already ? DO they work with IC now ? (old ones didnt)

    I'm a bit torn on the topic. As long as you can switch and chose to not install certain aspects of eloraams mod's her all in one approach is legit and whatever.

    However one downside is, the more she implements into her mod the less the need for her to be compatible with BC (or IC in the future) plus i'd rather see the option for BC machines to consume power from IC, THAT would be cool. So instead of a Redstone, Steam etc. Engine, make a blank pump of sorts that is basically an engine with no Energy that can be wired to an IC grid with the same funcitonality.

    Same with the Filler / Builder, quarry (its odd to have to find oil for these) etc. It would be very cool if it was balanced around IC so it would enhance IC more instead of just coexist. Optional of course.. however the outlook doesnt look like it, i dont use RP stuff for anything else than the redpowerstuff i think its genious in execution and idea. To establish a 3rd energysystem however to power her stuff, no thx. Dont feel it at all. IC is energy all the way with numbers, blicking shit and exploding reactors. HAYOOOO Gibbl all the way, i dont like energy in BC and i dont like it in RP, so as long as they dont make their machines attachable to the IC grid i'ma never change.

    I love Spacetoads work but i fear Eloraam will roll over the mod and mainly it's programmer in the end, and make him obsolete. To copy IC and incorporate it totally however will be a lot trickier. Its going to be interesting to see on where we are in 2 years, however IC has a much brighter future than BC. The shame is, all of these 3 mods have an immense quality of work in them. And its a shame if one gets absorbed, i rather have the choice...

    Hooray the idiot discovered that LV Transformers send full packets! I leave this thread here as a testimonial for stupidity to remind me to think first next time hehe

    Edit: I get very weird readings from the EU Reader leaving me to think i need an answer from you guys... does an MFE send full packages or not or is my reading wrong ? The wiki says the LV Transformer sends full packages, when measuring the EU i get (on an SMP server) 50 EU/t which is impossible (to much)

    I'm playing IC since.. dunno 5 - 6 month and i understand the mechanics of wires i think even with the changes to IC2 but there is something i noticed today.

    I have this setup on an outpost of mine:

    40 Solar Panels -> various Batboxes -> MFE ---------------longassgoldwire-------------> MFSU

    However when i measure the EU on the goldwire i get 32 EU/t meaning i lost 8 EU/t which is 20%, now the maximum output of the MFE is 128EU/t but it sends what it gets i think instead of bigger,better 128ers.

    Applying redstone to the MFE doesnt seem to help it just ends up full but still sends these low packages instead of a 128 EU/t burst thus reducing the energy loss in relation.

    I thought of a solution for this with a timer circuit (rp) that lets the MFE charge for a short period, unload with 128EU/t then charge again, rinserepeat.

    Is there a simpler way of forcing the MFE (or any storage device for that matter) to use their maximum output to minimize the relative EU loss ? Am i missing something ?

    So many letters wasted and wasted and wasted about something that doesnt matter for the mod itself. Let's be patient for all we get, its free, its high quality and above all its so much fun, stop taking yourself so goddamn serious people. Hell if ablaka decides to eat little kittens to get this mod out, so be it! Onwards with the baby cats!

    Why dont we join hands, and let the gibble get away from us. Set a nuke on fire and dance around it until it blows up.

    By the time you guys wrote you could have mined 232 Iron, 128 Redstone, 10 Diamonds, Shaved a sheep, Milked a cow, breed it into a Show and call yourself Dr. Frankenstein.

    Now get the fuck back to the game.

    THIS :3 - Alblaka

    Not sure wether this qualifies for a bug since the *.txt that you offer at the bottom of the public release page is ment to be part of the mod or just temporarly. Anyway, for some reason the 1.00 txt is completely messed up if viewed through notepad (which is the standard app for most windows users for *.txt files) whereas the 0.90 txt was completely fine.

    That poses some problems since i couldnt figure out how to craft a mining drill with the new recipe (which has changed) without the 0.9 file.

    Just delete the thread if its irrelevant...