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    I use a fair amount of mods for just when I get bored.

    the mods are as follows,

    The APIs:

    All the ones you need for the following mods (just too lasy to write them all)

    The mods:
    The big 4 forge mods
    BTW(first mod ever used)

    armor stands
    mo' creatures

    Personal mods:

    -more clayballs (lets you craft clayballs)
    -a mod similar to Timber but works with all mod tools (bronze, steel, chainsaw, BTW saw)
    -WIP mod with new weapons and mob types

    There is redstone nearby but it isn't anywhere in contact with the batbox and yes its like that setup but without the machine at the end yet... was trying to get the actual wiring down first but the issue is that the second batbox isn't receiving any power...

    I am having issues with the same sort of setup...

    I have 16 panels plugged into 1 bat box. This bat box then transmits energy down off the roof to another batbox underground... Right now I don't give a hoot about efficiency I just want to get it to work...

    My problem is that the batbox receives full power and gets completely filled up in about half a day but has no outgoing energy. I've checked with the EU reader and its got 0 EU/t going out but up to 12 going in. And yes the dot is facing the outbound lanes...

    Hey Albalka,

    I'm new modding and the idea for my mod involves a lot of your ideas from medieval craft so I hope you dont mind if I dig around in your source code and find some things here and there that might give me more ideas and help me with my code. So far my mod refurbishes minecraft to a much more medieval era with more medieval weapons and tools.

    Its still in the process of being put together on paper but just wanted your opinion on it and any advice from ya.

    Ok so I'm new to IC and all and now im reading the threads for the nuclear reactors and theres a mention about ice... my question is how do you get Ice? Last time i checked in vMC you can't actually get ice legally. Only through TMI so how can you get Ice for the reactors?

    Awsome. I play with a couple other forge mods like BC and BTW and they have a some sort of techtree/recipie list and makes things easier but IC2 is so huge that im looking at the wiki and im thinking what did i get myself into...