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    I looked through Tech Reborn, didn't see anything with the diversity of fusion generators and multiblock formula that GT4 had.

    As well, even if using a Quarry and land markers for full spread of 64X32 blocks to bedrock it doesn't work out for mass mining with new system? that really is nerfed and one of the whole god sends of the tech mods... pretty much the goal to go for... so, i might just have to step it back. I love thinking things through and problem solving with the gregtech workings. Amperage and Voltage combination on energy source ect... However, it's still a game and meant to be fun, not what do i at work all day and around the house...

    I might check it out and see what's going on with tech reborn, but also without a full wiki / ability to look over everything the mod has. If it's as complex as GT was even then without any reference, there's a lot undiscovered and no way the added machines ect would be difficult to find.

    gah, now i can't get advanced pumps to work... using GT pipes (wood through tungsten) for water. solar panel... downgrading until it doesn't blow up. please, do not tell me it has to be over an actual water block base block and consumes it so that infinite water source is broken now... if so... i might just trash mod and be done with even bothering with it anymore... there's a difference between "more difficult" and straight up masochistic.

    also, using wrenches, screwdrivers ect... i can't change output / input locations as described in videos. However, starting to figure this out... hopefully in another couple of days (work and all, and not enough time to devote to straight exploring this) i'll be able to experiment enough to work myself down the ages to the best possible progression. (why i started at electric age down... my mind works best going from an end goal and working back)

    got it going... well enough... i think... not 100% sure... but at least starting from what i HOPE is most complicated to least complicated progression will give me a better understanding of how it all works... at least that's how it usually goes for me. Until then, i've started processing each machine at a time with each "type" of product to see what is produced. From that production, i'm backing it down to each other machine to see what is produced and moving down each machine. in this manner, i'll be able to figure what produces what and how to get the most effect from each machine in each stage so that my final product will be maximized. Then, once i start, i'll be able to configure from each machine tier to get what i need as soon as possible to build to that stage that it's all automated and i can finally take the ores i need from the chest designated to it to upgrade ASAP for what i want... at least, that's the ultimate goal

    FIGURED IT OUT!!! Ok, So, apparently, placing the solar casings on the SIDES of the machine does NOTHING AT ALL anymore... Not... A... Single... Thing... You have to place the solar panel ON TOP of the machine... which... makes automation a little odd... Now i have to find out how to get output / inputs right because trying to change that with a tools is a little more complicated or not working on all machines... but... Solar panels now working!!! Have to admit, i DO NOT like the way they work now... GT4 and it's compatibility was much better. Increase the recipes, make them harder to build and make you WORK for the effort, but allow them to placed as actual "arrays" next to the machine and not have to be placed directly on them. That's a bit over kill. so, problem 1 down... now... find out how to hell to get to TO that point without GIVING myself items and actually playing through and muddling through the rest of this pack... as well as figuring out piping structure and how to set input / outputs appropriately now that i'll clearly have a slot taken that's usually used (i typically set input to top)

    Ok, so, WHICH of these Solar panels do i need to connect to my Macerator for GT to work? Also, i tried the battery method, but apparently Energy crystals don't provide high end power to battery buffer... so, what is used to power a high end battery buffer to test the bigger stuff?

    Suggestion to modder working on this... Because of all the various machines that are incompatible with one mod to another that these mods are commonly used with (IE - IC2, Thermal Expansion ect) perhaps a method or caption to say "This is part of GregTech" or some such to differentiate between the various types? Will most certainly be making the suggestion to other tech modders. Very frustrating not knowing what is compatible with what.

    Using a portable scanner as per a youtube video i saw to see if its getting power ect. nope, no power. Tried transformers... problem is... which is GT transformer and which is IC2 transformer and what order to convert the energy to test that way? again... they're both labled transformer, there's different varieties of each one (LV, MV, HV, UV, LPZ ect), but other than names (which if you are new to all this effectively... you don't know the names and what's associated with what...) to differentiate.

    attached pic of various solar options (i want something i can set and forget. not have to go back and reload or refuel ect... thus... the attraction to solar power... difficult to get to, worth it when done)

    Obviously not hooking something up right... all i can figure now, i even deleted everything, installed each mod in a new folder started on a new profile in a separate location... obviously things are not as easy as they once were... guess you can't just throw a universal macerator / Furnace ect down with a 2 ultimate hybrid solar panels and have it start working? :Solar Panel: :Electric Furnace: :Solar Panel: like so. have input go in top and output in the bottom. Even tried to connect fiber cable to underside from Solar Panel and see if it needed energy input from bottom and nothing...

    Ok, odd, the wisps are showing up at daytime since i rebooted all the mods, and there's no obsidian pillars nearby that i can see unless it's underground. Will have to see what's going no there.

    I'll do the battery test and see how that works. Don't see any ultimate solar panels. The ones i have are just squares with red labels in NEI for LV, MV, HV, IV, ect. And i know about them blowing a machine up if they provide too much power, which is why i tested to see if the machine was getting power by putting too big of one on them to see if it did blow up... which it did... as expected...

    Also familiar with the age progression, but looking at how i'm going to be processing ore once i get everything set up end game right now with a quarry for automated processing, so that when i need ore or to make alloys ect, all i have to do is run up open a chest that has that specific ore in it to take to final production machines. However, the machines still don't seem to be working. I stayed up all night trying to figure it out, but there's definitely an issue going on there. I think it has something to do with the fact that i installed GT6 before GT5U since

    GalaticGreg and Extras aren't working either, and had to be taken out or game crashes due to no API file. I took the GT6 mod folder out of mods, and replaced with GT5U, but for some reason, something somewhere is trying to read GT6 and is causing the issue i think... no clue what or where. I'm familiar with config files and mod files, but nothing else... so it's got to be somewhere in saves or one of the other many folders i know nothing about.

    new update, have now tried to add Greg Extras as well as Galatic Greg and the error i get is that Greg API can not be found... i have tried the 5.08.33 as well as the latest 5.09.21. GT Universal mod has been added to mods folder as well as Galatic Greg and the updated GT file. If this could be an issue? and if so, how to fix it?

    even cut all mds out of folder, reinstalled MC and kept saves. Reinstalled and updated mods fresh... some mods are working in ways they never did before (no idea which ones as a lot of these are new to me... but i now have wisps and some robed figured bad guys attacking me that are NOT fun to deal with without weapons / armor... in fact, i wouldn't mind knowing what THAT is to disable it asap)

    Mods -
    (in 1.7.10 folder)

    IC2 (latest)
    MoCreatures (has a gregtech folder in it?)

    (Stand alone mods)
    Iron Chests
    Enchanting Plus
    Forbidden magic
    Advanced machines
    advanced solar panels (Thermal expansion)
    big reactors
    Buildcraft (all expansions)
    Connected glass
    Critter Pet
    Custom Mob Spawner
    dimensional anchor
    EJML core
    Gregtech 5.08.33
    Grim3212 Core
    GTS Universal
    inventory tweaks
    micdoodle core
    Pixelmon 3.5.1
    pixelmon extras 1.0.5
    reis minimap
    The Marvel Universe
    Thermal Dynamics
    Thermal Expansion
    Thermal Foundation
    Trainer Commands
    Treasure Chest mod
    Twilight Forest
    WR CBE

    So far, have tried to put Iron and Gold ore blocks in Universal Macerator and regular macerator as well as rotary macerator.
    since iron and gold ore was gained before adding GT... i even went into NEI and found the gold / iron ore blocks that specifically have 2 parts to identifier so i know they correlate to GT mod and used those as well. Neither works
    tried the same in advanced electric furnace
    crushed iron in Ore Washing Bath (water supplied to the back via pipe system)
    redstone in advanced thermal centrifuge...

    these are a few of the tests to check and see if machines were working at all after first couple tests...

    oh, and all machines are hooked up with power supply all at once... only the individual one i connected a bad power supply to was the one that blew up... so, weather is definitely out of the question

    Power supplies used -
    Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel
    Solar Panel VI
    Array Solar Panel
    Solar Panel (EV)

    Update coming momentarily as i double back on all i tried with item numbers ect. (which may or may not be different with this being a custom mod pack i made myself). If i need to, can include mods used as well. Another factor that may play a role, is that i DID install GT6 before GT5 Unofficial. Thinking it was the latest version. however, i haven't played since 1.4.2 and GT 6 is... Not the same... not even close, so i swapped to this to be more of an experience i remember.

    World i'm on does not have rain ect. Using Mystcraft and made my own world (stable) with no weather to specifically counter that problem.

    Getting frustrated. Trying to test a few things out, so yes, i gave myself the items and didn't actually craft them before making my actual play through game. Just trying to brainstorm approach since it's been so long since i've played and to get ideas for what method i want to go with. So, gave myself all of the machines for ore processing (so i can figure the chain i want to use when i get there). macerator, chemical bath, ore washing, centrifuge, electrolyzer ect... got all 3 versions of solar panels (Thermal Ex, IC2 and the GT ones i assume since i've never seen them before). I've put Solar panels on each side of the machines (yes, using electric versions and advanced version of GT... btw... there's a few GT Advanced machines that do not have the 4th and 5th tier machines listed in NEI... so, no clue how to even craft them...) Anyways. Put machine down, put solar panel on each side, the GT ones seem to actually attach to the machine itself and not the ground next to it. right click machine and open "crafting table" of specific machine... Put ore / item in and... nothing... hook too many / big of a solar panel and machine blows up (it's getting power)... The ore i have is from before i installed GT... So, i even went as far as to look up ore blocks and give myself new ore blocks... still... nothing... they just sit there... what am i doing wrong? or is there something going on unexplainable?

    Interesting... i might have to check it out... Might even use it, but would swap back as soon as they're reimplemented here. Just because... gotta support the original modder and what i started on. Been unemployed past 7 months or i'd have already donated to GT's page cause... Seriously, this amount of work and long term commitment just deserves it.

    heh, fair enough. it's probably about equivalent to what i'm about to be doing until i figure it out. However, i am noticing that NEI doesn't show all of the recipes and items from these mods in it's recipe / item list. So, i'm not even able to try and figure it out through that method of searching the items and guessing what the machines are used for based on the names of real life counter-parts. Rather frustrating actually. Been searching the past 2-3 hrs for a Wiki or guide that lists all of the machines and recipes like there used to be back in the 1.4 days... Doesn't seem to exist from what i can find. I would be willing to start one, if i had more spare time to devote to it, but i simply don't atm... Also, why i'm looking for such a page / tutorial, so i can actually start researching and playing instead of just trying to find the research... Are fusion reactors still a thing? Or is all done by AESU and MSFU ect now?

    Ok, with all the changes to GT since 1.4 (last time i played) is there an active tutorial / guide / craft site to explain Ore Processing and all the machines and options available? This is a rather complicated mod, so there has to be some way of sorting it out and looking at all the options out there in a systematic and approachable front.

    i do, but the location of some things aren't familiar to me anymore. It's been a few years since i played Minecraft and pretty much starting from scratch learning it with all the changes that have happened since.

    Already had an instance of Forge Microblock, so had to find where it was (it created a separate folder in my Mods folder and buried itself in there). Got that updated and all appears to be working now :-) and thank you for the help. That solved the problem.

    I am trying to update a mod pack and there appears to be a change somewhere in here that causes a crash. 6.01.05 works fine, but when i try to get to the newer versions (starting with 6.01.06) there is an error. The error on Minecraft Window at crash is:

    Mod Sorting Cycle was detected and loading cannot continue.
    The first Mod in the Cycle is Dummy Container (After) @875286188
    The remainder of the cycle involves these mods

    Dummy Container (After) @875286188 : before : [], After : []
    Dummy Container (AfterAll) @1233620534 : before : [], After : []
    BuildCraftSilicon, BuildCraftFactory, BuildCraftEnergy, BuildCraftCore, BuildCraft (goes off screen at this point)
    FMLMod:ForgeMicroBlock[] : Before : [], After : [ForgeMultiPart, *]

    Client Log 0 has more information, which i can provide if need be.