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    Has anyone found an OGG encoder whose output loops smoothly? I've been using oggenc2 and the loops are really, really bad. One of my users submitted a few loops (albeit ripped from elsewhere) that loop seamlessly in play, and I'd like to get my loops to do the same (they loop perfectly when played in winamp, in either ogg or their original .wav)

    Found another bug with the Howler Alarm.

    in my SMP server we have a howler alarm right under spawn, set to play an ambient loop. However, on connect the alarm will play the default loop for a short while before switching to the correct file after the chunk finishes loading and rendering clientside.

    Announcements are most usefull on servers, but it's not to handy to give sound file of each announcement to each player for future use. Your suggestion have more sense with automatic syncing of alarms from server. And syncing is harder for me to implement. But I like your idea, will be done, eventually :)

    Ah. Just thinking that it would be useful even in SSP, and in SMP if you assume that there's a modpack involved, then the issue of syncing sound files is no longer relevant :P Glad to hear that the feature is on the list, though

    Somewhat of a feature request; How hard would it be to have it be possible to either A) not loop sounds even if the redstone signal remains applied, or B) not stop sounds until the end of the sample is played even if redstone power is removed, both suggestions being for the howler alarm. This would make it very useful for applications outside of siren functions, e.g. announcements, doorbells, etc.

    Another nice option would be the chance to view the status of the reactor at different points in time, so we could get a more thorough look at what components might melt and in which order, or what state the components would be in at a given point in time.

    Running into a bug with the Info panels in SMP.

    I had a few in creative, in the end, and apart from the TIME panel, none of the panels properly updated/redrew on my client unless I had their GUI open. Block updates and/or cycling the power to the panels didn't update their displays either.

    SMP support even of what you have right now would be amazing, especially with regards to the nuke ICBMs. Also, you mentioned disabling redstone launching of passenger rockets; for SMP wouldn't it make more sense to be able to launch empty passenger rockets, for example if you want to maintain a balance of rockets between spaceports?

    In my test system, I was using lava buckets to simulate a heating process in the reactor core while avoiding an actual meltdown, and found that the cooling system was still ticking safely, so it appears to be a slightly different issues from what you were having. As it was SMP, other people were watching the safety systems as well as the bucket fillers / buffers. I've tested more, and the issue persists across multiple loads with the exact same symptoms. I'll probably try copying the file from my SMP host and try it in SSP to see if it still experiences the same issue.

    Has anyone run into an issue where after saving/reloading chunks in SMP, RedPower 2 (pr3b) timers don't seem to run at the same speed as IC2 reactors? I had a 530 EU/t CASUC design that ran at 2.5 buckets per second, and could run for a full cycle w/o problems, however after saving/loading the map (the reactor was in a safe-off state at the time), I noticed that the cooling system no longer seemed to be able to "keep up" with the reactor, to where instead of operating safely for hours the reactor would melt down after less than 10 seconds of full operation, with the cooling system still working "perfectly." There were no bottlenecks in the cooling system that could have caused the problem, it just appeared that the reactor behaved almost as though it was processing at a faster time-scale than the RP2 cooling system.

    I confirmed that all parts of the reactor (minus the control panel, but that's irrelevant) were contained within a single chunk, as well. I would be happy to provide a save-file for the reactor, as well as directions on how to work its panel.

    There is one issue I've run into with the Rotary Macerator - it doesn't properly act on indirect redstone power, making it impossible to use the rotary macerator in conjunction with RP2 Transposers. Since the normal IC² blocks react properly to indirect redstone power, I think this qualifies as either a bug or oversight.

    Loving it otherwise, though :D

    The rules for pump placement also give you the option of sacrificing 1 reactor chamber for an additional 4 pump slots - pumps can't be placed next to more than one reactor/reactor chamber, but there's no rule saying they can't be placed next to each other ;)

    1. A device using Energy to provide cooling is probably ineffective, as you cannot add 5 EU output within the generator whilst producing less then 2 heat.

    I forgot to address this - The pump isn't particularly useful for power-producing reactors except in specific circumstances, but it's more meant to assist with controlling overheats and breeder reactor temperatures, plus whatever the players can dream up.

    I have to say this when I saw the set-up (sorry in advance):


    Again sorry.

    This. Annoys. Me. So Much.

    A reactor going critical is a good thing. If a reactor didn't, it could never work. What you're referring to is when the reactor is supercritical, when it's heating up. Of course, it's always the most fun when all control is lost and the reaction goes prompt supecritical. Also known as "kiss your base goodbye"

    This isn't possible.
    Minecraft solely supports ONE 3D-8edged box for any sort of rendering, collision detection and hitbox display.
    However, within the rendering engine you can overcome this by (hell, it's a crappy solution, but that's what notch did) changing the whole box of ALL blocks of a type for a ms, then render the block, change it again, render again, etc, then change it back to normal. This way you can render irregular forms.

    However, this does solely work for rendering afaik.

    If i remember correctly, SpaceToads pipe can display a "correct" markBox, too, but if you attempt to place a block the actual hitbox is used... thus, doing it like in BC would merely cause the hitbox not to be displayed as "cube" anymore and lead to (eventually fatal (HV!)) missplacing of cables.

    I just tested this in BuildCraft 2.1.1, the displayed hitbox is also the hitbox used to determine block placement. Furthermore, what about both torches, flowers, etc? They all use custom hitboxes both for gameplay and display too.

    This is an aside, but I can't see how your reactor stays cool - looking at it, I count 96 units of heat produced every tick, but only 12 units dispersed internally and 28 units dispersed externally every tick.