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    That seems amazing. Maybe you could've remade your system by memory? Either that or look up tutorials, I'm sure a lot of people got inspiration from your system. For me, I prefer a solar flower made from 25 solar panels, preferably in the wiki's design, which looks amazing btw and generates quite a bit of EU, enough to quickly fill a CSU. Great for early-to-mid-game power, then I double it to get enough for late-game energy, plus it's renewable. If only I had the Sun Torch mod, if it recognized the Sun Torch as actual sunlight, I could exploit that as infinite power day and night.

    It is not that big. It is about 101x101 with it in center, although i've never measured correctly. [Just took a skyview look]

    Anyway i would like if terraformer is completely reworked. Now it is too buggy to work with it.
    It affects stuff strangely.

    It seems it affects a 8x8 chunk area. So 128 blocks by 128 blocks. Very big.

    I'm getting this crash constantly:

    Got a crash on startup:

    Hm, okay, I wasn't sure, that's why I said "looks like". Maybe something else is misdownloaded or poorly installed? The error you're getting is Java complaining that one of the files it's trying to load up and use has been tampered with in some way -- might even be as simple as forgetting to delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar, to be honest -- I don't remember what error message you get when that happens.

    Either way, there are several of us who have IC2 1.112 (both official beta and dev builds) running on Minecraft 1.4.7, so there's nothing broken there. Report back if you get it working, and good luck!

    Oh, a little extra info: I'm running it on MultiMC.

    Edit: Daaaamn, finally got it to work, had to put it in the mods folder to make it work. Jeez, must hate being stuffed into the jar.

    Excuse me. It does.

    Ok, then, why do I get this error report?
    Minecraft: 1.4.7 official
    IC2: industrialcraft-2_1.112.170-lf.jar

    Specific error

    Really? I tried installing 1.112 with the 1.4.7 recommended Forge and the game crashed saying
    java.lang.SecurityException: Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes, pretty much meaning that ic2 1.112 is not compatible with 1.4.7 Minecraft.

    Here's my crash report: