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    Okay i'm a PC guy. But on a slightly unrelated note how does minecraft handle processor power. I will be installing an 8-core soon. Just asking because I've heard that minecraft handles additional cores badly.

    edit: i may as well throw my 2 cents in on the PC/Mac discussion. I personally hate how apple handles upgrading. they make it hard to say the least if you want a better gpu you buy a new mac. there is one product as of now i could see myself using, and that's their retina display. It is worth the extra money. everything else i have replaced. Besides zune is so much better than iTunes.

    Speaking of cool ideas about teleporting:) I'd not suggest this seriously, but...
    Volume teleport. Not just you, but a 16x16x16 cube around you switch places with those in destination. If there is some unmovable block in either cube (bedrock, etc), teleport fails.

    So the teleporter brings the room with it?
    could be cool because that way it brings the mfsu also. so you can keep all power production on one side. It may be cheap but i like it.+1

    From the MC forums.

    Anonymous: Okay, one last question, and i think i'm good. What do watermills do?

    Anonymous: They give you carpal tunnel syndrome. Use the other generators.

    I Like the idea but on an earlier thread of similar nature. Ablaka stated that Invisibility is very hard if not impossible. Without very complex forge hooks. That being said i believe that this is a good idea if it was possible to implement.

    This may be a stupid suggestion as i know nothing of the limitations of coding but.... couldn't we* just add in reinforced and possibly CF foam microblocks. I realize that people would need to download redpower, but most people have it anyways. It would be kind of like the silver dust but obviously more advanced in nature.

    *IC2 team

    I see no problem with this, It actually might make geothermals used into the late game. at least for me. 4 iridium plates though, that's a lot of EUs you would need to drain several lakes of lava to recuperate that power. And what happens when you fill it partly with lava and partly with water.

    sorry we put redpower in easily like a day before we nuked this house and i didn't know how to use it as it was my first time with redpower. and the Hollywood sign was never meant to be seen by anyone but a select few friends that would instantly know wat it is, i personally didn't see it as offensive until you said something and looked back and went back and said to myself "Oh Jeez i'm a horrible person". i just saw our names side by side that's it. and about the next house being non-legit with the EE i think that myself but the server admin is in love with the mod and hes a good friend so it got put in.

    Thanks for the reply and good feedback we have since rebuilt this. to answer your questions i didn't have buildcraft at this time so the automated workshop is a no no. the hollywood signs have nothing to do with Jews more of a signature as my nickname is Jew and my friends name is toasty. the house is gone now we have added redpower, buildcraft and EE and built a new house. and finally yes this is 100% legit it was built with only IC2.

    This is mine and one others house in our server id like to show it off before we nuke it and move on to bigger and better things. please rate it and i might put up pictures of the new house hope you enjoy.

    thanks for the mod its awesome. you guys are great been using this since wires were thought to be an impossible feat but here you are with i think the biggest mod out there. nice job. I would have quit minecraft forever ago if it were not for this mod. keep up the good work and don't turn into a notch.

    I was wondering does the feature that destroys windmills if it is in a rain/thunderstorm affect it in a desert biome. I was wondering because it doesn't actually rain in the biome. that is all thanks in advance bros.