[Suggestion] Pack fuser

  • Basically it would use eu to fuse 2 or more back packs/ chestplate slot using item to make an item that has the properties of both. ex lap pack+jet pack= an item tht could charge your tools and still let you fly.

  • Yep. Denied. Also lack of crafting recipe, discussion of game balance, and not using the search feature. Also, because of the way minecraft works, they would have to (as I understand it) code a different item in for every single possible combination of items worn on the back. Now, my statistic math is rusty, but that's a lot of items.

    Also, let's look at balance in say, PvP. You have a choice, do you want the mobility of a jetpack, the extra ammo from a lap-pack, or the armor from a nano chest plate? If this suggestion was implemented, you'd end up with all of the advantages, with none of the disadvantages.

  • Unless every feature is costlier the more features are included. I know the idea is denied, but let's analyze a little thought here:

    We basically have energy storage, mobility, CF pack and armor. To decrease the number of new items, let's ignore the CF pack (you really don't need that at all times) and stay within tier, leaving only two sets of combinable chestplates: {batpack, jetpack, nanoplate} and {lappack, electric jetpack, quantum suit plate}. That'd give us "only" 8 new items, which is much but not out of this world.

    Now, let's assume we combine an electric jetpack with a qplate. I don't know how much energy flying costs, but let's call it "x". Let's also call how much energy getting hit costs if the plate is to ignore one point of damage "y". Now, with the "Quantum Flying Pack", flying costs 3x, absorbing damage costs 3y, plus the max height is 15% lower and the damage reduction is not 100%. I don't know what value would be good, but let's think about that.

    Now, if we are to combine the third feature, the lappack, what do we get? Flying costs 9x, absorbing damage costs 9y, max height is 30% lower, the armor is "good" but no impenetrable qSuit anymore plus the lappack stores 30% less EU. It just becomes inefficient on all ends.

    I see one problem with this, however. Combining the fuel-based jetpack with a batpack will make the damage value ambiguous. Maybe it's best to exclude the fuel-based jetpack from this idea altogether.

    The exponential cost factor "3.0" and the generally linear percentage decrease of 15 percentage points are, of course, only examples. Maybe 5 and 20 points would work better. You know what, I actually think that'd make for a good game mechanic. If you have an over-abundance of energy and can trade efficiency for universality, why not? Especially making the qSuit plate not impenetrable, in my opinion, takes out a lot of OP-ness of an "everything chestplate". As for crafting recipes, just glue the packs together with UUM and glass fibre cable for the high-tier recipes and sticky resin with copper wire for the low-tier ones? I don't know!

  • How many times r people gonna suggest this?!? alblaka has said NO COMBINING OF PACKS OR ARMOR
    also, dont double post, just edit yr original post

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  • There is an addon for 1.9.7 which adds a quantum armor suit which lets you fly, protects you and recharges your tools. Go to here.
    It is VERY expensive to make though.