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    Well it is the first time i use the crop-matron and after having read the rules in the wiki i managed a 5x7 area to grow crops.
    I placed the crop matron in the center and fill it with fertilizer, hydraton cells and weed-ex.
    But only the peripheral crops grow*, all the other crops die !
    What i have done wrong ?

    * And only the two borders of 7 blocks each making two paralell trails with crops growing, the rest is desertic.

    P.S: Before this i had removed the two water streams which surrouded the parcel on each side of 5 blocks: all crops were living before.

    Sry bad english, hope you understand what i mean.

    Edit : with an image it is better :

    As you can see the center of the is impossible to hydrate and becomes unable to cultivate anything, in the right part next to the matron a crop was being ejected, it has a planted crop though : a new wasted one.
    In this picture there was 3 hydration cells, 18 fertilizer and 2 weed-ex in the matron and it was taken by day, the batbox is full and the solar panels trasmit correctly the energy.
    Please help me what i was doing wrong !

    I got an error :

    This mod crashes the game :(

    Here is the crash report :

    Before all, i use this addon with 1.71 version of IC2 : and it is average compatible ( it works with some " saving chunks " errors sometimes and the texture of the containment field is the one of the iron block )
    So i wish there will be ( and it will be for sure ) a 1.71 compatible version.
    Just to say to you , i love this addon !
    Keep up the good work !

    Problem solved !
    After a few tries , i had identified the buggier: it was the vertical redstone mod.
    So all is working fine , and Millenaire works fine too , no bugs with IC2 for now !