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    I totally agree with you DZ and i am looking forward to seeing you back around. I think most people are now waiting with the reset official. Everything is just stuck in the mud until the rain (e.g bukkit ports and updates) gets us out, but it shouldn't be too far away now, just to keep you updated :)


    When I left the server, I said I would be back in a few days. Due to school, this turned out to be not true. I have decided I will not be back until the server is fully on 1.32 with all the mods (hopefully minus EE). I had formed a partnership with CrimsonKnight and Chazzy. They can have my stuff that is in my chests. Best of luck and be back soon!

    Ive got the 4096 id mod installed but i have noticed some mods still have issues with id's over the standard... It only seems to be with fire near certain block id's... Ill try and change the id to something under 255... Will let you know if it works once i've got my gf another keyboard lol 2 in 1 week... I swear computer equipment should be made more sturdy

    I've been using IC2 for quite a while now! Currently i am running v1.90 with mc 1.2.5. Everything is working tickity boo and on my laptop its been working fine however my girlfriend is using the exact same client as i just give her my .minecraft file after setting up my mc with mods. Now she is getting this error and the id contained in the error was the alloy's ID... i changed it and she got the error again. The only ic2 blocks on the house (in creative mode) she is using is reinforced stone. Now ive used reinforced stone on my laptop in my survival and i received this error once, change the id and it worked fine... Before anyone mentions versions etc etc id like to point out again... This client apart from ellian detector and a few being disabled for sprite indices, works completely fine, ive been using ic2 machines etc all perfectly normal no bugs same with powercraft! Thank you in advance... do you think this is simply because alloy's id is higher than 256? this is the second error she got:

    Also as a slight footnote whilst i am posting, does anyone know an eta on the bc-ic2 crossover or the powercraft converters?

    I'm having the same error with both ic2 1.60 and ic2 1.71 It seems to be a problem with ic2 but not sure how....

    Okay tested on my survival map by crafting mfdevice. However im left wondering why there isnt creative support? I always test my mods out on creative and play/figure out how best to use them before making the long precious slog in survival to gather and craft the materials for projects to minimise wastage etc. Will you be supporting creative in the future? Cheers anyway :)

    [EDIT] Also is there a guide out there or tutorial for how to use this mod correctly. Staring at recipes is just confusing me :)

    [Edit] Sorry i just noticed the direwolf tutorial and TMI compatibility. Dont really like tmi on my survival... makes it too tempting lol

    After a little more testing, i used creative mode to place one of the many "blank" "petrochemical generators" appear on the menu and i got the beneath item placed (which i dont recognise lol) and all of the blank items on the list were all of this same block. Not sure if it helps or not.

    [edit] Another update. These blocks ARE petrochemical generator... However with this mod disabled all is normal...

    Having an id issue. The id's needed conflict with railcraft, so i use id resolver to help with id issues, however when id resolver issues new id's about 300 entries of petrochemical generator appear when i bring up the item list in creative mode, i dont know a lot about id issues so can anyone help? Ive dumped a list of the mods i have installed and none of them have modified id's. I installed id resolver specifically for this mod. Thanks :)

    [EDIT] Just an update to add, i just went on my survival map and used craft guide to look at recipes, they are all appearing fine, however, without being able to craft the items using creative i cant see if the mod actually works or not in either mode, however it seems unlikely that they will work if they are bugging out the creative mode menu. Will try to test more later