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    Worst things with those multiple ores is not multi-generation. You can turn ores off in most mods.
    Quite more needed mechanism to unite the same ores/ingots/nuggets/dusts from different mods under the same id/texture. It is very inconvenient to mine several types of the same ore.

    1st: A WM that would produce/consume energy while moving water from the top/bottom tank to the others. (So that would be more like a way of storing energy, because you couldn't put water into the top one without using the watermill-pump connecting the 2 tanks). This way would make it works as current most efficient storage devices: Water Tank.
    Problem: it wouldn't be longer an EU-generation device, but a cheaper energy storage.

    Are you mean BC water tanks? IC does not have own water storage.
    But if RP2 way of liquid storage used (as a liquid blocks in world) it would be interesting:
    Watermill looks for water source above itself and empty space below. If suitable blocks found, water source block moved to empty space and watermill gives out EU, proportional to height difference.
    To run infinitely you need not only infinite water source but infinite space for water below.

    To avoid energy profit,

    Why to afraid energy profit so much? With so many complicated efforts involved why not allow player to get more things than he had before? I think option to put back in place any stone, ore, lava, anything he taken from the earth is not so bad. Entropy is part of physics, but it does not mean it should be part of Minecraft.

    If you want if made from Hazmat and add toggled invisibility (and Night Vision), then armor should not be increased at all.
    May be Environment Protection should be turned off in invisible mode.
    May be Single Use Battery will be "swallowed" to turn it to invisible for some time.

    First part math is not bad imho. Probability will level output right.
    But second math is terrible. Output power should be proportional to solar energy used. But you suggest 1/4 output from the same size field.


    And why don't we try to make items in toolbox manageable only when it is placed?
    So, you place it, pick a tool you need, put those you don't need, pick your box up and continue mining?

    You want chest, able to hold items while in item form?

    People will want Mining Laser, Qblade, Thaumcraft wrench, RP2 Screwdriver ... Painters probably.
    The downside of big list is big number of clicks to get tool needed. Even if you would be able to store 100 tools you will not.

    I think that taking items out of adjacent chests is a good idea, though. And if it's a upgrade item which does this... Then one could have it balanced by virtue of it takes up to "Upgrade Count" items in one pull, costing EU to do so. And one could add a second upgrade which outputs items into a chest, but does so slowly unless one has a lot of them in the device, again, costing EU. More upgrades = More EU cost, but More Upgrades = Faster Input/Output.
    One could even make them pull from the right slots, a chest above for input, a chest below for output. Well, to the side. I can't think of any machines which are non-opaque, so one wouldn't be able to open the chest if it went downwards into a chest. If it went down, one would need automation tools to get the stuff out.

    Chest above for input. Take appropriate item if input buffer empty.
    Chest to the side for output. Put output stack if full or mismatch.
    Chest below for EU sources - RE Batteries and such. Take non empty if no EU, then put empty back.
    Each action has own EU cost.

    I want to be able to store tools from all mods. Number limit is worse in my opinion.
    But let mighty developers decide it.

    Sorry for double post, but ... nobody tell me my idea is bad. So I will try to explain it last time:

    1. Description: Think about Toolbox as a chain of tools. Left-click goes in left direction, Right-click - in right direction. If chain ends empty slot is shown. Empty slot allows to add tools to chain. Tool, currently shown can be taken from chain at any time. Or just used as usual.

    2. Mechanic on right-click/left-click with Toolbox:
    2.1. Empty Toolbox, Slot empty or not tool: nothing;
    2.2. Empty Toolbox, tool in Slot: store tool in Toolbox;
    2.3. Not empty Toolbox, not a tool in Slot: nothing;
    2.4. Not Empty Toolbox, empty Slot: put in Slot first/last tool from Toolbox;
    2.5. Not empty Toolbox, tool in Slot: lookup for the place for new tool in the stored tools list (stored tools list is always sorted, any sorting criteria you like), then:
    2.5.1. Such tool is stored already: nothing - not allowed to store two Diamond Picks for example;
    2.5.2. Tool should be last in list and right-click or tool should be first in list and left-click: store tool, Slot empty;
    2.5.3. Else: Swap tool with next in list for right-click or previous in list for left-click.

    3. Example:
    Empty Toolbox, tool C in Slot: right-click -> C in Toolbox, Slot empty;
    Place tool F in Slot: right-clicks would give us empty slot, then C, then F then empty again. Now in Toolbox "C,F", Slot is empty.
    Left-clicks cycle in reverse: F, then C, then empty slot;
    Let's place tool D to Slot: we can use left-click to swap it with C or right-click to swap it with F;
    With some tools in Toolbox right- and left-clicks would cycle tools from Toolbox with empty slot between first and last.

    4. Instructions:
    4.1. To store tool in Toolbox cycle right- or left-clicks until Slot is empty, put your tool, cycle to empty slot again.
    4.2. To use tool from Toolbox cycle right- or left-clicks until needed tool in the Slot, use it.
    4.3. To take some tool from Toolbox cycle right- or left-clicks until needed tool in the Slot, take it.
    4.4. If Slot is not changed while Toolbox used, item is not allowed (not a tool or already in Toolbox).

    I do not know what to add if that is not clear enough.