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    I do not see the heavy need of large table of allowed recipes.
    1. Recipes which have reverse recipes of any sort (storage) work without profit.
    2. Small list of Forge registered categories and exceptions for raw materials with profit applied (like "any Ingot - 10%", "any die - 15%", "Uranium - 0%").
    3. Full cost of one result item (or all ingredients as it is the same) already included in Chip and cannot be returned. This prevents profit from rarely used crafts (mostly expensive ones).
    So any recipe suitable for Crafting Table can be used here. With more or less profit.

    Yes, I find it good, but I keep considering Vanilla Metal Tools (or bronze) and Armor should have a better chance of saving resources.

    Then you need some list of profit. For example "Any Ingot - 10%".


    There's just a problem with the ability of getting Q-Suit: the fact it would cost 50 000 EU, as it would cost for a simple copper cable.

    How can it be? I'm failed to understand it.

    As I see it suggested to be an advanced EU/time consuming autocrafting table.
    So first question should be: "Should it be compartible with all recipes or chosen only?" (Reversable storage recipes excluded of course).
    If chosen only, then each recipe gain can be pointed individually.
    If all non storage recipes, then some minor output gain or material economy should be applied be it random or not. It is not a problem to count number of items in percents for conveyor.
    If you afraid of 5% of MFSU would cost only 50kEU, remember about 20 MFSU should be processed for this to happen. How often you craft something from it?
    About Template Chip... It should not be crafted from result item. It should store full recipe. This means it should be programmed in some GUI. Ingredients can be "lost" in programming process. So you need a steady demand in something to get a real profit.
    For example you can make a factory to produce Q-Suit but even if each suit is 5% cheaper you will get profit only with 20+ suits. Will you need so many?

    Given the upcoming module rework...
    I think we will rather add an additional "redstone behavior" slot for this. The number of redstone you place inside defines the machines redstone behavior (ordering the behaviors by complexity, more complex = more redstone needed)

    How about such variants for behavior:
    - no RS signal;
    - RS signal on if machine cannot work;
    - RS signal pulses if machine cannot work;
    - RS signal pulses separately to top if input slot empty, to sides if output slot full/mismatch, to bottom if no EU.

    Also please think about modules to pull to inbox from top inventory and push from outbox to side inventory.

    Two suggestion in one thread.

    Tools with GUI was discussed already.

    Power Suit aka Mech ...
    I think it should not be an armor. It should be machine with a GUI. When player activates it he moved inside until GUI closed. In this GUI there are "outside window" and some inventory. Movement keys controls Mech's movement. RMK and LMK controls Mech's arms. ...

    in my opinion, weardown should be integrated to a system making machine working as Nuclear reactor

    If you suggest new better machine which would work different based on internal parts while old processors works good - it is benefit.
    If you want old processors to break unattended - it is burden.
    To build complex system is fun, to search for a break in it is not.

    If Autocrafting is making complex aggregate of working machines, it is quite more interesting than Babysitting some number of machines you use from time to time.
    If IC2 would force people to use creative/peaceful modes to evade breakdown many players would be forced to stuck on previous version.
    If you really want to babysit machines make it as a benefit to use, not as burden.

    Should nearby reactors exchange heat?
    Should they exchange heat with Nuclear Reactor, Metal blocks?
    Should they gain/lose heat contacting with Lava/Water? With working processor, furnace, other mods furnaces?

    I found that recipe earlier today, but it doesn't work like 3 netherrack -> Nether Brick, you have to put 3 Netherrack in the Compressor, then it uses one of them to make a Nether Brick, and the remaining two stay in the input slot, and you can take them back out.

    Works good for me.

    You people are evil. You want to extract and than compress zombies in to practical items. It sounds like some fake WW2 propaganda.
    Would it be possible to just give zombies a drop chance for leather?

    You want to kill cows alive? You are evil ;)
    I do not like to eat Rotten Flesh and there is no other use for it.

    So it looks like special block: Reactor (chemical). It shows a slot to insert materials, slot for output and some scales.
    1. Pressure (up to some limit)
    2. Temperature (up/down to some limit based on biome)
    3. Volume of each material inserted (up so some total limit)
    4. pH
    5. ...
    Pressure can be manipulated by opening hole to release steam.
    Heater/cooler can be EU based (battery slot + EU scale + thermostat controls) or item based (slot for ice/water/lava). Also some HEAT exchange possible between nearby Reactors (including Nuclears).
    Volume increased by adding something and decreased by removing something. Also pH.

    You can add anything into reactor and release any material in six directions.
    If released into air, gas disappears, liquid flows away, solid dropped as items.
    If released into nearby Reactor, added to other Reactor.

    Recipes would be hardest. You need to describe how each material reacts with each in each condition. For example Iron with Coal in right temperature and proportions produce Steel with some rate. You need quite skilled Chemist to describe it all with a slightest sign of realism.

    Good luck!