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    Your concept effectively has the same function on both clicks, whilst only containing one tool inside the toolbox at all. You should work on (the explanation of) that concept.

    Suppose Toolbox is in the 2nd slot and has tools A, B, D, E inside.
    You have tool C in slot 1. Right-click swap tool C with D, Left-click - with B.
    If you have tool F in slot 1, Right-click store tool F in Toolbox, Left-click - swap it with E.
    If slot 1 is empty, Right-click give you A, Left-click - E.

    Isn't it clear enough yet?

    What I got from that was clicking the toolbox to rotate the "active" tool (one slot left of the toolbox) through several others that are somehow in the toolbox -- I don't see how one could insert multiple tools in the first place, either, but if that gets resolved, it might be an interesting implementation.

    Cycle while slot is empty and place another tool in it.


    ...Maybe left-click to have it munch a tool (without replacing it) and right-click to have it pull a tool out and swap it with another if another is present? Simple interface, easy to use.

    This means only one side cycle. Not useful.

    Tool boxes could be reworked to work like this :

    Sorry too much auto. Toolbox to store only. Not to think what you will want.

    It was coded that way because I did NOT want to copy your casual "Item with own inventory for specific items"-concept. Though it's pretty much the only applyable concept nowadays, it seems :/

    Can I suggest you another concept? Unique afaik:

    Toolbox is an item, able to store any amount of unique tools from different mods. Only tools can be stored, only one exemplar of each tool can be stored.
    When Toolbox item in hand, Right-click swaps tool in previous slot with next tool inside Toolbox. Left-click swaps tool in previous slot with previous tool inside Toolbox. Tools inside sorted by names or IDs. Before first and after last is "empty" ofc. In case toolbox is in slot 1 it do not work or work with slot 2.

    This Toolbox would allow to store tools and use them very easy and without much troubles.

    Should be some means to counter such suit.
    At first it is bad Goggles of Revelations cannot see it.
    Some sound indication for OSD helmet suggested earlier.
    Or may be Painter, used on invisible Suit will force rendering him in that color for some time...
    Or touch CF block and Invisible Suit is broken completely...

    With a full set of hazmat armor, not only is it impossible for you to die in lava or poison or anything, the hazmat suit TAKES NO DAMAGE. It would be more realistic if the hazmat armor actually took damage. if there is a reason why it doesn't do that, please do tell me.

    It should not. It was invented to ignore environment harm, not to swallow it.


    As for the scuba and compressed air cells, I believe it should be reworked.
    I believe scuba air tanks are actually put on your back and in industrialcraft, you just have to put compressed air cells in your inventory and you can breathe underwater with a full set of hazmat armor.

    You need Scuba helmet to breath. So it's tied to helmet.

    Why you think it overpowered? It gives no armor But takes all armor slots.

    If Mech is an armor, doubt it can change outer size.
    If it is a multiblock structure, it would annoying to move/turn.
    Best way would be Mech-Entity "Ab ovo". Somehow produced Mech-egg activated and big Mech-entity "unpack" itself. Hit it with some wrench to work faster ;) (you are an engineer if you play IC2). Using EU-wrench on some spot on the back of Mech-entity reverse process to Mech-egg (even in battle). Right-click on entity open GUI where player able to charge internal EU storage with any battery, walk, turn, put tools in right or left Mech-hand, use tools in hands, ... While Mech-entity not broken, player inside is invincible. Even from suffocation and splash potions effects. Only void, hunger and drunk potions can harm him. When Mech destroyed, player is "released".
    Just a thoughts. Doubt anyone would realize something like that...

    Density of Copper, Tin and Bronze almost equal (9, 7, 7-9).
    So Forestry recipe more sane.
    Anyway it will not change much while you need macerator to get bronze.

    No need to cheat at all.

    How about some helmet (may be Quantum one or a new special Sonic Helmet) will show player direction of each sound in a visor area by simple ping indicator in HUD. This will help to locate "strange sounds" generated by Minecraft in the nearby dark caverns.

    I like most of it. But Overclockers should increase speed, not area of effect.
    You can bind range to Transformers or EU packets strength (indirect Transformer dependency) or internal EU stored (indirect Energy storage dependency).
    Nearby MFSU is bad demand imho except you will want to count it's storage as Terraformer's.