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    love the new layout raGan Keep up the good work my tutorial is coming along nicely but with the new layout i might point people here or quote some of you post and as a decent person i figured id ask XD for the record i am finding making a video tutorial taxxing

    hey i posted a tutorial tonite about agriculture i linked them here cuz this post is the source for all known info on IC2 agriculture checkout the tutorial and leave me feedback on how to improve it ill be working on it for the next few days a little at a time

    on a side note im realy looking forward to the next ic2 update and all the new plants al is gona troll us with but i digress i await my minecraft gods next blessing with patients

    noob mistakes

    walking on crops *walking on crops = bad altho like the sneaky ninja's we are Sneaking over crops = Good*
    not building something to keep animal off crops *they trample your crops*
    not watching for weeds *this one can destroy entire farms permitting poor design aswell as neglect when breedingor having empty crop sticks*
    complaining they cant get any new plants *if you keep getting the same results over and over again try breeding something different*
    boxing in crops*crops count the 8 surrounding blocks and 15 up for air quality the 15 is easy to get the 8 surrounding tho you can only get 6 at most for breeding cuz of the 2 plants need to breed but air quality affects growth rate*
    picking crops before there mature *unmature plants have a much lower chance of droping seeds and drop no item besides the rare bag*
    complaining they lost there brand new never before seen plant *because they picked it trying for a seed instead of trying to breed more*
    over hydrating *1 click hydrates second click removes hydration for now waiting on al to fix*
    trying to hydrate plants with a bucket of water

    things noobs get right

    watching crops is a pain *suck it up its fun and the new plants drop useful stuff*
    this crap is so complicated no one understands it*half right here must dont have a clue and the other half are still working on figuring out the basics*
    since i can fertalize my crops it must make them better so i must do it* well guess wat there right in more ways then one*

    well i will expand on this more later dont take this as hate im all up in IC2 agriculture but im still a noob XD

    i will update this tutorial as i experiment and learn from it and the feed back from this post but any ways here i go and please forgive the grammar

    First off well start with a nice and simple breeding station to do your experiments in these following images are of my usualy setup when i first start a new world and want to start breeding again

    the side

    the water to keep everything moist

    the inside where you walk around and plant stands

    another view to help you understand its layout

    finely the added fence to keep out animals

    this is one of many layouts you can use but is one i find helpful for the mass breeding most of us do to try and get better strains to make better plants tho it also is nice for slowly farming whatever you plant thereand eventualy breed there

    so now you see this layout and your wondering WTF do i do with that well we make crop sticks which i will post pictures of the recipe soon tho its simply 2 sticks on the left 2 on the right but anyways one you have those you do this

    on the ends are a single crop stick each in the middle is 2 stacked on each other now you can plant anything you want on either side *within reason also see Here For raGans fairly good compilation of what we know about IC2 Agriculture*
    once you have planted your plants sitback and WATCH them grow im not kidding watch them cuz there a nasty evil troll called weeds that sometimes spawns in empty crop sticks or breeding sticks *crop stick laid down twice* basicaly tho once something besides a weed has grown you can mess around till its matured harvest it or pick it in other words take all the plant and maybe get a seedbag thet could have different stats or harvest it for however many of its drops but the plant stays and starts growing again

    OK so now you know that hmm well with that you can take your first steps towards breeding plants now lets say you want your stuff to grow faster or you want to grow one of the exotic plants well for this youll need hydration and fertilizer ok sounds easy we got water buckets ingame and bone meal COOLIESSS!!!!! OMG that is the wrong answer tho water buckets break our crops and while bone meal works theres gota be a better way, Enter Hydration cells and fertilizer now you got the names lets get to the recipes now you make a water tin toss it in the extractor 1 and then when its done toss the cooling cell you got back in when it comes back out youll have a nice multi use hydration canister *for now hydration is touchy you click a crop one it get hydrated you click it again it gets dehydrated*now onto fertilizer well bonemeal kinda works be like i said theres gota be a better way so lets try throwing some scrap with some bonemeal and sweet wee got some fertilizer ok that was simple but i want more well maybe ill add twice as much scrap to some of my new fertilizer and see what happens WoW i got more fertilizer ok i think we got this part now onto the next piece

    ok untill i finish my video tutorials or find something to add ill leave this as it is for a little while hope it showed you something new

    now im gonna leave this here for right now while i work some more and setup more and prepare to add more structure and content to this tutorial i know so far its not much but im slowly building it to teach people ways to do things

    accepting clips to add to the tutorial with recognition and any ideas on a rewrite
    looking for a good way to post recipes

    well its kinda 2 ideas one is make a advanced mkII cropnalyzer that you put something in it and it completly scans it in 1 pass

    the second one is a stationary machine cropnalyzer cappable of scan multiple seeds in fast order for those of us who like to run 200 or so breeding sticks lol

    i still think it would be nice to have a 64 capacity backpack or something like a battery you can fill and expel and fenixr after i posted that i thought about using tanks but still a lot of work and it takes another mod that does it a different way then im thinking for the IC2 version

    unfortuanently your breeding design only gives the plants 5 of the possiable 6 open air spaces while not major it does slow down breeding and growth

    Yeah i guess i need to give them more air. maybe move the signs to the bottom?

    yeah put them on the bottom also more air you need the 3 infront and 3 in back to be open air so you get the max air cuz while it counts 8 theres always 2 plants being used to breed

    personaly i like this idea while capsules are nice but what if i want to make a lava lake without cheating or spending hours making it, but with a liquid aproved IndustryVak i could go find a lava lake some where and suck it up then go back to my base and fill it up yes i can do that with the system in place but its time consuming and im not realy sure how i would begin to try with capsules for this kinda job any ways fenixr sorry i disagree with you about the merits of the idea but i agree about the placement lol hope some onw takes this idea and makes a sub mod or it gets incorporated into IC2

    from my experimentation for the best possable breeding system use


    o = wood W=water P=plant to breed S=cross breeding stick e=Empty t=torch

    this can be shorter or longer but no matter wat when you breed 2 plants theres gona be 2 spots not good enough for air and i usualy put signs under the plants to keep track of stats but this keeps you from walking on them and give you the best setup to mass breed or quality breed your choice

    also a ive found a + sign breeding with 4 different plants makes for a great way to get new plants tho it takes a while for the middle to grow

    edit i will try to find a better way to explain my breeding layout sorry for the confusion im sure is to ensue

    Ok, I've had very hard time reding this, and im not completely sure what are you trying to say. If you want me to add some "recipes" for plants, go on. But do it like this:
    Plant 1 + Plant 2 = Plant 3
    and i will add it. Maybe I'll create special section for it.

    i know its kinda sad english is my first language but my grahmar is soooooooo poor but you got the general idea
    and on that format
    reed+reed=stickreed high chance of happening imo
    wheat+read= ferru"trollweed" low chance
    rose+ferru=blackthorn low chance

    the post says wheat and melon to get cocoa i havent gotten it yet tho still my thought is that stick reeds can be made thru 3 different breeding's, ive found 2 reeds a rose and a dandelion and wheat and grrrr come to think of it i forget what i combined the wheat with to get it, but theres different methods to get it and thru trial and error ive found imo crossing reeds has the highest chance of spawning one. but i still like knowing the other combos i wonder what your thoughts are of adding something for that in the main post listing the most common breeding methods people, find plus some less known ones. personal i like doin melon\reeds and i seem to get a wide variety from the one combonation when starting new but maybe other people have other ideas i look forward to finding out your response.

    i still find it funny after all this time i still havent gotten cocoa nor aurelia? i beleive is how its spelled, gotten everything else cant wait for al to fix the stupid crop anylyzer somehow maybe even just adding another machine that is basicaly a super easy stationary crop analyzer any recomendation for breeding cocoa besides trying wheat and melon

    yes i see your post and i have made something similar but i dont know how to structure the java file\class as in i can write the code but dont know how to build it so that it will work most of my research has been about modding minecraft not modding mods for minecraft i know im a newb but trying to learn

    al please post a generic crop card file in the forums i know there some in ic2 but please post a file that is setup right with some basic plant so we can see the basic thing please i can code basic java but my file format is poor and pathetic so if you post a file premade i can see the structure of it and and try making some basic plants and unfortuanetly im pretty fail at file structure like i said and it would be a huge boost

    btw i know some people have posted the code but like most of us while i can make a standard mod for minecraft making a mod for a mod is not something i know how to do and like i said above file format and me dont get along

    if its that arelia or wat not it is just like ferru only with gold ore lol when i got mine i was so hoping it was a diamond variant but none the less heres to hoping there is a diamond bush well im back to trying to cross breed any of the as yet undiscovered plants