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    Having been playing IC2 without any other mods installed, I find using glass fibre cables too inefficient.
    In my humble opinion giving only one glass fibre per 2 energium and a silver dust is too expensive. Having such low energy loss, glass fibre looks like it is meant for long distance travels but all those good attributes are nullified by its atrocious recipe. What would be the point of having 0.025 loss per block when it is even difficult to craft a few tens of them?

    I think the game will be much more interesting if crafting glass fibre gave 16 cables like it used to be in the past. I suggest a change.

    Nightvision goggles make what you see bighter. During daytime, it will be too bright for you to see anything, so it giving blindness is intended.
    You can also turn it off during daytime using the ALT and Mode Switch Key.

    Yes it is broken, as I said it 'ignores' the ambient brightness when it is daytime. It gives me blindness when the time turns into day even though I am working in a pitblack cave...

    Tested on current 1.10 version.

    Hello, I found that Nightvision goggles don't work and give the blinding effect if it is used during daytime regardless of ambient brightness.

    It needs to be fixed.

    By the way IMO the concept of nightvision goggles causing blindness is not very fun and just annoying...

    Ok, after some messing around I discovered that it was that placing something inside the compressed air duplicates it. If I pour water around the compressed air, it creates a huge rising waterfall. If I place a torch, a torch gets placed and another spawns as an item.

    Hello, I am playing Minecraft 1.10.2 with forge-1.10.2-, industrialcraft-2-2.6.24-ex110, and harvestcraft.

    The game crashes when I try to left click on cables and tin cable looks just broken with black texture.
    Originally found the bug on 2.6.23 and the bug persists after updating to 2.6.24.

    Attatched is the crash log of the client.

    and on serverside I get the following:

    Could you confirm the bug?