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    The small is 8* "solar"
    the medium is 8* "small"
    the high is 8* "medium"

    The solar is 1EU/t ... you can change this in the ic² settings, i've set 10 instead of 100, this mean, mine is outputting : 0.1 EU/t

    For the compact, you choose when the "ouput" occur. If you set 8, this mean the output occur only after each 8 tick. If you choose 20, this mean the output is not for tick, but for second.

    This work perfect except for the higher one, that is build with 8*medium and output about 2* medium.

    See the Gregtech computer cube, I guess it contains important informations about it. (Especially Centrifuge/Grinder/Electrolyzer)

    Haven't seen anything more about irridium ore and platium. All was already in the NEI, i know fusion reactor can make irridium, but because it need tons of irridium to be build, that's useless for the moment.

    Still stuck with 2 irridium and 2 platinium tiny dust in one week ...

    I don't use mettalurgy, i'am thinking it doesn't add anything usefull to the game. How can ore coming from another mod be neccessary for a very important machine ? I mean platinium otherwise seem to be only coming from "silktouched" irridium ore ... irridium ore is extremly rare (1/16 chunk) and we need to found manually 2 irridium ore to have only one platinium ingot ... there must be another way, isn't it ?

    Hi all,

    I've dig from 64 to bedrock 16 entire chunk. Then, i've found only 1 irridium ore. It seems i can make irridium from the Matterfabricator but ...

    Matterfabricator need titanium and lot more irridium ... 20 i think no ?

    How to find more irridium ORE ?
    How to find/make more irridium ?
    How to find/make more platinium ?

    I want to replace glass fiber with supreconductor, but they cost lot of irridium, that's crazy because it's multiple irridium for only one cable.

    Thanks a lot for your help. (I don't wan't to change Greg settings)

    I have crash with 1.4.6 and 1.4.7, but i will try again, changing some little things (because that's not the same crash). Anyway, if it's the plugins i can't found any other version. Did i need to change the "core" ?
    Can someone give me exact version number for plugin/core/nei ?

    Oky that work, because i was trying to test only with ic², but the new nei plugin require forestry, buildcraft and railcraft to be installed - I just mentioned this for other if needed.

    Have installed the minimal possible with ic2 as the only mod. Crashing when starting a new world.

    After more testing, ic² alone work, NEI alone work, that's only the two together that don't work. Crash when loading with NEI, and I have not found any NEI Plugins than the "all in one" NEIPlugins- Have someone link for any NEI/NEI plugin that work with this version of ic² ? But i don't think that is the plugins, because it crash even if not installed.

    d, it sometimes eats ore and cell and refuses to work, till I have to break it and put back. no things returned ofc..
    I m living in mystcraft world

    1 - There must be a continuous 128 EU/t ... so if you send 32 EU/t, then this start the process, and just after, break it back to start because not "continuous".
    2 - On all (?) GregTech device, matter are consumed at the begining of the process. You must complete it to have your result.

    Solution : If you have less than 128EU/t. Send EU like you wich, but while not putting ore in it. When the device stop eating EU, it is that is internal EU storage is full. Then, shut off the EU. And put ore. You can make a few "process" with the internal EU storage before it stops. Yo uwill then don't loose any EU. You can made the same thing with a MFSU/MFE/Batbox.

    Suggestion : Weather Predict Devices

    T1 - One Day, T2 - Three Day, T3 - Seven Day.
    It will predict weather (I don't know how it is coded in MC, like chunk that are "predictable" or completly random - If random, then the device will "change" the weather instead of predicting it, but with the same ratio as normal random and absolutly no player control) but of course, it will not be 100% successful. (5% fail for T1, 10% for T2 and 20% for T3)

    Suggestion : Weather Display Devices

    "You are in your deep mine, but night is going over ? You want to go outside choping some log ? Yes but, when you expected a nice sunny day, it's rain that welcome you. Rain, and of course, zombies, skeletons and creepers ... All this time loosed going up the mine and down again. If only you have thinked to make you the "GregTech portable WDD" you have knowed before going up that the weather was rainy !*"

    *We do not garanty sun, we do not garanty weather will not change while you're climbing up to the overworld, we do not garanty anything. And yes, don't forget this device will quickly explode if bringed to the nether"


    Grinder use Ore, but the only way to harvest some ore is sill touch. Yes the rock cutter may help, but it is slow and only work manually. We definitively need an automated way to harvest ore with silk touch. Silk Touch Miner, Silk Touch Quarry or anything else.

    So : this is a suggestion :

    All mod change all the game/other mods, even if they don't want to. When IC2 make a mining laser or diamong drill, it change the way you play for the game, and for each other mods. When Buildcraft offer a "quarry" this completly change all the receipe, because it made all thing easier to obtain. The Redpower Blockbreadker/ComputerCraft Mining Turtle offer quick cobblestone for "free"... and so. Stop thinking that modders can alter the way people play. For myself, i don't install Equivalent Exchange, because i was thinking making anything from nothing is not the way i wan't to play. And for Solar energy i cut output by 16 (the HL compact solar making for me 32EU/t instead of 512EU/t).

    You can choose wich add-on/mod you use, and config it to play how you want. So don't think a Mod will break another mod, People have the choice, always. So if a Modder want to redo some other mod receipe, he can of course, that make no sense to think that all modder allows themself to mod/break/transform all "vanilla" items, but not other mods items.

    It just feels incredible strange to being able to build almost anything but not the mining-drill, since only the electric tools really require Steel as a ressource.

    I don't agree with RailCraft requiring Blaze for blast furnace to make steel. That's incredibly hard to have it soon, (past 3 hours last time, most of them looking for a fortress....)
    That's why, actually, when i start a new game, i give only one thing to myself : 2 blaze rod.

    One thing that can be done for crossover receipe :

    - Do the receipes anyway.
    - Put a config part :
    "Crossover settings :"
    "(Do not enable theese receipes until mod author officialy aggreed so)
    "AnotherMod_crossover_receipes_enabled=false"... and son on

    Then you tell people to ask the agreement before using this receipes.