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    Or you could try finding what mod your using that has taken block 188 and change its number instead...
    Suggest - take out this mod. Run minecraft and, using something like NEI or ToManyItems, try and find the block 188.
    Then you can change the ID in the .minecraft/config folder. Exit minecraft - readd this mod and see if it works or crashes out again?

    Thanks for all the suggestions and assistance, i think ill try this, from what i can see its Xie's mod that is using this ID for modified crops, one other question though, if there are further conflicts would this be in the error report? or when i change this and there is another conflict will that only show then ? and i would need to knock this off the list one by one ? sry for these questions which probably seem fairly noobish but this is the first time Ive had to do this . :)

    Alright. So you look inside your '.minecraft/config' folder for a Advanced Machines config file (Can't get the actual name as it's not updated), and open that file with the Windows Wordpad program, inside should be a line like 'blockAdvancedMachines' followed by an equal sign, change the number there to some other ID that's not taken.

    I don't have any links, but I hope this helps.

    This is perfect thankyou, exactly what i need to do in a nutshell, THANK YOU :)

    The file is empty :( there is nothing to edit :( im at a loss, i dont know what im doing wrong

    I found the problem but dont know how to change my ID's , newb at this, if anyone has a link to some help on chaning ID's id appreciate it :)