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    Look at your Logfile. Use Ctrl+F to search for "!!!" then you will probably find OreDictionary-Entries of Portalgun, which you could tell me to "fix" his OreDict-Name.

    not sure which log you mean...
    in fml log (ForgeModLoader-client-0) i can't find any "!!!", but I did some manual searching and found some lines that might help?

    2012-12-30 13:51:20 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] [ItemTracker] Adding item portalgun.common.item.ItemEnderDust(13466) owned by PortalGun
    2012-12-30 13:51:20 [INFO] [PortalGun] [1.4.6v2] Added macerator recipe for ender pearl dust.

    Strangely enough, in that fml log gregtech related stuff comes after portalgun...
    also I found following in the gregtech.log (where it lists all registered dictionary ores?) - only extracted everything with "ender" and "dust", don't wanna post 2k lines here


    I'd assume that the portal enderpearl dust does not use the ore dict? or am I totally wrong?

    is it possible to disable the portalgun-mod enderpearl-dust recipe(without breaking the portalgun-mod)? (new idea for forge? the "dust-dictionary"?) it overwrites the gregtech one, which makes uu-production annoying (i use enderpearl dust as scrap material, and for now i have to macerate and centrifugate ender EYEs)

    well, to kinda "bump" this thread, i got another idea how this could be realised, probably way easier to implement, but a little less userfriendly i guess:
    when using an unused frequency transmitter on a unlinked teleporter, the teleporter gets an unique ID, which is saved in the transmitter, as well as the last known position. when linking the second teleporter, those data get saved in the second teleporter (duh). and each time you use this teleporter, it will first check if the target teleporter is still at the last known coords (saving same cpu power), else it has to search for the teleporter with the matching ID... ID could be saved as meta-data ("damage value") i guess

    it's Portable Holes as it moves to unknown place. Where would you be teleported to?

    and again: i dont have any clue how it works, but i guess you couldn't teleport to an portalgunned teleporter or one that is moving in the same moment by frames, as these get converted into some kind of dummy block (at least that how i would have solved it), which contain all block data, but ain't the block itself... and for thaumcraft i guess the hole temporarely removes them while having them stored (im form of data and not as a block somewhere)

    TE objects in current implementation can be moved only with black magic, this have side effects if object bound to its location and have no code to handle position change.

    And thats exactly why i was suggesting that such "anti-black-magic"-code should be implemented to prevent the teleporter being harmed by foul magic... or frames... or stuff like that... :P

    There are some mods that can move blocks (also TEs): RedPower (Frames), ZeppelinMod (Makes whole structures an flying Entity), PortalMod (PortalGun can move blocks)
    Probably even some more

    well, i put it into suggestion, because i am not just saying "doesn't work", but i also give a "suggestion" how the teleporter could be (imho) improved to match my needs
    if i had written "teleporter + frames do not work, plx helps me", it would have gone to support ;)

    As i am not familiar with all the code of the teleporter, i have no idea how much work this would be, but here is my "problem":

    i have a flying mining machine, 6-way-frame-engine, some IC2-miners and MV-Solarpanels from CompactSolars Addon.
    Now i want to have a small teleport-system between my base and my miner, so i can teleport both ways.
    From my miner to my base works perfect, now that 1.97 fixed that broken EnergyNet-thingy...
    But i can't teleport from my Base to my miner, if it was moved after linking the teleporters (yes, i did connect them in both ways, works perfect before moving with frames).

    my understanding of the teleporters is, as soon as they are connected, they know the coordinates of their counterpart and check if it is still there when you try to teleport.
    I could imagine the Teleporters to work similiar to the TeleportPipes from Buildcraft, or Wireless Redstone with an ID-system.
    You put both Teleporters down, open the gui and set them to the same frequency. maybe an option if it is a "send-only" or a "arrive-only" teleporter (i could think of some uses for that).
    I am not sure if it should be like teleport pipes where every player has his own 10k IDs or like wireless Redstone where all 10k frequencies are shared among all players (smp)... would it be possible to make this an option in the server cfg?

    well.. the whole rework would be the sugar on top, but i'd really love to have teleporters still work after the arrival station has been moved by frames