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    Eh, I just do whatever the hell I want on my worlds. Usually start with a 32x solar flower that feeds into a batbox, then MFE then MFSU. The time I spend screwn' around building stuff fills these up nicely so it powers my workshop (typically 2x Rotary Macerators, 2x IFs, Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, 2x Recyclers, T3 Charging Bench, and a Canning Machine). Then the stack of copper blocks that always finds it's way into my resources chest turns into a Mark-I Nuclear Reactor that feeds into Teleporters/Mass Fabs. Then comes experimentation with new things and the usual endgame derping.

    Whether or not wind-gens are less resource costly doesn't matter to me. If you end up with more resources than me in a shorter time, good for you; but I don't think an argument should be caused over that. If I don't want to use wind-gens for personal reasons I won't. But I certainly won't try to convince others that my reasons should be accepted and they should see everything like I do, that just causes trouble.

    I like solars, always have, always will. The nerf wasn't really a nerf, just an undo of a buff that wasn't needed in the first place.

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    Well I bet eventually Eloraam will put that in but currently there is no way to get rubber in least I think so, can't find anything related to it in her blog. The blue alloy wire recipe on the recipe page hasn't been changed.

    On a side note, would rubber work in the same way in forge as ores? Like using silver in glass fiber cabling, would it be possible(if Eloraam implemented it) to use rubber from IC2 in the blue alloy wire?

    The reason the sounds are so loud is because they don't integrate correctly with the minecraft volume slider. I hate to admit it, but even I have them turned off at the minute for SMP and I miss them terribly. :(


    The sound guy not listening to his sounds?! Blasphemy!!!!

    But yes the sounds have annoyed me to that point as well.

    I don't see what Intel could possibly release that beats their newest lineup. The 2700K is an amazing processor within its own right and damn cheap for its performance. 2500K Is hands down the best budget chip out there. And the new 990X hexa-core just kicks so much ass.

    Moral of this story?
    Don't argue with the moderator/creator of what your discussing. 99 times out of 100 you will always lose.

    On a side note...wish my programming class would actually teach programming....would love to be able to say something intelligent in this conversation, but at the moment I am basically Java ignorant or the youtube vids have taught me enough and if I took the time to look at the code I'd at least be able to understand it. I think the latter....and now I know what I'm doing for the next hour or so.

    Oho, never thought I'd have my own quote clipped to be used against me. Ya I'll admit, the 5.4.6v for 1.8.1 of EE is completely and utterly broken(IDK if xeno is changing more in 5.x.x in 1.0.0). 24 pumpkins for a diamond is insanely cheap and way too easy. But I think EE overall adds a level of extra fun and absurdity that IC or BC or RP cannot deliver. Maybe it's just the fact that I've been using those three for so long I needed a break, and that's where the Destruction Catalyst comes in. Ill probably go back to my old set-up after the luster of being awesome for having DM stuff wears off(Which probably will be quick).

    So yes I get your point about EE being broken, I'll say it is too, but it is one of the funnest mods I've played. I forget who said on this forum, "EE is about having fun, not about balance." With that, once the fun wears off, the balance issues prompt an immediate uninstall.

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    Well again my definition of Flame War is much more lax than most might have. But please don't say "challenge someones beliefs"....I get enough of that from my AP Comp teacher. (I agree but it's the weekend, my brain doesn't like to remember school on the weekend :D )

    I've yet to see an actual /Flame war/ on here. Then again maybe having seen them on nntp (usenet) and other more drama prone messageboards my standards might be a bit high.

    My standards for a flamewar:
    * Both sides attack the other user
    * Optional: At least one side ignores the argument (this is more of a warning flag)

    Hum... US politics is a flamewar.


    But yeah I guess my definition is a little more lax than yours. To me a flame war is simply two sides arguing while throwing random insults(which by my definition may actually be less than anyone elses). But like everything on the net, there are tiers(no pun intended), and flame wars are no different. Guess I'm too used to 4chan flame wars....those can get ugly... :(

    Am I the only one that understands HeadHunter here? Yes he made a slight slip in the beginning but then he corrected himself and you guys are still badgering him. The main fact is that, like HeadHunter said, there was a nerf then a buff on wind. So he measured in HV, that doesn't really matter.

    Why do I get the feeling I'm going to get flamed for this...

    Well, just did some testing with a few addons. Seems any addon that requires being charged does not work. Nor does charging bench work. ADV Machines still works fine though.