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    Whats the problem?
    The normal mode on the mining laser is only slightly less powerful than the one in IC. If I remember correctly, the IC one went 8 blocks in smoothstone.
    IC2's laser in normal mode goes about six, there is a slight power decrease but I don't see why a buff is needed. Just turn it on long-range, yes it only has 8 shots, but for a 2x1x1 tunnel it'll go through ~108 blocks of smoothstone. Plus if any dirt is thrown in the lasers way it'll just go farther.
    Actually, just did some quick math; the normal mode can almost chew through 200 blocks from a full charge. So again I don't see the problem.

    Mojang knows that the login server has been borked, it happens to me (can't log in). What I would do, is trying logging in over and over again (works after two or three tries), or redownload the client from the minecraft site.

    Ah but thats just it. I have tried logging in for over an hour, nothing. Downloaded a new version, the new launcher wont connect either. I've done everything possible to fix it if it was just a momentary login bug, but it isn't. Apparently I screwed up somewhere and messed with minecraft.

    Title shows my expression after MC just crashed....

    But before that a backstory. For the past two weeks my launcher has been unable to connect to That being so, I cant even download a new version of the game. Didn't faze me that much, but then today mincraft crashes and rendered the files corrupted. So know I have a corrupted minecraft and no way to obtain a fresh copy.....

    I was speechless...I wouldn't really call it a rage quit...more of a disbelief quit (if you can even call it quitting). Rage hasn't come yet but I'm sure it will. So here's to weeks of no minecraft (and more importantly IC, I was just starting my nuclear reactor ;( ) until I figure out what the HELL I did wrong.

    Well RP2 already destroys recipe book mods...I need three, and even then I find myself flipping through hundreds of pages of panels and cubes to get to BC EE or IC.

    But I wonder if just plain RP2 compatibility would be easier. Since (at least I'm pretty sure) the wires in IC2 match the size of the piping in RP2 and even BC. they should be able to fit through the windowed panels.

    All I want is to be able to hide my cabling behind stone panels. Other than that, once the ore problem is fixed to where I only have 64 blocks of ONE type of copper (I can never find enough tin though....always pisses me off) in my chest I'll be perfectly fine ....maybe a way to compress stone into marble but lets leave out the details :D

    This time instead of just saying it won't be implemented, I'm gonna suggest ideas to hopefully make it so it will.
    Adding a new ore is basically just a no so I wont talk about that. Onto the Uranium part. For the sake of simplicity, ignore the centrifuge, a new machine with only one function is pointless. Assume all current Uranium is U-238, regardless of occurrence IRL. Upon mining you get a U-238 piece. Either put that into the furnace or macerator, the furnace giving a U-238 piece, macerator giving U-235 dust. The U-238 ingot can be put above a cell and given a U-238 cell, which is useless on its own or gives very little EU when put in a reactor. But if you smelt the U-235 dust you get a ingot which then goes into a cell is made. This U-235 cell is equivalent to the current Uranium in IC2, but if placed around the U-238 cell from earlier in a breeder, it turns the previously useless U-238 into Plutonium. Plutonium is 1.5x (can be changed, just off the top of my head) more efficient than U-235. But as a trade off it also generates 1.5x more heat.

    Fallout blocks have already been denied so no.
    How about you just get more nukes for making it out of better ingots. Plutonium is only going to be in a cell, so no to that. But maybe 3 if made with a U-235 ingot and only 1 with U-238 piece or ingot.
    Thermonukes, while cool, just no. Nukes already crash servers and destroy huge amounts of everything, so again just no.
    And it's easier to just have nukes and reactors blow up at the same strength, keeps people scared.
    The RTG, THIS is more of addon material. Not the entire suggestion.

    I don't see a problem with having a second output slot, only being able to macerate half a stack per machine is a little annoying. Plus I constantly find myself waiting for my macerators to finish. So a faster macerator that works like the if and lets me macerate an entire stack at a time is something I would greatly welcome. But making it so it produces more dust at higher percentages makes it op imo.