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    In my original idea the laser didn't change at all, no other special modes or anything. Just a proposed upgrade to the crystal in the laser so you can get more shots off without needing to return to charge that often. Adding more modes onto all the new ones the wiki says there will be is just impractical.

    Like I said, whether or not it charges instantly does not really matter. If recharging it instantly causes it to be op then make it over time. And if there is a problem with the MFS unit charging it, make the crystal recharger recharge the entire 1 million EU the lapotron crystal can store very slowly. It doesn't bother me all that much. The suggestion is really open for changing to make it easier to implement where necessary.

    EDIT: That makes the entire idea a lot better. Being able to switch crystals whenever you want is a great idea.

    Name: Upgraded Mining Laser or Mining Laser+

    Description: I was thinking of being able to upgrade the Mining Laser with a lapotron crystal. It would have double the current energy capacity of the Mining Laser. But in keeping with the lapotron crystal properties, the upgraded laser could only be recharged in a MSF unit. Whether it's recharged instantly or over time doesn't really matter all that much. And for the sprite it could just be a blue laser instead of red.

    Recipe: Where o=Lapotron Crystal and /=Mining Laser

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