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    Yup, that sounds like the mystery NEI bug...

    Does it only happen when you look up the recipe of a item in NEI first?


    For example, I can use any planks to make crafting table, but if I check crafting possibilities, seems that oredict is purged and only one type of plank can be used. It is not just a graphic glitch, recipes are not working.

    But it is clearly related with IC2, because problem persist only if oredict are called in ic2 recipes, once removed, everything is OK.

    Removing registrations is rather hard, and IC2 certainly doesn't do that itself. It could be the mystery NEI bug that forces ore dict recipes to only take one type?

    Some sort of it - only one randomly chosen item belong to the oredict.

    More details, how to reproduce this bug:

    I have TerraFirmaCraft mod, which provide terrafirmacraft:item.SinglePlank.* items registered as woodLumber.

    I used woodLumber in my custom config/ic2/shaped_recipes.ini and seems that is is a cause, because when I removed it or replaced by item, everything works fine - everything related with woodLumber, because plankWood items are still messed up (vanilla planks are untouched, but other were removed from oredict recipes).

    Seems, that IC2 is messing with ore dictionary - if loaded, it removes randomly dictionary registration of other mods.

    I had this issue with industrialcraft-2-2.2.828-experimental.jar for 1.7.10, anyone can confirm?

    Also I would like to remove blower, tunneling shield, redstone signal switch box and collectors in next version. This will reduce size of a mod and amount of code I need to maintain. If someone need them speak now.

    Tunneling shield can be replaced by, for example, railcraft bore machine. But I don't know any equivalent of collectors (not counting drones from some computers mod, but they are surface ones AFAIK).

    Thank you, resin sack and iron workbench are working now perfectly.

    BTW, it is hard to figure proper lathe configuration. I spend some time before found that this setup works:

    (power and motor requirement make this searching worse).
    I suggest to add lathe information to wiki.

    What is extruding mold for? It is working or just unfinished part?

    I see now - I have no vanilla dirt im my world. When placed by cheats, it is working.
    Any chance to check oredict blockDirt instead? I changed treetap recipe to more expensive and without sap I must change it back to the wooden thing.

    It's not intended. I just have no space in output slot to place them. Although I could add them to player inventory even without showing them in output slot.

    Well, it makes sense to pop it into inventory, because regular ironworkbench output also behave like this.

    Another tack: are these resin sacks working properly? I attached them to the rubber tree, but they appear to be empty even after long wait.

    Now you can add casting recipe for any fluid and any item if they are registered before IHL FMLPostInitializationEvent and they will be in NEI.

    Wow, great, I have already molten metals but named in form of liquidmetal, not moltenMetal, injectionmold saves me from adding unecessary duplicates, thank you.
    Checked for titanium and brass nozzle, works.


    Iron workbench? Normal workbench? I don't get it, both of them does not support fluidstack input and never had. Iron workbench is not even a fluidtank.

    My fault, I didn't knew that it is not possible to use fluidstack for workbench, and I just realised, that I can use fluidcontainer instead.
    Too bad, that these buckets are vanishing after use, is it intended?

    Can you add "customitems:nozzlesteel" to ore dictionary using custom mod? If you can't I could provide necessary API for you in IHL.

    I can add it to ore dictionary using minetweaker, but I see no effects (still no recipe visible).
    Probably because ihl is registering recipes before mt alterations.
    customitems have no oredict options :(

    EDIT: I found another bug: fluidstack stopped worked (at least for workbench, didnt check other devices).
    The problem occur for liquids, which are only supported by universal fluid cells (there is no problem with IC2 cells) - these liquids are ignored (there is no entry in NEI recipe).

    EDIT2: Nozzle casting is working! It is just not visible in NEI, but I poured molten steel and got it.

    If any item is registered in ore dictionary or item registry with name "prefixSuffix", where "prefix" - name of part (presented in this list) and "Suffix" is a name of metal - it is possible to made it by casting.

    I have customitems:nozzlesteel, but casting is not working.
    Are those names case-sensitive?
    Unfortunately customitems mod force low-case names :(

    Thanks again for support.

    Multiple stack output works now perfectly (and very useful for multiblock structures, I can now ballance recipes for railcraft ovens and got exact number of blocks needed).

    Prior to .606 version, I found issue with ToolOredict - it is not working properly if added in ihl-recipe.cfg - there is fire instead:

    Before this version, there was also something wrong, if oredict was defined for tools which were not natively defined, for example <ore:craftingToolBore>.add(<ihl:item.ihlTool:9>);
    oredict(craftingToolBore,1) was showing dark damage bar, whereas tools such tooloredict(craftingToolKnife,1) was displayed correctly.
    Now the latter is shown as fire.

    PS. may I ask for adding 'nozzle' as possible crafting by sand mold casting, if it is not messy for the code?

    I noticed, that stack size >1 for recipeoutput of workbench is broken.
    Situation is similar to previously described with oredict.
    If recipeoutput stacksize is greather than 1, still one item is shown in receipt, but none item appears in real workbench when all ingredients/tools are ready.

    mczapkie additional !=null check will probably fix all related bugs.

    Unfortunately, these crashes still occurs. I checked it with fresh world, with only IC2, IHL, NEI and NEI integration mod, with all oroginal config.
    How to reproduce this: in neiintegration.cfg set B:"Ore Dictionary"=true
    and rright click on any IHL tool which have oredict assigned, scrolling NEI pages to oredict page would cause immediately crash.

    Can you post the exact line you added to the blast furnace config file?

    Line was exactly like above, but I now made some test with vanilla items, for example replaced refined iron with gold:

    minecraft:iron_ingot = minecraft:gold_ingot

    and same result - there is refined ingot and slag instead of gold ingot.
    I tried also

    minecraft:iron_ingot = minecraft:gold_ingot  IC2:itemSlag

    and still refined ingot is produced, despite of what is defined in blast_furnace.ini and shown in NEI.