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    discussion on my private server:

    me: why did you craft coolant cells? are you using ic2 now?
    friend: no i found them in your factory castle
    me: and why did you take them?
    friend: you told me that IC can generate ice but it didnt work..
    me: nono you need a compressor for that
    friend: by the way, i took that from a nuclear thing. but no worries there were no uranium cells in there
    me: SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT that thing gets refilled by RP after cooldown!
    friend: oh? and what happens now?
    me: i guess it already happened

    for luminators that would be great... i really dont use them because copper cables eat so much EU when you try to light up a large complex...
    only effecient way to do it now is to generate the power via windgen/watergen and then distribute it in tincables... but i dont want to build generators only to light up my base when i have gregs lighting and redpower as nice alternatives

    a thaumcraftlike researchsystem is only annoying when you play again...
    but i'd like something like this:

    for high-end technology you need to do research a single time (different ones for different things)
    like "find the right mixture of materials to make ITNT or the Nuke" and when you fail there is a chance of blowing things up
    but when you did the right combination the normal recipe gets unlocked (and you already know the mixture for the next time)
    i'd implement that with a single block where you do the research...
    another way would be to build a large structure first and then activate your research block nearby (so it wouldnt have to check every few ticks if the structure is correctly built) some examples could be a large interferometer to unlock laser technology, a big centrifuge where you refine uranium for the first time before you can do it in a compressor (chances of radiation poisoning and even worse if you do mistakes) and maybe a Hadron Collider to unlock UUM and Teleporters

    that would be more like the typical minecraft "before i can get to the nether i have to make a diamond pickaxe"

    but i doubt that this might get added... it would need a rewrite to be built in nicely

    First of all i dont suggest any bg new content here. Only changings of existing stuff and/or addition of some smaller things...

    The Problems I See With The Nuclear Reactor:
    with the rework of the reactor many components came, and many ways to setup your reactor were obsolete...

    1) A few design are way better than others (see later points)

    2) Cooling Cells are really useless... they merely store heat. Why use them when you can add another Overclocked Vent instead
    (yes i know some experiment with reactors that heat up cells and a second reactor cools them down, but those are always way more expensive for the same EU)

    3) Therefore no Long term cooling reactors... i loved my Mark II that ran for one cycle and then cooled down for 90mins...

    4) LZH is not as good as old CASUC (only my opinion)

    5) Outside Cooling looked pretty good imho

    6) Some components are just too expensive for their effects... why pay diamonds when i can add more overclocked vents?

    yes the rework did some nice things... like the heating cell for breeders... but all in all there are way less ways to build your reactor now

    My Suggestions To Solve This (post your own if you like):

    Usable Cooling Cells. They store a little more heat and when they reach high heat levels they slowly lose some heat to the atmosphere (can be more expensive to prevent people from just melting them if needed)

    Options it Adds:
    You can either build a reactor that runs a long time and then needs a long time to cool down or build one that can run 24/7 but always at high heatlevels

    Direct Water Cooling. Add the item "Water Vent" (let the marketing section choose the name i'm just the engineer). It works like LZH, and maybe replaces it. It will also replace the config option to output RC Steam (therefore they will only work when railcraft is installed). It will not recharge but rather consume water it finds anywhere (near reactor, or via pipe/tube) whenever it removes heat and also output steam/reduce EU. They wont work when the steam cant go anywhere.

    Options it Adds:
    Reactors will look a bit better with this i think, also more realistic than LZH i guess. Adds a CASUC option with a little malus: when you cant put your steam anywhere the reactor will eventually overheat (and output EU instead).

    Suggestion: (The one that is the easiest to add)
    Make overclocked vents more expensive and/or less powerfull and vice versa with advanced vents
    same for component heat exchanger and advaned heat exchanger

    Options it Adds:
    2 Options to choose from instead of one

    Thank you for reading


    i am currently not using this addon on my server because there might be an issue with any BC/IC² crossover mods
    when you dublicate Oil and Refine it afterwards you get 600kMJ minus some refining cost. When i burn the oil for EU in a crossover mod i get tons of energy
    depending on wich addon you use...
    if you use the petrochemikal generator you get only 256kEU but some mods have a ratio of 2MJ=5EU
    and a UUM costs between 1000kEU and 125kEU+scrap -> infinite Energy

    does anyone know how much railcraft steam the reactor produces when the config is set to do so?
    i want to know this before i set my server up because changing the config while it runs will be pretty annoying for the clients...
    and does the eu ratio config for reactors work on this?
    how about water? boilers need water for steam, reactors too?

    i like the idea of having steam that you can use in a way you like to generate either EU or MJ but i dont want to completely nerf the reactor

    i like the idea!

    you could make it work both ways
    a suggestion how to build it (without the outter walls)
    Layer: 1
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    Layer: 2
    :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore:
    :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore: :Geothermal Generator: (or this one in the toplayer)
    :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore: :Copper Ore:
    Layer: 3
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    layer: 4
    :Induction Furnace: :Fuel: :Induction Furnace:
    :Fuel: :Fuel: :Fuel: :Mining Pipe
    :Induction Furnace: :Fuel: :Induction Furnace:
    layer: 5
    :Cable: :Intergrated Plating: :Cable:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Cable: :Intergrated Plating: :Cable:

    :Intergrated Plating: : Heat resistant wall
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: : Heat conducting layer
    :Copper Ore: : Stone/Lava
    :Geothermal Generator: : Stone Input, Lava Output
    :Induction Furnace:
    : IC² Compressor or Electric Furnance (to ignite the Fuel, Furnance
    needs more energy for starting but the same for running longer times without cooling down)
    :Fuel: : Fuel
    :Mining Pipe : Fuel Input Vent
    :Cable: : Electricity Input for Ignition

    you could make the side walls transparent like railcrafts irontank

    would be ok as a part of transformers addon
    but i'd prefer a standalone mod

    i'd suggest that wind generator work better in ocean biomes
    offshore windfarms would look pretty nice and it makes sense imho

    i like the idea that you have to plan in bioms when building your powersource

    all in all a pretty nice mod... gonna download it when its 1.106 compatible
    (if you're still maintaining it)

    + on more complicated non-casuc-reactors (more fun/tinkering)
    - on way worse looking reactors... i will still cover mine in water

    and i guess casuc is not dead... it just changed and got more balanced
    condensors can be tubed in and out with redpower and be refilled (i didn't test how to refill them now... i just downloaded it)
    also (as i suggested some month ago) you still can let cooling cells die and replace them to turn your tin into energy... or did their recipe change?

    "I just thought that this is the place that
    people would see it the most."
    yes and no...
    yes people will see it but noone will give permission for his addon (never underestimate the hate against posts on the wrong board, specially for something you have to read for 10min before understanding what its about)

    and i think this way is also very ineffective... you get lots of permissions to addons you neither need nor like... and some very popular/usefull addons wont be on your list... and lets all be honest breeder reactors are way too much work withour nuclear control and i guess most people use at least one kind of BC/IC crossover when they use BC

    so in the end you'll have to ask the modders anyways

    this way sounds a bit cheap... not "ok guys what do we need for a good modpack"
    more like "ok what can we get with very little efford"

    i am generally ok with that but i think you would be somehow missplaced there... we all work together instead of everyone building his own base, the others have some problems with the english language and we use a very custom set of mods (a very unstable beta version of Mo'Creatures SMP for example)
    also the server isn't that fast... 1Gb RAM 4x2,2GHz and not online 24/7

    Why not use this and constantly try to pump cells into the reactor ? It would produce less heat and thus, need less coolant cells.

    my design was just an easy and cheap variant
    permanently pumping coolants is possible too but i always have the feeling that it slows down my server a bit (i host my own with some friends)

    removing the coolants is a nice idea, should try that out... the problem might be that they cool very slow and you need a lot of expensive reactor space..
    one wave of coolants ever few minutes and they need a full reactor cycle too cool down (plus a bit when you use a watercooled reactor with heat dispenser what would raise the cost even more)
    i think it would take months to bring in the cost of these cooldown reactors with the saved tin

    i think the best way could be a mixture... both cooling cells down in a second reactor but everything that doesnt fit in it anymore dies

    I haven't seen anyone with this idea on this forum so i show you my tin-eating reactor (because i heard some waste it in geothermals or coal-fuel)
    Coolant Cells are WAY cheaper than using Ice for cooling considering that they can take 10.000 Heat before melting (except that you need Tin).
    with this basic,save,easy-design you can make 84 Mio EU with one stack of Tin with Uran effectivity 3.0 (edit: pardon i meant 2 stacks of tin, still half a million per piece)


    A Pump fills the Cells with water and BC/RP bring them into an Extractor (use some overclocker upgrades to make sure it produces the 14(or another amount when you change the reactor)
    needed coolant cells in 5 min)
    let a transposer pull them into a chest (they dont stack so they have to be stored anywhere else than the extractor)
    VERY IMPORTANT: to reduce heat leaking into the hull when all the cells break in the same moment you should put the last transposer on high frequency and short(no) tube (or even use more than one)
    (will maybe send a screenshot later)

    safety suggestion
    : (because some heat WILL leak)
    when you leave this thing alone make sure theres enough tin (or empty cells) for a full cycle
    put some ice in the reactor as a buffer
    water around the reactor helps to compensate the heat that gets into the reactor when refilling it
    you could make a redstone timer that turns the reactor off when the cells are burnt until it is refilled
    use thermal monitor addon

    the reactor i use kills all the coolants all together, other designs could make them die one after the other to reduce heat leaks (but stopping the reactor while refilling will be very difficult)
    higher effektivity is possible but will reduce the EU per Tin (just make sure every uranium still has at least one coolant cell)
    higher EU per Tin is reached when the Uranium is surrounded by more Coolants

    hope you like the idea, and if you do so show my your setups

    I love the variety of tools that IC² already offers (and i would hate it if their would be a multi tool to replace them all, i just like it to plan wich stuff i will need for my next trip etc.)
    I got some Ideas how to even improve this variety in different directions

    Yes IC² already has some good weapons with Nano Saber and Mining Laser but how about a ranged (AoE) weapon that doesnt leave giant holes in the ground?
    Also I'd like to see some more uses for Fuel, imho generators work the best with sugarcane farms and i prefer E-Jetpack over the regular one...
    Recipe could be:
    Refined Iron, Refined Iron, Empty
    Fuel Can, Flint n' Steel , Mining Pipe
    Refined Iron, Circuit, Empty

    (just a suggestion... the circuit basically stands for any mechanism to open the can and trigger the Fn'S

    If you hold Rightclick it places Fire everywhere on the ground where you are pointing (to kill mobs and "clean" jungles)


    Don't know how hard this would be to code but i heard someone already had this in his mod (but removed it don't know if too buggy or what)
    It just makes everything appear a bit brighter so you can look into your mobgrinder without placing torches or orientate in a cave (or just see if an area is safe before running into it to place some light)

    option for recipe:
    Luminator, Helm*, Advanced Circuit
    Lapis Dye, Glass Pane, Normal Circuit
    Rose Red Dye, Empty, Empty

    Luminator and Dyes create Infrared Light, the Circuits and Glass are the Camera (if you are like WTF O.o just google how nightvision goggles work)
    *In my opinion the Helm should be Nano Helmet and keep the Protective Factor of that, the nightvision is toggable and drains some energy


    Replaces the Vanilla Map and Compass and Improves them in a Industrial way!
    Rightclicking +holding M changes its Mode, it has:
    Remember mode: Click it on a Surface and it Remembers its coordinates
    Map mode: using it shows a GUI with your Position and the remembered on the Vanilla Map interface
    Compass mode: Shows you the direction to the North
    Memory Compass mode: Shows you the direction to the saved location
    Measure distance mode: Displays the distane between you and the saved location (as absolute(rounded) and the difference in each XYZ direction)

    recipe suggestion:
    Frequency Transmitter, Advanced Circuit, Compass, Dynamite Remote:
    Electric Circuit, Glass Pane, Electic Circuit
    RE Battery, Empty, RE Battery

    (holds 20,000 EU and uses a bit everytime you use it)

    I also think that the Quantum Suit is a bit Overpowered in SMP-PVP (specially when someone is raiding your base and you don't know where his is)
    But just making a weapon that is even stronger would just "take the problem and push it somewhere else" ~patrick
    so i proudly present the

    PDDT (Personal Defense Discharging Tool):

    To make it more effective in your own base you can Instantly Recharge it when rightclicking an MFSU (but well when you found the Energy storage of someone you can use it offensive as well

    but what does it do? it makes thinks lose their energy very quickly (on leftclick attack). A full Quantum suit still needs more than just a few hits until completely discharged
    but because it drains the energy so fast it also causes damage to the wearer (so the chestpiece will be empty a bit earlier)

    maybe it could also discharge the object that the victim is holding in hands or storage blocks (and fry the cables around it?)

    Copper, Empty, Copper
    A. Circuit, Lapotron, A. Circuit
    Empty, Carpon Plate, Advanced Alloy

    (looks like a Taser with a protective plate for the hand)

    due to the enormous power needed to force a advanced technology like the quantum suit or an MFSU to discharge itself it can only be used once with a full charge
    (it only holds 200.000 because parts of the Lapotron Crystal are being used for the Discharging, so it can strike twice with a Lappack)

    Please Ignore all the spelling errors (specially with capitalization) i'm a native german speaker and can't even spell in my own language properly (and noone uses punctuation on the internet when it's not necessary

    So and now tell me pls how often everything has been denied already and how it wouldn't match into the idea of IC² (yes i mean you GregoriusT)

    also the ideas are not relying on each other... if you like one but think the others suck just ignore them (although constructive criticism is allowed)

    Thanks for reading!
    your Luckbot