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    Hello :)

    sorry took a little while, but now we have tested it with 3 different players and all 3 characters got stuck in the teleporter even if another character stood next to the teleporter destination.

    Edit to make it even more weird: I placed another teleporter like 12 blocks away from the destination point (based on the chunk loader mod it's even the same chunk) and voilà teleportation worked fine. Now I destroyed that new teleporter, but then placed a newer teleporter at the same location like the last new one and it doesn't work anymore...

    Is there any requirement (in whatever weird way someone could think of) when placing a teleporter or when using the Transmitter to set up the connection or anything?

    What's up everyone =)

    so even after doing some research, I still have the problem that I always get stuck inside the teleporter when I'm using it. The character is stuck in the teleporter, but always bounces up and down like the camera does and the only way to free myself from it, is to use double jump in op mode to make my character fly.

    By now I ended up clearing all blocks around and above the teleporter, because I was hoping I maybe get pushed to the side, but nothing. I also ended up using a chunk loader (check modlist below) around both teleporters I'm using and even tho it seems the chuck loading works fine, I still get stuck in the teleporter. After installing that chunk loader mod, I also noticed another chuck loader as a power tier 1 machine of industrial craft which I've never seen before and can't find any ic wiki information about, but even getting this machine to work didn't fix the issue.

    Right now I'm a bit clueless so I thought it couldn't be too bad asking in the official forums about help and I would be glad if someone can help a little.

    == Used Mods (minecraft 1.12.2) ==

    Forge 1.12.2 (latest)

    Industrial Craft 2 - - ex112

    CodeChickenLib 1.12.2 required for: ChickenChunks Mod 1.12.2 (the chunk loader mod)

    Guide API 1.12.2 - 1.8-63 + RedstoneFlux 1.12.2 - 1.0.6 both required for MFFS 1.12.2 -

    Worldedit Forge 1.12.2 - 6.1.10


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    Servus :)

    What I'm trying to do, is putting some Uranium Ore into a Macerator to produces Crushed Uranium Ore which then should be automatically ejected into the Ore Washing Plant (works fine). After washing, the Purified Uranium Ore should be automatically ejected into the Thermal Centrifuge and the Stone Dust + Tiny Pile of Lead Dust should be ejected into a chest for later use. The problem here is, that no matter how I try it, I can't get the Ore Washing Plant to eject anything. I tried it with an eject and advanced eject upgrade. I tried a pulling upgrade for the Centrifuge and since I'm using buildcraft I also tried to use extraction pipes, normal pipes and what-not pipes, tho nothing seems to work.

    If I would be good enough to get this too work, I also tried that the Centrifuge (when done) should eject both uranium items into a chest but this didn't work either. So far I tried my a*s off to get it to work, but somehow it wont so it would be really cool if someone could helm me with that :)

    Using Minecraft 1.12.2 with the latest Forge and IC2 + the latest Buildcraft.



    Ahh look at this little thing... I was wondering anyway, why I saw the Iron Turning Blank in different shapes, so my first thought was that I have to bend/cut/whatever it somehow, but I didn't know how :D
    About NEI, yes I tried to install it indeed, tho my Minecraft crashed all the time so I searched for other options. Anyway this one here is solved and thanks a lot!! :thumbsup:

    - FlizzyDuck

    Hello everyone,

    I just have a little problem with crafting the :Mining Laser: and so far I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I checked out the Industrial Craft wiki and I found 3 recipes in total. The first one was used to have 1 Redstone + 2 Energy Crystals + 4 Advanced Alloys + 1 Advanced Circuit but I found out this was an old one. The second recipe was from the changelog section under 2.? Experimental which was like 2 Redstone + 1 Energy Crystal + 4 Advanced Alloys + 1 Advanced circuit, still did not work. The 3rd recipe looks similar, just replaces 1 Advanced Alloy with an Iron Turning Blank, but still didn't work for me.

    I downloaded the mod "CraftGuide" to read out the recipe, because I thought one of my other mods changed something, but this mod gave me the recipe with the Iron Turning Black (Tho the icon of it looked a bit different (So I searched for an item which looks like the icon, but with no success)). All in all with no success I wanted to ask everyone here, if you guys might have an idea what's going on.

    === Minecraft 1.7.10 used with these mods ===
    - Minecraft Forge
    - Industrial Craft2 2.2.722
    bspkrsCore 6.15
    Treecapitator 2.0.4
    Advanced Machines 59.0.2
    BigReactors 0.4.3A
    Buildcraft 6.4.15
    CoFHCore 3.0.2-262
    CompuerCraft 1.73
    Dimensional Anchor 59.0.2
    EquivalentExchange3 0.3.505
    ImmibisCore 59.1.1
    Immibis Microblock 59.1.0
    Tubestuff 59.0.3

    Every mod is the latest one for Mincraft 1.7.10 I found

    - FlizzyDuck

    There is no more refined iron. Several recipes and other things have changed since experimental versions. If you properly install NEI you will see the new recipes.

    This explains a lot of things doesn't it... I didn't play Ic² for a very long time so I used the "Tutorial: First Steps" from the wiki.. seems to be it totally outdated then.
    I never liked NEI or TMI or however they call it now, I'll do some research by my own - thanks for help tho :thumbsup:

    Seems to be I have the same problem. I just can craft the treetap and only can smelt copper ore to chopper. Everything else doesn't work (Can't even smelt iron in the iron furnace into refined iron)

    I play Minecraft on version 1.7.2 with forge version " (latest build)" and my Ic² build is #447. I don't use any other mod and I already tried to reinstall client and local server, nothing helps.