Ore Washing Plant + Thermal Centrifuge Ejection

  • Servus :)

    What I'm trying to do, is putting some Uranium Ore into a Macerator to produces Crushed Uranium Ore which then should be automatically ejected into the Ore Washing Plant (works fine). After washing, the Purified Uranium Ore should be automatically ejected into the Thermal Centrifuge and the Stone Dust + Tiny Pile of Lead Dust should be ejected into a chest for later use. The problem here is, that no matter how I try it, I can't get the Ore Washing Plant to eject anything. I tried it with an eject and advanced eject upgrade. I tried a pulling upgrade for the Centrifuge and since I'm using buildcraft I also tried to use extraction pipes, normal pipes and what-not pipes, tho nothing seems to work.

    If I would be good enough to get this too work, I also tried that the Centrifuge (when done) should eject both uranium items into a chest but this didn't work either. So far I tried my a*s off to get it to work, but somehow it wont so it would be really cool if someone could helm me with that :)

    Using Minecraft 1.12.2 with the latest Forge and IC2 + the latest Buildcraft.



  • Take this setup:

    With the chest behind both machines, it can be ejected into by both. Ejector and Pulling upgrades are tried in order that they are in the upgrade slots, meaning you want an ejection upgrade pointing towards the Thermal Centrifuge first, that will export all the Purified Crushed Uranium Ore, and an ejection upgrade pointed towards the chest second to export everything else. A little like this:

    Now in the Thermal Centrifuge, all you need is an ejection upgrade pointing towards the chest that will export everything it makes into it. The redstone inverter upgrade is optional, it allows it to stay warm without constantly needing an input.

    Obviously the upgrade direction arrows will depend on the orientation of the machines, but the point is so long as you shift right-click them on the side you want to eject out of, this should work fine.

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  • Haha, I didn't even released that you could change the direction of those eject -and pulling upgrades. I should read the wiki more carefully, silly me :)

    Anyway this setup works really fine, thanks a lot mate :)