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    Considering I was just running Crysis on max settings two days ago, and then the geotherm starts lagging me in Minecraft today, it is very laggy (yes, I do know that Java does not run efficiently, still though :P) It seems like the constant on/off part is what makes it so laggy to me.

    As for the charging, I was thinking RE Batteries would at least charge the OV Scanner, since if I understand right RE Batteries charge pretty much everything else like that.

    Well, it's something on your part. Today i used 12 Geothermal generators to fuel up some MFE tests. They was constantly turning on/off, since MFE was constantly close to full capacity. And all that without any serious impact on my avarage rig.

    RE-Batteries are like low-tech thing. They do not recharge mining laser, OV scanner, Electronic Jetpack - that "advanced" equipment. Which seems right to me :)

    Is't it 20 ticks per second? Or you means Reactor "Pulses"? Which are same with all EU "ticks"?
    I mean, in efficency 1 reactor, one Uranium Cell gives 1 Pulse each Tick, producing 5 EU. It produces 1kk EU's, which means it's life is 200k pulses (ticks). Is't that a "Reactor full cycle"?

    You can recharge OD scanner in Batbox, MFE, MFSU. You can recharge OV scanner in MFE, MFSU, not Batbox (advanced tool, afterall).
    OV Scanner getting recharged in Miner? Hm. Strange. Should't it discharge in Miner?
    Geo's works charming for me. What "lagging" exctly in your case?

    This is only the top, it is transformed down again before use in a machine, my problem is that it wont send current into the transformer, should have been more specific xD

    Well, then be more specific. Like what kind of transformer, how is it transferred further, etc. If there is no correctly-connected consumers on the other end of line, MFE will not transmit anything.
    Secondly, what does all that have to do with Lapotron Crystals? They are not ment to work in MFE, only in MFSU. Use usual Energy Crystals for MFE.

    any multiplayer server will end without rubber trees, every noob will chop them down, ic2 need alternative source of rubber, and this source shoud be hitech (but not uu matter)

    Rubber Tree Sappling will be ultimate currency ;) On serious note, BC's Oil is even rarer, then Rubber tree. And much more difficult to transport. So, every multiplayer server will end without Oil? Or we'll recall that we can travel anywhere in unlimited-generating world of MC?
    Yes, i would like some really expencive alternative to rubber trees, but not 1 extractor/compressor operation for sure. I'd suggest something like:
    Nuclear Reactor dependancy. You put usual sapplings into active reactor and by force of Radiation Mutation you can get Rubber Tree Sappling with X% chance. Every usual Sappling can either melt or turn into RT Sappling. Make a check every 1/Y active reactor cycle. X and Y are up to dev's in order to balance. It can produce some heat in process, so you will not be able to put 1 Uranium Cell and 53 full stacks of usual sapplings. Or make Mutation possible only if sapplings are positioned next to working Uranium Cell. So, every tick of Uranium Cell have X chance to turn it into Rubber Tree Sappling and Y chance to melt it. To balance it even further some limitations can be made. Like Mutation possible only if one Sappling in slot. If more sapplings present - they will just melt, producing heat.
    Second way - making Rubber Tree Sapplings from UUM. "Secret" recipe, surely ;)

    3 dots - higher voltage, 1 dot - lower voltage. So, you are trying to provide 128 EU\t to transmitter's "low-voltage" side and connect 32 EU\t based machinery to "high-voltage" of transformer (128 EU\t), which blow them up.
    Basicly it should be: One-dot side of MFE (128EU\t) -> 3-dot side of LV-transformer (128EU\t), 1-dot side of LV-transformer(4*32EU\t) -> Machinery (32EU\t)

    Wait, what? Since when 1/8 of Iron Ignot became "rarer", then 2 Tin Ore, 2 Redstone Dust and 2 Copper Ore? You sure about your math?

    HV give me more EU on long distance, then LV, beacuse of less distance losses. If cable only. To make LV loose less EU, i'll have to insert machinery (Batboxes) in that long line. Every 4 blocks for Copper - one Batbox. Making it a lot more expencive. And longer for setup.

    Don't base assumptions on outdated and WIP wiki, please. Examples from own practice:
    Large Solar Farm on ground, large factory at badrock level = 60 blocks to transmit power. 12 Batboxes and 48 copper cables or 60 HV cables? Surely second one. It is only 8 Iron Ignots and 24 rubber, not 24 Tin, 24 Copper, 24 Redstone and 24 Rubber and a lot of placing work.
    Large factory and Miner farms, which constantly moves away from factory. Multiple factories (my case, since i like MC in SMP way on own server with friends), etc, etc.

    And what does scrap boxes have to do with choice of current? o.0

    40k EU you lost for every removed Batbox (if it was a part of your long-distance line). You loose nothing removing HV line. Batboxes do not produce EU (same with HV), they store it, if there are no machinery useing it. So if you changing/removing long-distance lines, based on Batbox - you loose all energy, stored there. Not the case of HV.

    Anyway, it's kinda pointless. If one does't see use for something in the game - the one can just ignore existance of that, no? =) Like i ignore wind/water generators, achievement system, teleporters, force fields, uber-nano suit and so on. I just wanted to show uses for HV.

    UPD: Gold Cables (MV) loose 0.3% percent of EU for every block. HV (Iron) Cables loose 0.03% percent of EU per block. Difference in ten times.

    You assume that a person willing to spend these resources acquired them legitly. Might as well force them to build it the right way even if they edit the items in.

    - well, i am not counting TMI-ing or/give-ing as a "gaming". If you gave yourself 64 Batboxes with one click - then why would you ask others what they are using HV lines for. In that case OP sounds like "I got Diamond Pickaxe from TMI, why use Iron Pickaxe if there is Diamon one?".
    Because SMP team-based fairplay is what interests personally me in MC\IC\BC. And HV lines are "must-have" part of it.

    "power extractor"? You mean Generator or Extractor?
    Generator - all four types (including Rubber Wood) burn well and give energy.
    Extractor - Rubber Wood gives 1 Rubber, other three types of wood give nothing (as intended) in Extractor.

    Good luck with LV-ing Mass Fabricators, Batbox-ing long cable lines Factory->Miners, Solar Panel Farms -> Factory, Nuclear Reactor -> Machinery.
    I prefer 0.125 Iron / 3 Rubber and 0.0005% EU losses per block over:
    - 2 Tin Ore, 2 Redstone Dust, 2 Copper Ore and 2 Rubber per block;
    - difficulty of setup Batbox+CoppeCable long lines;
    - time to manufacture Batbox+CopperCable long lines;
    - losses of 40k EU every time you decide to change 1 block setup.

    Not to mention, that 32 EU\t Batboxes are bottlenecks in large complexes.

    EU\t reading at cables seems to be "short" (-32k ... + 32k) or "char" (-65k ... + 65k) value .
    When you first right-click a cable, you start measurement. When you right-click second time, you get a number of EU's transmitted through that cable since last right-click.
    For I.E. You measure 200 EU transmitted in 180 ticks (9 seconds?), you'll get "-3233" result.
    So, "reading" excels "short (32k) or "char" (65k) and goes negative, as it was in SMP GUI's at IC1.

    I had the same problem. 10-long Iron Fence pole with powered Magnetizer above. No upward acceleration despite Iron Boots. Total destruction/recreating changed nothing.
    Created new world, TMI'ed resources, rebuilt _same_ design- worked well. Gone back to test world - old installation worked well (without any changes except Save/Load).

    Mining Laser recharges in MFE/MFSU.
    Numbers actual to IC2 v0.90 (2.09.2011):

    Takes 80k EU to fully charge. Energy usage:
    - Scatter (4 shots): 20k EU
    - Long Range (8 shots): 10k EU
    - Explosive (8 Shots): 10k EU
    - Mining (64 shots): 1250 EU
    - Low-Focus (800 shots): 100 EU

    "Flight-time" is not infinite. It is 64 blocks for all shots except Low-Focus (which is 3 blocks).
    P.S. Laser "ground" time depends on material "density". Means it goes through more soft materials, like dirt/sand, then hard materials, like Stone/Ore.

    I would post screenshots but I'm out right now and won't be home for some time, using my fone to look threw the forums. And I have one gold cable from the dotted side feeding into the 3dotted side of the transformer :(

    - well, then last idea i have: Batbox is full on capacity (40k/40k) and MFE is't full. Thus, MFE is't transmitting, since there are no consumers for current.

    I'm using copper wires, would that make a difference?

    - Copper Cables can't transmit more, then 32 EU\t. For experiment i just replaced MFE->LV fibre cable with copper one and it's melted in a second.
    Which makes me think you have't turned MFE downwards (One dot at MFE is only output side). Since your Copper Cable have't melted, i presume MFE tries to transmit current somewhere else, not downwards.
    Well, screenshots would help a lot >.> (Preferrably well-lighted, not in the middle of night)

    This is an aside, but I can't see how your reactor stays cool - looking at it, I count 96 units of heat produced every tick, but only 12 units dispersed internally and 28 units dispersed externally every tick.

    - yes, thank you, that's what i keep missing - not multiplying heat generated by every additional Uranium Cell tick. Still, that kinda does't change overall situation. You can make Mark I Reactor generating 40 EU\t with efficency at 2 and still it'll be cheaper, then solar power both ways. 60 panels will overdo 1 Urianum in 220 minutes. Not to mention breeders.

    On second (well, tenths) though, Solar Panels are just Tier 4, not Tier 3. And Nuclear Reactors are Tier 3. If to take resource-quantity as measurement, not resource-quality.
    NC's are easier/cheaper to build, but in very long term they are not unlimited, unlike SP's.

    So, it goes like: Some Resources -> Geothermal Generator + Basic Machinery -> More Resources -> Nucler Reactors -> LOTS of resources -> Solar Panels -> Eternal Profit.

    I am retracting my point, Alblaka, that happend to be matter of point of view, not objective fact X( My bad.

    P.S IMHO, efficient SP farm require more wiring/planning/jumping, then NC's. Wind generators and their skyscrapping towers? Water Generators and thair water-towers? Casual-friendly? Naah.

    No, i am not ranting/complaining, those actions are useless and plain discouraging for product creators only >.>
    Just stating an issue i'v encountered and have't seen on this forum yet.

    In IC 1 we had a choice:
    1 (Tier 1?). Low-yield cheap Water and Wind generators (depending on location), for few-machines homes.
    2 (Tier 2?). One-time Geothermal Generators, for few-machines homes. Need energy - take 1 bucket of lava, use Macerator on 64 iron ore you just mined.
    3 (Tier 3?). High-yield expencive Solar Generators, for large automated factories.
    4 (Tier 4?). Unpredictable, dungerous Nuclear Reactors. Mainly for "showing off" for large complexes.
    Main "way" of doing things was straight. You want more machines = more generators = more work in the end.

    In IC 2 we have a choice:
    1 (Tier 1?). Low-yield cheap Water and Wind generators (depending on location), for few-machines homes.
    2 (Tier 2?). One-time Geothermal Generators, for few-machines homes. Need energy - take 1 bucket of lava, use Macerator on 64 iron ore you just mined.
    3 (Tier 3?). High-yield expencive Solar Generators, for large automated factories.
    4 (Tier 2???). Easily managable, cheap and reliable Nuclear Reactors. Undoubtly better, then Solar Panels (except in few-years gameplay long terms).
    Main "way" of doing things became "spoiled" (IMHO). Due to low cost, Nuclear power renders Solar/ Wind/ Water generators obsolet from starting of game.
    1 Geothermal Generator = whole farm of wind/water, enough to produce simpliest Nuclear Reactor, even for small few-machines houses. Does't require much space either.

    Points 1-3 from second list became point 4 from first list. All those generators are only for "showing off". Or am i terribly missing something? I would suggest just increase "price" of making nuclear reactos, so they would became trully high-end machinery, needed for large complex. To make Nuclear Power more "powerful" (Which is currently most powerfull, 60+EU\t from Mark I 3*3*3 space reactor, sweet!), but more expencive too. Or changing Nuclear machinery recipes to require more advanced materials, like Powered Crystals or Iridium?

    P.S. Never said Solar Panels are overpowered. To build a fully automated Buildcraft Quarry + IC Machines factory we'v made huge complex on my server, powered by 256+ Solar Panels. That took around a week for 4 of us.

    From the mfe there is one cable to a lv transformer (coming from the side with the dot) and the lv transformer is connected to a bat box. With an eu reader (or w/e) I checked all the wires, the mfe isn't sending any eu's to the wire to the lv transformer (jst realized I misnamed the title of this topic but I'm on my fone so ill change it later)

    Works fine for me:

    1. MFE with 1 dot downwards. - transmitting 128 EU\t downwards.
    2. LV with 3 dots upwards. - recieving 128 EU\t from upwards (MFE) and transmiting 4 * 32 EU\t downwards (Batbox).
    3. Batbox with 1 dot to any side, except upwards. - recieving 4 * 32 EU\t from upwards (LV).

    First of all, hello everyone on this forum. Just created account, but was into IC since 5.xx (IIRC) version. English is't my native, so excuse me any spelling errors, please.

    Matter that made me to create topic is about "price" for getting same amounts of Solar and Nuclear energy.
    For example, a simple Mark I-O (B) reactor with 3 efficency, giving 60 EU\t, using 1 Reactor Chamber and surrounded by water (25 blocks):

    To create this installation, you will need following materials in total:
    - 32 Rubber
    - 171 Copper Ignot
    - 16 Tin Ignot
    - 80 Iron Ignot
    - 32 Redstone Dust
    - 8 Cobblestone
    - 10 Glowstone Dust
    - 10 Lapiz Lazuli
    And you will need a breeder and/or 4 Uranim per full cycle (4 MC days, as i understood?)

    For the same 60 EU\t You will need 60 Solar Panels and 2 Batboxes (2 Solar Flowers of 30 panels each, using template from this forum, for i.e.), which will require following in total:
    - 140 Rubber
    - 130 Copper Ignot
    - 264 Tin Ignot
    - 580 Iron Ignot
    - 132 Redstone Dust
    - 580 Cobblestone
    - 160 Coal
    - 160 Sand

    I am not even counting energy/time you will need to create both, because Solar way will get much longer. And, if to count that Solar power is "active" only 1/2 of MC day, you can double required resources to maintain stable 60 EU\t from it. Nuclear Power is a LOT cheaper, easier and faster to create, then any other source of energy. Which made me to totally "throw away" solar panels, wind and water generators. Only Geothermal Generators could match Nuclear power in very short term, since you could use Nether for Lava Cells.

    Currently best way is: 1 Geothermal Generator, 1 Macerator, 1 Electronic Furnace, 1 Compressor -> Mark I-O (B) Nuclear Reactor -> Profit.

    TL/DR: My point (question?) is - don't you think, that such cheap and easy to acquire energy makes 1/3 (other types of generators) of IC2 kinda absolutely useless?