A few confusing things, please help.

  • Long Story Short, having issues calculating this out.

    Only thing I'm absolutely sure of is the output 200eu... (used the EU Reader).

    Here is the setup (the reactor is surrounded by water at least 2 blocks away from any part, except for top (RedPower Wire connection for cutoff) and 3 sides for power cable connections (changing design, as I discovered the reactor will only feed ONE power connection and ignore the others as long as the one is still drawing power)).

    Setup: (I was able to run this for about 4 MC days before I started noticing the bars in the coolant cells and HD's dropping)

    ***Sorry I couldn't get a screenshot of it after running for the 4 MC days, but windows crashed and when I reloaded everything within about 6 blocks of the reactor core was deleted/gone/poofed***

    Basically I'd like an explanation of:
    A) What class would this be?
    B) How did you come to determine this.

    I started getting confused by some of the pages explaining how this rects to that and how this isn't working right, new #'s are such.. etc etc...

  • As a note, in the current version, some part of the heat system is bugged, One of the components eats heat way faster than it ought to, and I cannot remember which one.

    I will give a crack at it. Lets see...

    Hull cooling is 33, 1 for the core, 2 for each reactor chamber (6 of them) and 1 for each water block (20, Assuming you have submerged it in a 3x3 pool of water, and have no cables within that cube (but rather attached to one chamber, 27-7 chambers+core)
    Total coolant cell cooling is 32 heat per second, totaling -65 heat per second.
    The uranium outputs 352 heat per second. (24, 12 per element, for the 3x uranium, 40 for the 4x Uranium.)
    All of the coolant cells touching the uranium are able to overheat. They are able to remove 7 (one for being a coolant cell, and 6 from redistribution via the HDs) heat a second, but receive 12(For most coolant cells touching one 3x uranium)/24(for the two in the middle touching 2 3x uranium)/40(for the 4 cells each touching a single 4x uranium) heat a second. They will hence gain heat at a rate of 5/17/33, and will overheat after 2k/588/303 ticks. This is in all cases enough that it will melt them before the full 10k ticks of the full duration are up.
    The excellent use of HD means that everything else ought to heat up at a linear rate, at least until the coolant cells melt.

    The reactor would heat up at a rate of (I think) 106 heat/tick. I am pretty sure this is enough to overheat the reactor, and hence cannot be maintained indefinitely. (so "Mark IV" I believe, as it is hungry, and cannot run for full duration.)

    Efficiency is 3.33.

  • That's part of why I was confused.. I read about that.. and now I'm not sure what info is accurate, what isn't... what's what... heh..

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    If everything will work fine this will be a Mark III-B (almost Mark IV) Very good Amount of energy, but REALLY shitty about the heat.

    you will generate 352 heat/sec, of which you can get rid of: 13 (hull) - 20 from the water around the reactor and 32 from the Coolant cells. : 353-12-20-32= 287 heat/sec not dealt with. 287/41 = 7 => 1/7 = 14.2%

    means your reactor can run about 14.2% of a full cycle until all your nice components will start to melt. probably less due to a few coolants which will melt sooner.

  • what's a cycle? cause as I said.. I ran that setup for 4 MC days before I even started to see the green bars noticeably drop (IE started to see them shorten)

    I'll assume the slow drop in the green bars is part of one of the coolant bugs, from how you described the calculation.

    EDIT: oh.. and thanks for the explanation, it makes a lot more sense now than it used to... seeing your #'s I was able to reverse engineer how you came up with them... and have a much better idea of this.

  • a cycle is 10,000 Ticks, 10,000 seconds, ~166.6 minutes, ~8,33 Minecraft days, ~2.77 hours. It is how long a single uranium cell lasts in a reactor before vanishing. So it is the default duration as to how long you would run a reactor for.

  • Is't it 20 ticks per second? Or you means Reactor "Pulses"? Which are same with all EU "ticks"?
    I mean, in efficency 1 reactor, one Uranium Cell gives 1 Pulse each Tick, producing 5 EU. It produces 1kk EU's, which means it's life is 200k pulses (ticks). Is't that a "Reactor full cycle"?

  • Is't it 20 ticks per second? Or you means Reactor "Pulses"? Which are same with all EU "ticks"?
    I mean, in efficency 1 reactor, one Uranium Cell gives 1 Pulse each Tick, producing 5 EU. It produces 1kk EU's, which means it's life is 200k pulses (ticks). Is't that a "Reactor full cycle"?


    A single uranium cell will "pulse" once. Pulses mean energy and heat production. Generally, all uranium cells will pulse at once every few moments (to be exact, once every second), which is called the "Reactor Pulse/Tick".
    Each pulse will produce 100 EU, spread over 1 second (20 ticks), resulting in 5 EU/t.

    I should have said Reactor tick, rather than tick in my post, to avoid confusion. Sorry.

    And yes, a reactor full cycle is Definitely 200k ticks, but that is not how many reactor-Pulses occur. I think that they should always be called Reactor pulses, to differentiate from ticks better.