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    Wow I didn't expect to come back to find you've already done another! :thumbup:

    Looking forward to the BC stuff. I personally would like some EE ones, no big deal though.

    tbh I really need a break but get sick at looking at minecraft with poor graphics want the main packs that I use done so can enjoy the game more lol. Easily spent over 100 hours on texture packs in the last week way to much time on hands since lost my job.

    Edit: Take back what I said about BC stuff it sucks would be lot easier if Knew what some the textures are but sadly getting no replies on official minecraft forums or the official BC forums.

    Edit again: Found out what the textures are already about 40% way thro the pack :). I'm on fire tonight. First thing did was get rid them horrid stripy blocks.

    Also I just found out what textures are what when comes to the crops in my ic texture pack so expect update over next couple of days update 2moz :). Edit updated with crop changes enjoy :).

    looking forward to 1.2 as long as it don't come for another month. Swamped with texture pack work atm :).

    Also i hope more creatures mod uses some the mob AI

    I noticed electric wrench and elect tree tap share the same texture. The electric hoe uses the electric wrench textures for some reason not sure if bug or not about to post into the bug section of forums. Just letting people know aware of this.

    Taking closer look seems like wiki probably wrong will change this for next release once checked 1.71 textures not added anything new.

    Hm... Seems that the IC2 ores have a darker "stone background" then the stone and the vanilla ores, causing it not to blend with the ground. You might want to fix that ASAP.

    Will take a look at the ores as for the UI I prefer darker look and may take look at later date altho this prob wont change.
    ty for the feedback :).

    Edit: Glad you mentioned it now very happy with something I have done. The others I think looked awsum but yer right never went well with Np smooth pack. Sorted that now and they seamlessly blend with Np smooth. Uploaded new ver

    Very nice, I really like a lot of these. I will probably end up using a few of your vanilla MC textures too.

    Any plans to support other forge mods? (RP / BC / EE)

    Next pack on list for me is RP2 about 25% done on this already.

    List of things I wana do

    RP2 DONE
    Buildcraft DONE
    buildcraft additional pipes
    buildcraft additional buildcraft objects DONE
    IC2 thermometer
    sneaky pipes
    wireless redstone
    forestry DONE

    Sadly the chance of me doing EE is very slim as I do not like the mod I feel it is stupidly overpowered and ruins the game. But never say never.

    Basically that list is the mods I use myself. But its a big list and a hell of lot work so going to take some time.

    But atm I am taking a short 1-2 week break from doing textures and playing the game only doing few tweaks to IC2 (couple textures not 100% happy with) this will be done later today.

    Just realized when uploaded 1.1 I used old ver the item file (dont have solar helm) and i also noticed some the UI not scaled correctly fixing atm.

    Edit should be fixed let me know any problems :).

    Edit 2: Redoing the UI from scratch dont like the current one (2 rushed tbh). Also found another texture error dusts for copper bronze wrong way around. And not keen on the refined iron texture Not high priority but may take a look sorry for the poor release folks. Little burnt out atm and just wanted the pack finished.

    Edit 3: Ver 1.3
    Redone the whole Ui looks lot nicer now still cant get it looking like my Np Smooth texture pack but due to losing the base files and not being able to remember how I created it this the best I could do. Still looks hell of lot better than last ver. Also Changed refined iron Ingot now looks lot better ofc this means changed a couple other things that the textures uses. Also fixed bug with copper and bronze dusts being in wrong place.

    Again I am very sorry for so many updates the launch of this texture pack has not gone as well as I would have hoped.

    This is my texture pack for IC2 1.109 hope you like it. The pack is designed to go along side my NP smooth texture pack found on my website

    Everything is re textured including Gui and Armors

    Screenshots are a bit dated up to date ones on my website


    Downloads are now found at

    Install instructions:

    Make sure minecraft is patched with MCpatcher or optifine

    From the NP IC2 texture pack archive, simply drag the folders "armor" and "ic2" into the archive containing the texture pack you intend to use.
    Then run the game, click "Mods and Texture Packs" and then your texture pack.
    Good to go.

    Change Log

    A very big thank you goes out to the creators of IC2 for making an great mod

    Also thank you to the below people for pointing out what certain textures are that I was unsure off.

    Tools used to create my packs


    Little teaser screenshot showing of some the items. Only have the Gui left to do now tbh in 2 minds if should do the GUI reason being i actually like the clean default look and the fact seem to have lost the files I would have used for the gui :(. Edit decided to be a bit lazy with the gui just creating a nice overlay for them

    I have finished in item file now working on the crops. Anyone able to exsplain the below textures IC wiki has no info at all on them.

    I suspect the bottom left row is corn but no idea on the others. Edit I hope so as just finished that one lol. Also I noticed forgot to cover ripe wheat so I know that one.

    Edit again I have finished the crops file (still no idea what some the textures are in it but done them anyways if to bad can always revise at later date. Next stop armors and GUI then finished :)

    If your textures are your own original work, you do not need specific permission - you're permitted to do so already. Still, it's nice to acknowledge the developers if you include a readme or something.

    Also, keep in mind that the machines are not rendered from this terrain sheet. Machines, wires and other blocks are all on their own sheets.

    Yeh i finished all the seprate sheets i know half the block0 file textures are not used but added them for reference screenshot :).

    4 hours later copper pipe base was done 2 hours later the /iron/tin and gold base done very happy with them :). granted took me way longer than would have liked ocd killing me. Doing the first one was the worse tbh as learning how the textures worked and spent about 2 hours tring to work out how to remove the square block and make it seamless (didn't think of connections lol)

    Finished all the block files now apart from block_cable. I have no idea how the textures are done for the cables sadly. Will be saving the GUI and item file until last. (I suck at items) Gui should only take me a couple hours (in theory as looking at them seem pretty basic. Does anyone know of a template for the wire textures tho (labeling the textures used).
    As for giving credit only credit I would need to give is to the addon makers of IC2 as all textures I have done myself :).

    Edit worked out cable textures (they suck to get right)

    Is it even possible to get the pipes/wires seamless on all 4 sides without using 1 color?

    Ok I am about 75% the way done with my texture pack but little puzzled about a few textures. I also have a few general question about texture packs.

    Screenshot below has 2 arrows
    First questions and the arrow on the left is what is that row of textures for?

    Second question and second arrow points to the transformer and batbox. What is the texture supposed to be it looks like dirt but not 100% sure?

    Third question I have created a few texture packs (…texture-pack-hd-64128256/) . Do I need permission of any sort before releasing (if i release) and IC2 texture pack?

    Thank you for any help you may be able to offer

    screeny below

    Edit: Worked out question 2. I assume Question 1 the blocks are not used? If this is the case hopefully only question 3 needs answering.