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    You made an awesome teture pack, rly enjoy it.
    And Nuttyprot, can I ask you to make textute pack for Gravi Suit addon ?

    If I remember right that mod is in the FTB launcher. So the answer is very good chance it will be done as I am currently working on the missing textures packs I have for ftb launcher. atm I am working on factorization I cant say when It will be done tho as you can imagine with all the mods in FTB launcher I have my work cut out.

    Texture pack updates are now LIVE
    Yep I managed to get every single one of my texture packs updated to the current releases. Please bare in mind some packs are not backwards compatible and I do not and shall not support older versions of mods as I have enough work to do maintaining my current packs. The main aim of this update was to get all my texture packs up to date with current releases of the mods, some of the new textures I have done maynot be final and their is a slim chance I may change them at a later date.

    New UI's
    One of the biggest complaints I got about my packs was the brightness of the UI's . The UI's have been darkened. Most people who read my posts know the 2 things I hate texturing more than anything are UI's and Mobs. UI's I find very very boring to create and mobs well mobs I suck at doing tbh.

    P.S due to the scale of the updates and me only being human if I have missed something or any problems with downloads please let me know asap :).

    Surprise I'm back for the past month I have been getting the texturing itch and started playing minecraft again. As people know a lot of my packs have become out of date. As people know I have a lot of packs but I am currently in the process of updating them this will take time so be sure to check back often for updates.

    Things to expect from the updates
    Darker UI's I had a lot of complaints that the old ones are to bright so working to rectify this
    All new blocks and file structure updates (I know a few mods had the structure changed)

    Please bare in mind I will not be releasing new packs at this time but I do plan when my current ones are updated to do a couple of new ones.

    Anyways keeping this short as I have a lot of work to do updating the packs

    Don't forget to check back often for updates and releases

    Updates delayed/discontinued until further notice

    Going to keep this short If people have followed my official
    minecraft forum thread you will know that my mother recently passed
    away. I know a few of my texture packs are in need of updating but sadly
    I have no desire to work on my packs at the moment. I am also no longer
    playing minecraft the game has become stale for me. As for my work as
    people know I have spent 1000s of hours working on my texture packs and
    for it to go to waste would be a shame so now I am giving permission to
    anyone with the desire to continue my work feel free on 2 condition’s

    1. They give me credit for my work


    2. Link back to my website at

    I hope you understand my reasons for no longer working on the packs. I
    may continue working on them at a later but this is unlikely.

    A little update on np smooth overhaul

    Change log

    Main terrain file

    New Grass Texture

    Changed color of cobble slightly

    New Diamond ore

    New Iron Ore

    New Coal ore

    New lapis ore

    New redstone ore

    New gold Ore

    New Sound block and disk player blocks

    Added shading to Torch

    Added shading to Leaver

    Added Shading to redstone torch on and off

    New Sugar Cane texture

    New Gravel Texture

    New iron Block

    Added emerald block

    Added emerald Ore

    added coco plants

    New yellow Flower

    Changed red flower slightly

    Fixed small bug with hatch texture

    Dispenser changed slightly

    New Brewing Stand

    Tweaked brew stand base

    Tweaked Ender portal blocks

    Tweaked Repeaters

    New glowstone texture

    New redstone lamp textures

    Fixed tiling issue with large mushrooms

    Sprites File

    New sprites for potion effect

    items file

    New coco dye

    New Lapis dye

    New Red dye

    New Yellow dye

    New Sugar cane sprite

    added new items for 1.3

    fixed texture bug with music disks

    Misc changes

    Added Ender chest

    Fixed slight bug with Connected textures

    Changed paintings now all pictures from in game using my texture pack gives it more authentic feel

    Mob Changes

    Added tiny bit more detail to Chicken

    Changed villager heads now basically a hd version of the vanilla ones

    recolored the Mooshroom Cow

    A couple of tweaks to the pig and sheep

    Lost the will to live with mobs i hate them so much wont be doing more work on them

    Mod texture pack changes

    IC2 ores changes to fit new style

    Forestry ores changes to fit new style

    RP2 ores changes to fit new style


    IC2 Crops file it needs some love will do that 2moz:)

    Post is big enough plenty of screenshots on my website :)

    This forum needs an 'AWESOME JOB!' button.

    (For those who don't get it: AWESOME JOB DUDE!)

    Thank you :) Not many people say it and feel nice when people actually do say it.

    On a dif note 2moz will be major update on Thaumcraft texture pack. The update will include all new textures + I have finally finished the items file.

    Actually a sad moment tbh with the release of thaumcraft texture pack brings my mod texture pack support upto 28 mods for one person this is an awful lot of work 1000s of hours have gone into the packs. Because of this The chances of me releasing any new texture packs are slim as it is already a handful maintaining what I have. I will be maintaining and UPDATING what I have so don't worry about that.

    Thank you :)
    Download links work fine tho on the mod page of my site when not in gallary view.
    Due to a limitation of the gallary plugin I I use on my site and with over 150 images and with support of 25+ mod and my main texture pack needed easy way to manage them all.