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    Okay so after seeing this I knew that this must happen in IC2.
    Terraformer + Woolificator = Woolify your world!
    Natural blocks would only get changed

    From the 16 colours (Ores can be optional):
    Pink -
    Red - Redstone Ore, Netherrack
    Orange - Pumpkin, Copper Ore, lava *as pointed out below, this will be problematic. A solution is that all the lava is turned into a different block first then into wool*
    Yellow - Sand, Sandstone, End Stone, Gold Ore
    Lime - Grass, Uranium Ore, Reeds
    Green - Leaves, Cactus
    Cyan - Water
    Light Blue - Diamond Ore, Ice
    Blue - Lapis Ore
    Purple -
    Magenta -
    Brown - Dirt, Wood logs, Iron Ore, Soulsand
    Light grey - Gravel, Mycelium, Clay
    Grey - Smoothstone
    Black - Obsidian, Coal
    White - Snow (this may turn up a little wierd), Tin Ore, Birch wood logs (if possible)

    I think I hit most of the natural stuff and suggestions/changes are welcome. But seriously this would be awesome/funny to have.

    (Radius, EU cost, and recipe is whatever IC2 team feels it should be)

    I understand why it was placed, but remember, trampling of vanilla crops was removed recently. Do you know why? because of endermen.
    I just had an endermen teleport in my agriculture area, trample half my crops, and port out. I didn't know this had happened so weeds grew everywhere when I came back.
    This is impossible to stop unless you make your farm underground and 2 blocks high (but then you lose the benefits of direct sunlight) or stand there 24/7.
    It is very frustrating because it is completely beyond a players control.

    Please consider removing it.


    Okay so I am able to reproduce the bug (Tested with SSP and SMP)
    1. Have the cropanalyzer in hotbar
    2. Have a few of any stackable placeable item BESIDE THE CROPANALYZER IN THE HOTBAR. Also make sure there is a free space in your hotbar
    3. Use cropanalyzer and exit it.
    4. Switch to item (This is the point where it gets the tag) and place the item.
    5. Pick them up and they should pop up as a seperate item (checking NBTedit, the picked up items are normal)
    6. Items are now unstackable

    Thanks for looking into it. Also I would appreciate if anyone else can try reproducing using these steps to confirm it.

    I'm having problems with certain items not stacking with each other when items come from IC2 (specificially crops)

    Basically I have 4 ink sacs split into 2 and 2. 2 of them came from crops and the other 2 came from a squid. These will not stack.
    This is happening with lots of items: wheat, pumpkin, red and yellow dye, etc. Also I think it happened with redstone from a miner once.

    I went into NBTedit and discovered that there is an extra empty entry in 1 of the ink sacs (I'm assuming this orginated from the crop)

    I also have Redpower (all of it), Forestry and Buildcraft running, but I think the problem is coming from IC2.

    Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?


    edit: i deleted the tag entries and it fixed the problem, wooden planks had this problem too so i dont think it is IC2 specific. Im thinking it could have been craftguide though as i had that accidently running.

    edit2: Okay so its happening very frequently with all sorts of items... even torches and its kinda annoying.

    edit3: It began when I started doing agriculture, which means i started using the cropanalyzer. I removed it from my hotbar and things seem normal now.