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    Mensrea, sorry to be so sudden, but I doubt I'll be able to log onto the server much, if at all, in the near future. I'm having some computer problems, and am unsure of when they will be resolved. I have two requests; the first is that if the ridiculous MMW problems are resolved, that you break open my personal safe, and give the contents to iXiPulseiXi. My second request is that you recognize him as the leader of the Blue team in my absence. Please do these for me, as I consider them to be of considerable importance in my indefinite absence. Also, would you allow Pulse to nominate a new rep in my place? I'm sorry to have to leave on such short notice, but I hope to return as soon as I can.

    Warmest of regards,

    P.S. - Good luck getting the server mods worked out.
    P.P.S. - Pulse: Pulse, manage our team well while I'm gone, whether Mensrea recognizes your leadership or not, I know the entire team will support you in whichever decisions you make. You were the single most diligent of our workers during the preparation for the vault battles, and carried out my every order without complaint or question. Without you we would never have been able to stand up to the Red team. Do you remember how hard we worked just to power and make our mass fabricator? For much of the time leading up to Mensrea's including of people into our team, you were really the only help I had. I know you'll be more than capable of completing our matter factory, and I sincerely hope that each and every one of your teammates follows you as faithfully as they, and you, did me. I know you can handle the team just as well, if not better, than I. Live long and prosper, my friend.

    And as a last word to the Blue team: Remember that until Sunday we have an active peace treaty with Red. Please uphold it. Don't cause unnecessary tension by attacking their players. I hope you'll try to extend this treaty when it expires.

    And, my friends, remember; we might have left the Iroquois Longhouse, but we sure as hell NEED MORE PAPOOSE!!!!!

    Mensrea, how was there any cheating during yesterday's contest? Blue was certainly not using any X-Ray hacks, though red's convinced we were. There was an infinite health glitch that we didn't cause. It's caused when a nano saber is hitting someone in full quantum armor, and tedd525's armor died regardless of this unintentional glitch, and he was able to be killed. I assume this would've also been the case for any of us had we been under constant heavy fire. I was unaware of this until very recently. Any item duping was without my awareness, and I'd verbally denounced all forms of it constantly in the days leading up to the battle. When we found the red members who were hiding, it was because I either saw their Steves above ground while they were sneaking, or, in the case of cc1010100, and Destroyah (number/letter cominations unknown to me in his username), found in underground tunnels very close to our command center. In Destroyah's case particularly, I was digging up some cobblestone on my way out of the command center, and uncovered a tunnel leading back down that I accidentally fell into. I saw Destroyah there, and proceeded to kill him with my Bronze Sword. I never even considered using any mod not required to enter the server, much less something as bad as an X-Ray mod! I sincerely hope that I speak for my entire team here, including those who've been banned, when I say that we've adopted a policy of fairness and good sportsmanship in dealing with this server. If anyone was duping items, it was, again, without my knowing. I'm certain, additionally, that no one on my team would dare to even attempt using unfair, disallowed mods for x-raying, minimapping, or anything else that would tip the scales in our favor. Mensrea, please, at least allow the banned members of my team to explain to you their sides of the story. Please trust my judgment, my word of honor as the leader of the Blue team, a position which I regard with utmost seriousness, and show compassion to my fellow teammates by giving them a chance to inform you of what they know of last night's event. It is my sincerest belief that none of us would consider cheating to win a fight. I know, and so, I hope, does my team, that winning isn't victory unless it's one by unquestionable means. One last time, I ask you, please give my teammates the benefit of the doubt; as I'd bet my position as leader of the Blue team on their being innocent of these wrong-doings, or, at least, potentially in the case of an extremely small fraction of my team of which I'm unsure who this could be, being genuinely remorseful for their immoral actions (which, again, I doubt any member of my team would have committed).

    (tl;dr version: Mensrea, please at least give my teammates a chance to explain themselves before you ban them. They're very likely innocent, and I'd stake my leadership, and my honor, on it.)

    EDIT: Saw your post above, Mensrea. The Iron boots glitch is something I recall from the previous war, of gold vs red. It's very likely that the duped iron boots were leftover from that, when we were killed, and the boots duped, and filled up our inventories. We stored them in chests just to get them out of our inventories. The chests could well have been left untouched. As for the quantum helmets, I'm sorely disappointed in the gold team for having done that. They'd given me quantum armor to distribute before the war, but I was told gold had made a mass fab and had a mfs and nuclear reactor, so I thought it was legitimate. It was 3 additional suits to the five or six I'd made beforehand.

    Darn, I was hoping they were faking their forfeit.

    Blue doesn't fake forfeits. We may or may not initiate false moves in war depending on whether or not we consider it to be good strategy, though. Blue simply decided that the risk of losing the war and suffering structural damage wasn't worth any potential benefits of winning. Besides, we've been doing fine constrained to our capitals for the time being, and two more days won't hurt us.

    Best of luck to the Red team in the forthcoming battle, and may the best team win.

    This wouldn't happen to also make it to where the pipes will input stuff into the core via the reactor chambers? I'm using the red power pipes right now and they have to connect directly to the core for a input and a output, so I lose 2 reactor chambers to have it automated this way.

    RedPower 2 doesn't include any sort of pipes. What are you talking about?

    Ohhh, you must mean the Pneumatic Tubes, which are very much not pipes. :P

    Probably several months, since That will be my lower estimate for when ALblaka updates Industrialcraft to 2.0.

    As we all know you actually mean version 1.23, I have absolutely no idea, but I do know that the more people ask, the less likely a mod maker is willing to update.

    No, I'm pretty sure he/she meant that he/she wants to know where to download this addon v2.0. Like the version before 2.1, which is the current version of advanced machines.

    For the future of rockets I suggest Moon to earth missiles and earth to moon missiles. Taking at least two booster moduals to make up fuel for the longer flight time. Warheads would also need a new type of coating for moon to earth missiles lest they during entry.

    A question.
    Alblaka confirmed his position of making this a military mod. Since your add on has already crossed that border do
    you plan on releasing weapons? Heavy calliber artillary? Laser/Rail cannons? :Mining Laser: :Nuke TNT:

    ^This. Another soul waiting to rain nuclear death from the moon! :D

    Have you considered implementing Plutonium? One comes across it as a byproduct of nuclear fission, and Steve decides to throw it into a warhead. :D

    As a side note, does anyone know if jamioflan would allow someone to do a bit of coding to make an addon allowing some of his bomber planes to drop a nuclear bomb? :D

    So I was reading the OP.

    My reaction: What have you done?! Now we're all going to die!! D:

    My serious reaction: Thank you for undertaking this task. Just as IC2 is a complete restructuring of Minecraft's awesomeness, this is the same to IC2. I want to see this on a bukkit pvp server with the "Factions" plugin. Can't wait to fire an ICBM at a mortal enemy from the moon. That'll be possible, right? :p

    I believe this idea was already shot down, due to the fact a normal storage cart could hold 27 of a portable Energy Unit (battery, Energy Crystal, Lap Crystal) dwarfing the amount that each Moblie Power Unit (Storage Unit in Minecart) could carry.

    But don't you still need to use a charging station to use those crystals/batteries? Just a Minecart with BatBox would be nice to recharge things on the go. :/

    What if using too much canned food (~5 cans-ish?) in a short span of time caused you to be unable to regain hunger temporarily (but not making it deplete faster), caused you to be unable to consume more canned food for a bit, and dealt half a heart of damage? Think of it as something like choking. If one chokes, they take a break from eating for a little bit, and may feel a bit of pain. Something like this would probably provide a balanced integration of canned food into the 1.8 food system. This way, if you're under attack by 17 zombies, you won't be nomming through 8 stacks of canned food before you win, but lose in a meaningful way.

    Also, maybe a 1-second delay between each can you eat?

    EDIT: Yes, I know that canned food doesn't restore hunger. I'm trying to say that using it too much should be detrimental to health recovery. Just in case anyone was confused by my opening point.

    I'm against a merger, and from what I can tell this "Forge Ore Dictionary" will be finished soon, or may already be complete. Eloraam says that RP2pr3 will use it, so we won't need to worry about the duplicate ores anymore, and the ingots will likely no longer be an issue.

    However, I would very much like some way of reducing the number of wrenches hardcore forge fanatics can wind up with.

    Try ShaRose's ID Resolver! It's a real life-saver. There's a version for Forge compatibility.

    EDIT: Dynamo seems to work with BTW v2.98. I didn't do any extensive testing, but I started charging a RE-Battery, and the Dynamo was powering an electric furnace nicely.

    lets see thats at least 17 5 sec adds, moveing all the mods somewere safe, moveing them in to the jar and i dont think id resolver has a forge version yet so you cant use that i would make it more like 30 minuets at least. thats if you know what mods you want

    ID Resolver does have a Forge version. It allowed me to get jamioflan's Planes, Vehicles, WWII Guns, BuildCraft, RedPower, BTW, EE, and IC2 working together like a charm back in 1.7.3. And I saw the download link for 1.8.1 on the thread. I have yet to try it, though.

    Not to be rude or anything, but it needs some serious nerfing. I dunno about the rest of the IC^2 lovers out there, but my computer crashes whenever I try to make use of anything above 500,000,000 Gibbl. Gibbl's too frikkin' awesome for my computer. :/

    Can you at least make the Gibbl usage configurable?

    (Seriousness: Cool AddOn. Will probably download it later. :3)