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    It's time for another episode of Random Potentially-Currently-Irrelevant Public Service Announcements with Misticblade7!

    The Minecraft Ships and Boats Mod!

    I present the Minecraft Ships and Boats Mod. sirentropy plans to code SMP support when the server-side modding API arrives in MC v1.3. Long way off? Certainly. Relevant to our interests? In the future, quite possibly.

    Guys. We could see real, meaningful naval combat in Minecraft. It's pretty similar to the Zeppelin Mod in function, but less versatile, and has more realistic implementation. In 1.3, I could see us utilizing a mod like this, in conjunction with, say, Flan's Mod, to create aircraft carriers. :D

    A long way off, but something to think about and look forward to.

    P.S. - Any chance of us getting the Nuclear Control addon? I could see that helping to facilitate the construction of stronger reactors.

    Mods needed:

    ModLoader 1.2.3
    ModLoaderMP 1.2.3 v3
    Minecraft Forge API 1.4.1 (I use build .59)

    IC2 v1.81
    immibis Core 48.0.1
    immibis TubeStuff 48.0.3
    RedPower 2 Pr4e

    Download SDK's Mods - All v1 for MC v1.2.3.
    Place all files found in the minecraft folder (the one within the SDK's Mods file) into the minecraft jar.
    Place all other files into the .minecraft folder. Nowhere else. If asked to merge folders or anything, click yes.

    Change Block IDs:

    blockIdPlayerSpawner = 208
    blockIdWeaponSpawnerGuns = 209
    blockIdWeaponSpawnerNotGuns = 210

    blockIdRope = 206
    blockIdGrapplingHook = 207

    blockIdGrinder = 200
    blockIdPlaque = 201
    blockIdNuke = 202
    blockIdLighter = 203
    blockIdOil = 204
    blockIdCannon = 205

    If you installed SDK's Mods properly, all of the files are found in your .minecraft directory, and not in any folder WITHIN that. Particularly not in .minecraft/config/.


    You do say that reps are supposed to set an example for everyone else to follow.

    Alrighty, ill be gone for a couple weeks then until you guys calm down ^^

    I am calm. I've been calm throughout this whole incident of yours. I don't care that you and Cresent are buds. That doesn't mean you get off scot-free when you're using his account against his intentions. You just decided that you would blatantly ignore me when I tried to question you about it.

    Pretty much what happened, though I forget what exactly CoolDude said.


    ME: CoolDude, I want an explanation. Why have you been using Cresent's account?
    COOLDUDE: How about them narwhals?!
    ME: This isn't a joke. You will either explain yourself or be banned for abusing someone else's account.
    COOLDUDE: How about them canucks?!
    ME: /ban MrCoolDude Abusing Cresent's account


    xXCresentXx has logged in.
    CRESENT (But really CoolDude): How about them (I don't even remember it was so crappy)?!
    ME: /ban xXCresentXx


    mrcooldoud has logged in.
    doud (COOLDUDE): How about them (whatshamawhosit)s?!
    ME: /ban mrcooldoud Quit letting CoolDude use your account.

    For future reference, MrCoolDude, abusing another team member's account and then pissing me off rather than explaining yourself is a pretty good way to get yourself a ban. You're lucky Mensrea's merciful.

    Hey Cresent, Hows Ashley Doing? ^^

    Thats my intro, Mistic dont be mad, me and Cresent are tight lol (should of seen what we did this weekend :3) You dont need to stress out over it, i couldnt move this whole weekend anyways since people dont know how to pex users into vet or whatever so Derp face on that.

    I want to make something very clear, MrCoolDude. After your little fiasco, you're no longer one of our reps.

    Current Blue Reps: mkeness, ndelmnco, tacorifick, xXCresentXx

    iXiPulseiXi has been demoted for inactivity. This will be reconsidered if he shows himself to be an active player on the server again.

    Double-post because I can't fit more text into the last post.

    So, basically that chatlog was about how ChickenBones plans, in the long run, to add a new redstone-based dimension to Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition, which will be opened with an arrangement of wireless signals on a certain frequency. You can't place transmitters in the dimension, so you need to make sure your portal stays safe. It seems that the main goal of the dimension will be to make the Redstone Ether Pulse (REP) and Jammers do more than just look awesome and piss people off. Can't wait to see where he goes with this idea.

    Another, less incredible plan for the upcoming 1.2.5 release of WRCBE is a throwable Tracker. One will set the frequency before throwing, and it will attach to blocks and entities. People will be able to follow this signal either with a Wireless Map (I believe anyone on the server will be able to do this) or with a Wireless Triangulator (only people who have access to the specific frequency, acts as a compass and points to the tracker). I'm not 100% sure, but it might be possible to set the frequency to something that won't show on the wireless map (there's a certain color component), and I'm not sure about how long the Tracker will stick to an entity for.

    Not sure whether this new dimension idea will be too overreaching for our humble server, but this mod itself, WRCBE, is of a much higher quality than the current Wireless Redstone that we have on our server. Players can have permissions for their team's frequencies, which the other team then cannot use unless they find a device of the other team's set to that frequency. There are fancier, RPLogic-style block models, Frequency Naming, Interdimensional Signal, SMP AddOns (Remote [right-click feature], Triangulator [vector-based], Sniffer [shows which frequencies are in use, and which you can't access], Wireless Map [Shows colored (optional?) frequencies on a map, good for Mensrea's events?])

    The only problem I can think of is that we would need Ender Pearls to craft most of the items, but that's a small price to pay for all of the good of the mod.

    Briscoe02: We no longer use modified mods, so it isn't necessary.

    The <snip> denotes a part of the chat that didn't seem related to WRCBE that I removed from this excerpt to avoid unnecessarily quoting people.

    If anyone involved in this chat wants this removed, I'll remove it.

    MrCoolDude, mrcooldoud, and xXCresentXx have been banned.

    MrCoolDude illicitly accessed cresent's account several times, and chose to annoyingly avoid questioning. He then logged into mrcooldoud, and decided to troll me on that, when I simply wanted an explanation of why he went into cresent's account. I also banned cresent because I don't want any more hacking done to him. He can be unbanned when he posts on this forum that he changed his password, and either myself, tacorifick, or mkeness confirms that it is true.

    MrCoolDude is encouraged to try testifying here.

    I repeat, xXCresentXx will be unbanned when he posts that he has changed his password, and contacts myself, tacorifick, or mkeness on skype to confirm that.

    Until this is settled, I would like tacorifick to have rep priveleges. If all goes well, though, he will be replaced with xXCresentXx on his return.

    for a gun mod getting ww2 and modern weapons would be a good idea since ww2 has more accurate pistols and rockets and mounted guns
    and modern weapons have far more accurate sub machine guns and assault rifles and has carriable machine guns but sdk probably has more accurate gun then modern weapons and has the utility's but I haven't tryed it yet

    Keep in mind that certain statistics like accuracy, damage, etc. are all completely configurable. If we wanted to, we could have explosive Springfield rounds.

    You do realize that absolutely nothing would stop red from breaking said treaty and given that they are your sole enemy and have no interest in maintaining good relations with you this will most likely happen suddenly and without your input.

    That being said isn't April fools day over?

    I posted the details of the treaty so that certain members of blue won't say RED BREAK TREATY when they get killed. I do realize that the treaty is nothing but a combination of words. :p

    A series of Public service announcements:

    1.) This just in, Flan seems to have found a higher priority task than SMP support! (This isn't meant as an insult to him, just as a trolling.)


    2.) Tumuchfkingcreep and Misticblade7 have agreed to A TREATY.

    Parties in accord: Misticblade7 and Tumuchfkingcreep, and subordinates.

    Duration: "Until we have planes". This means that the treaty is valid until this server has Flan's Planes installed and significantly usable.

    What the treaty entails: Neither team shall declare war against another for the duration. This includes any wars over towns or capitals. This does not include other sorts of organized conflicts, such as capturing and holding a neutral point, or any sort of warfare not involving towns or capitals.

    What the treaty does not entail includes, but is not limited to: No theft of enemy possessions, no destruction of enemy holdings, no killing of enemy soldiers or livestock.

    3.) Regarding the Blue team chain of command:

    In order of authority:

    iXiPulseiXi - MrCoolDude - mkeness
    xXCresentXx - tacorifick - ndelmnco
    Everybody else

    Essentially, I'm also saying that Pulse, CoolDude, and mke are Blue's reps.
    I will be on very little until next week, and I want to make sure everybody knows who is in charge in my stead.

    If I'm forgetting anybody, or somebody new comes up, the seven people mentioned above are the Blue Council. They get to decide who goes onto the lower tier of that list.