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    See, VERY few people think that way....most of the modding community despises FC greatly....

    Wow. I knew there were tons of immature, uneducated people who never respected FlowerChild or Better Than Wolves, and complain when they're unable to use his fantastic mod with other mods that strongly imbalance its well thought-out technological progression, but I had no idea that this extreme idiocy amounted to most of the modding community.

    I'm not sure it's fair to the modding community for you to be taking what a small portion (though a tad larger around those who enjoy RedPower) of people think and then casting that opinion onto everybody else. Most of the modding community probably doesn't care in the least about what FlowerChild does with his mod. Just because you greatly despise someone and want to believe that mostly everyone else does too doesn't make it fact. And anyone who has ever played his mod for the sake of playing it, and not just because some of the features look cool to have in a world of IndustrialCraft and Equivalent Exchange (for example), will share my opinion. Everything FlowerChild has done was for the good of his mod, and the community of users dedicated to it.

    I hope zipp comes back and sees what you have done with his mod. Considering you took this mod without permission and completely changed the function, you technically stole his work instead of updating a mod to work with a new version of IC. You are now the new poster child of why many talented coders do not mod. Congratulations, you replace FC in being a douche.

    I'm not sure that comparing AtomicStryker to a great person and fantastic modder is an effective means of insult.

    Gold cable has a 128 capacity, but 1 in 2.5 block loss.

    Gold: Now even more useless!

    I think that bronze cabling as T2 would be a good move, but it should be balanced against gold in some way. It should indeed have around 1EU loss per 7 blocks, but, while having the low EU loss of tin cabling, should also have the penalty of not being able to receive insulation. Also, I'm not too sure about how electric shocks work in this mod, as I always set up my wiring safely, but if shocks can only occur when the wires aren't covered by other blocks, perhaps the bronze cabling should shock entities if there is only one block between it and the volume of air containing the entity.

    Generally, when a mod has been a certain way for a long while, and many people enjoyed how it was, the way for mod developers to make the greatest number of users happy is to make a change that they wish to implement configurable.

    Now, I'm not sure how viable this option is in this scenario, but if it's possible, it should be considered (or perhaps reconsidered, if it's already been thought over).

    Hey, how come there are like no roses in the whole world? I haven't checked the BroVille Shop (I don't know if they are there) but if they aren't there, if you could add them or sell bonemeal or something.

    Also, could you post what towns are owned by which team? I would like to know as I can't seem to memorize them... Lol.

    Looking foward to these interesting wars.

    The shop does sell bones.

    Mensrea: Could you set my location to somewhere significantly far away from where it is now? Something went horribly, horribly wrong, if you catch my drift.

    With the communications satellite thing, redstone transmission makes even more sense. :D…-11wireless-redstone-v15/

    no need for him to do that to be honest

    I'm aware of that mod, but I'm not such a huge fan of non-Forge mods, and I don't like its feel so much. Moreover, it would make sense for Kentington's satellite system to be able to do this, and it would have a very good feel to it with the rest of IndustrialCraft in my opinion.

    At any rate, it would be nice to have an alternative to the Wireless Redstone mod.

    So this weekend I made the mistake of getting my significant other into Minecraft, and she's asking asking me let her play Rocket Science... and thus here's a quick and dirty compatibility patch. Just getting IC2 properly decompiled was a bear and a half (MCP doesn't handle enums well, among other things), and the way IC2 handles items was radically changed, so I didn't have time to extensively bugtest - let me know if something goes wrong and I might be able to get to it sometime this week.

    Future update plans are as follows. First, I'm going to finish the SSP features I've got partially coded (BuildCraft pipe support, satellite infrastructure, GPS satellite and transponder, mapping satellite, ground-penetrating imaging, orbital ion cannon, missile defense laser, radar dish and defense coordination block, control block for multiple missiles). Hopefully by the time that's finished I'll have found someone to take over the Bukkit conversion; if not, I can't promise anything.

    So will this whole satellite infrastructure system allow for wireless transmission of redstone signals across large distances? That would be fantastic! Also, I'm not one to ask for an ETA or anything, but do you anticipate that it's something that might be finished within a month or so, or perhaps a more extensive period of time?

    I'd put my money on it being something from Technic causing whatever the issue may be. It could be a problem of there not being enough available block ids to run Rocket Science, or perhaps it's Power Converters being goofy.

    I fully expect that someone else will come along and be far more helpful than me.

    So will this GPS stuff mean something along the lines of an advanced map? That would be beyond awesome.

    Also, will major new features need to be added before the recipe for the Thermonuclear missile, or do you just need to work out a proper plan for implementation?

    Well about clay..never noticed that,gotta check right now >_>

    About He-4..would't it be nice to create lamps with it? lots of possible room for imagination,like - coloring with dyes and charging these lamps and making new type fo colored lighting?(like differently colored torches,making disco avaliable :D ) and so on? low EU transmitting cables,which emit yellow light,when EU flowing through? it's merely a suggestion about what MC really lacks :( still,we may turn it into D-2 cell and T-3 cell,using neutron help >_> actually something tells me,that we may need 2 fusion reactors-cold synthesis and hot >_> goddamit I ate too much chocolate 8|

    Actually it's not D-2 or T-3. It's H-2 and H-3. H is for the element, hydrogen, and the number is for the atomic mass of the isotope. Deuterium is hydrogen with an atomic mass of 2 AMU. Tritium is hydrogen with an atomic mass of 3 AMU.

    And you can never have too much chocolate.

    Hey, I just found a mod on the normal MC forums that I get the feeling you might want to keep an eye out for when it gets SMP support: pheenixm's Explosives+ mod. I blew up A WHOLE MOUNTAIN with an airstrike from afar. And then went and turned an NPC village into a pile of lava and slag with the Plasma Beam, Halo Covenant style. I get the feeling that if you add that mod, shit will go down faster than you can imagine. You might want to disable the Biome Buster. :)

    Also, just finished downloading the new client (116 MEGABYTES? Is this even Minecraft any more?) and it appears that my worst fears are realized: it is totally, unfixably, Windows only now. Thankfully I have fixed my issues with Parallels but hopefully it doesn't give too hard of a hit to my framerate. Also, are the username problems fixed or am I going to have to figure out that too to play on a good PVP server? I'm determined to get on this goddamn place and there's no way you can stop me now... 8)

    Trust me, overpowered explosives are really not our type of mod.