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    1. The batteries have to be the correct tier (too low, and they won't work; too high, and they probably risk blowing up the machine)
    2. The slot can also recharge batteries and electric tools, so a full battery in a machine connected to a power supply won't have an obvious effect. However, an empty battery in that situation will recharge (though this might not be immediately obvious). Alternatively, a full battery in a machine that isn't hooked up to an external power source will allow it to operate from the battery (although if the operation requires more than the battery holds, or more than one amp, such as arc furnace or thermal centrifuge recipes, it won't complete the operation). If you stick the full battery into the machine without attempting to operate the machine, the effect might not be obvious.

    Ahhh alright, it was just the tier of the battery that I had wrong. Thanks a lot! :)

    The slot with the lightning bolt allows batteries. The slot to the right is for a data orb/stick, but only a few machines actually make use of it: the scanner, the replicator, and the printer (though there might be others that I've forgotten). I'm guessing the slot remains there for other machines because that was easier than customizing the bottom row for every machine. Machines with no output tank still have a fluid auto-output button, and even GT steam machines also have active areas at the locations of the fluid/item auto-output buttons, even though steam machines aren't capable of auto-output (since the output face has to be kept clear for venting "used" steam)

    I have tried putting batteries in the lightning bolt slot.. full or empty, GT or IC2, they did nothing. How are they supposed to work?

    You can probably delete QuestProgress.json (in your save directory) and that should restart your progress from zero. But I have not tried it myself. But please note: that file contains everyones progress. If you are running MP server everyone will have to redo their quests.

    Edit: and about lava - you can take the lava tank itself to your lava source. Or even create multiple lava tanks. They can hold 4 buckets. This way you can transport a lot of lava per run. And you can safely break your smeltery as long you do not break Smeltery Controller block.

    I forgot about moving the tank, thanks! And no I'm playing single player, was just afraid that deleting the file would break the quest mod completely.

    About random quest unlock - this has happened to me after minecraft crashed while trying to open save file. I fixed this problem by restoring QuestProgress.json from the backup I have made. Yes, I lost some quests because backup was not most recent, but then I just entered cheating mod and quickly did quest that I already did.

    So, I would recommend creating a backup of "save" directory after you successfully exit the game without any visible crashes/errors.

    Is there any way to just reset the entire quest log? I'd be fine with doing that since I'm really not all that far along. Otherwise it's not breaking the game so far and I'm still able to complete other quests along the progression line. The lava bucket thing on the other hand is making it really hard to manage my smeltery since I haven't got any pipe/pump setup yet.

    Follow up, now that I have all the ores for the "Machalite" quest which was listed as completed before I got any of the ores, I can't submit them or receive the rewards now. Also a whole lot of other quests completed themselves earlier when I logged off, almost all the tiers are unlocked (in error) now. :(

    Gloves normaly work i not have any problems on my server. What version of the Pack you are using? Which Quests bugs?

    I am playing The fire resist buff from the gloves just seems to come randomly and I can hold the bucket for the duration, but then I start taking damage again and have to drop it.

    I just started recently so I'm still on 0.5 stone age working on my bronze weapons, the weird thing was that I just logged to the menu screen for a second and when I logged back in several quests popped up. Tier 1 - Steam was opened which I don't think I'm ready for yet, Malachite was listed as completed even though I can't get the reward and I haven't gathered all the ores. Some other random quests in tiers I shouldn't have had opened were also unlocked (the end portal, killing a demon) and How to Be(e) is no longer accessible. Really not sure what I did, lol.