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    To be honest, it's just better to use Forge anyway. The major upside to this is Forge is updated regularly and often and has a team working on it. MLMP does not, and the updates as of late have not been "official" ones by the author but third parties in the MC community. MLMP has always taken a lot longer to update and removing it as an additional mod to wait on makes it easier for players. As I'm not a modder, I can't say this for sure but I'd think that, in the long run, it also simplifies this for the modder community who use Forge and make SMP mods as they don't have to wait on an MLMP update either. I could be wrong on that, however, so I will stand corrected if that proves to be the case.

    I don't see the point in releasing a work in progress for IC2 1.8.1 when there's a later version of Minecraft out, which will surely result in an update to IC soon enough.

    I agree, was all geared up to go to 1.2.3, now I'm just going to wait it out and take a break I think. My opinion is, Mojang should have waited to do the 1.2 release till the major bugs that 1.2.4 fixed were done. Save everyone major trouble.

    I have a 2020eu/t design to use in 1.81/whenever I update (still awaiting for a few mods like the Thermal Monitor), just using buckets. I refuse to use ice, since I'd need to use EU to make the ice regardless. Best ice casuc I think is 2070? Only 50eu/t more than my water cooled design and it'd probably cost that much at the very least to keep 7 ice blocks a second coming. I'm currently using a 1keu/t a second only needing 4 buckets a second, works fun unless the chunk unloads :(

    Also never ever use the ChunkLoading block from Teleport pipes. I'll be using forge's chunk loading hook which is much safer.

    Just curious how the Forge chunk loading hook works, is there any way to use this to force other chunks to stay loaded as well? I use the ChunkLoading block from Additional/Tele Pipes, but haven't run into issues with them yet myself, what sort of problems can they cause? Sorry for the ignorant questions.

    Btw Atomic is a decent modder. Better than the ones who are bitching about shit they CANT do.

    The whole concept of "If you can't do something, you can't critique anyone's work in the area" is flawed. I'm not an artist, but I know bad art work when I see it. I'm not writer, but I still think Twilight was god awful. From past experience and observation, there's a large amount of coders/modders who think themselves above this, that only someone who can duplicate their work has the right to comment on it.

    Still don't agree? Most gamers couldn't write a game to save their lives, but apparently know a bad game when they see one.

    can you guys not except that the war is over? there is no need to dwell on or discuss anymore on what happened with zipp, atomic stryker, and advanced machines. if you really need drama go support wasteland 2 on kickstarter or petition bioware to change masseffect 3's ending or something but this is just a small addon to a mod of an indie game we should all be happy now. :D

    Pretty much this. I wasn't happy with AS's mod, then this one was released and now I'm happy. I do think it's a bit of disrespect towards zipp from atomicstryker, but let that rest on him and let zipp deal with that if or when he returns.

    I think the choice between the two is a good thing, those of us who like and want the original are get what we want. If you want anything more, I suggest requesting AS to do it or give it a go yourself.

    Ice cooling can be pretty efficient if done with RP2 and some "free" source of snowballs (=snow men, or some other mod to generate them), i have currently a setup running on 45 U cells and cooled by 11 compressors with 7 overclockers each.
    The generator makes 1980 EU/t and wastes 594EU/t (30%) on cooling, lowering total efficiency to ~ 3.06
    Now 30% waste is bad, but you get effectively a 3.06 eff MK1 reactor, capable of giving out 1376EU/t, which is nothing to sneeze at, and better than any non CASUC setup will give you.

    Now making the snowballs with compressors would lower that total efficiency to 1.75 and even lower as you need to power a bunch of pumps as well. At that point you are better off using a non-casuc setup.

    A 1980eu/t setup is pretty cool, but like you said, total eff is 3.06. I can make a RP2 water bucket CASUC setup to cool a reactor with 1740eu/t and 4.35eff. The major benefit of this is that there's no EU cost to cool it and my efficiency is exactly what it is. I guess if you're not using RP2 ice is a good way to go, otherwise you're just shooting yourself in the foot needlessly. I am OCD when it comes to wastage though, much to the amusement of the other players on my server who make memes about my OCD.

    I actually hate using ice CASUC cooling, purely because your real power eff and output are reduced by anything from 20-60%. I've got a 1740eu/t CASUC Mark 1 using 8 water buckets a second with RP2 tubes, using no EU to cool so I get that full 1740eu/t output. To me, ice cooling is basically for making a reactor do the most possible output in the same way hardcore overclockers use liquid nitrogen to cool rigs for exhibition and show. It's a pretty awesome feat, but not the most practical approach.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't ccSensors a Singleplayer only addon for computercraft? Whereas this mod here is both SSP and SMP?

    EDIT : Reread this and it sounds like i'm having a go at you. I'm not! I think your program and nuke control is awesome, just pointing out that this mod is useful for a SMP setting aswell, and to my knowledge ccSensors is singleplayer only.

    That's sad :( I'm not sure why so many mods would want to be limited to SSP only, I respect that people play it (and having being an "SSP only" player once myself) but ever since starting up my private server with my friends I've found MC to really be something I enjoy. I guess I just like to impress my friends using funky reactor setups with this mod.

    I do have one question about the thermal monitors, are they flammable? One of the players on my server was using one to cut off his reactor at 4000, with 2 chambers. However, the whole thing went up like Three Mile Island. Now, I didn't get to see his setup so I'm not too sure if it was just user error, but he said something about seeing a monitor burn up? Maybe he's just saying stuff to save face :P

    I tested this myself this morning, fully expecting MC to just die horribly on loading a SSP world with IC2 and BC2 stuff. It did not disappoint.

    I'd say either you cancelled the download fast enough so it didn't update anyfiles, and you're still using 1.1 or this belongs in the realm of unicorns and feyfolk.

    So, I've been playing IC2 with buildcraft and EE (Probably going to replace EE with forestry soon) for a while, but today my roommate updated my minecraft folder to 1.2.3. I was angered quite a bit by that, as it meant that I wouldn't be able to access my worlds for several weeks. . . Or so I thought. While attempting to show him his error, I loaded my creative world, and everything worked fine. No crashes, no bugs, nothing. I had a generator burning coal, that worked fine; I had a macerator macerating stuff, that worked fine, I flew up to y=200, that worked fine. The closest thing to a bug I found was a small gravel deposit I found while exploring the nether. Clearly something went horribly right, but what?

    You can fly up as high as you want on Creative, pre or post 1.2.3. Not sure how IC2 would load without Modloader, ModloaderMP or Forge since they wouldn't have been in your updated .jar.

    I really hate to use cliches here, but pics or it didn't happen.

    True as that maybe, it can come at a price. Y'all are focusing on solely the SMP aspects here, where as the announcement says that eventually Bukkit will be both SSP and SMP. My fear is that the bukkit team is going to do everything in their power to stop MCF from continuing and that will be the last time I update Minecraft. I love what the MCF team is doing with the API and it is amazing how far the mods connected to the API have come since its release. I remember when IC was just introducing teleportation lol.

    I know how much I miss it right now as I am stuck on 1.2.3 and (shuddering when saying this) playing with BTW as nothing is really updated with, but the day that MCF, RP2, BC3, and IC^2 are fully up and running BTW is going to meet the recycling bin!

    As someone who runs a server, this is exactly why I worry about this development. Bukkit might be great for server management, but as far as modding API's go, it just does not hold a candle to Forge.

    Was told at a party last night about some drama going on behind the scenes with the Bukkit devs, but considering the amount of alcohol consumed I'd say it was bogus.

    Thanks for bringing the originals back. Maybe this will stop the complaints. I personally liked both versions and will keep to the new edition because I like the new modules. I *love* how AS and Snyke cooperate and don't fight. Yet the users complained about the AS version despite not having to use it.

    It's more that people who ran servers had a choice of no Advanced Machines, or AS's version. The other port done for Advanced Machines to 1.71 was SSP only and like I always say, don't have time to play with myself.