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    I have been taking a more Rammus approach to gregtech for a while now, but I was somewhat shocked while trying the New World Mod Pack. Not because of what it included or excluded but the fact that I actually felt happy when I saw gregtech was not installed.

    One of the main problems I have been having with it was the drastic shift favoring nuclear and lava power sources over just about any other.

    With advanced solars requiring both uu and iridium you basically eliminated it as a reasonable power source for mid game play. If it didn't require the uu but everything else was the same it would fall to a more steady progression. Players would still not be able to get a lot of power out of making them early on because they would require you to still have iridium ingots, diamonds and a good power base already.

    The alternative power sources your mod adds are not very good because the output per block is very low(8-12 eu/t). It would be very good if there was advanced versions of them that outputted 20 or more eu/t.

    Another problem is many blocks that have simple functions actually have extremely complex recipes that require large amounts of items such as monitors when one or two would be much more logical.

    One of the worst offenders is the buffers which the advanced buffer leaves the player with a large number of items that costed a divers array or resources to make, the painfullest being you can't directly craft a small buffer. One would think that a large buffer would be crafted from a small one instead of the other way around.

    Hope you can get things so most people are on good terms with your mod. I look forward to updates.


    Do you think you could add a gui to the player detector and have more options like "detect radius"?

    I'm trying to make an automatic door but to keep it shut when a player it's actually near it I need 4 player detectors hooked into an "and logic". This is very disappointing given how expensive the player detector is.

    Once you get one you can just let it grow and then cross breed from it. A
    square crops designs is good for this. With my experience the most
    likely plants to get from a cross breed is one of the parent plants
    followed by a similar plant and finally a completely different
    plant(flowers being the most common of these).

    So breeding reeds together is the easiest way to get stickreed and wheat for redwheat.

    In other news: Pretty much only reed will grow in the desert.

    I have a magnetizer setup with 20 iron fences below it and none above. It is receiving full power but after one trip put it doesn't propel me all the way up again until I come back later. This has been repeated many times and the result has been the same. It seem each fence is propelling the player and taking it's own energy from the magentizer, so the fences are draining twice as much power as the magnetizer can provide.

    After draining the fences from the first time going up they seem to still try because they player is nudged up a tiny bit about every second but immediately lands back on the floor.

    It would be nice if you could label your toolboxs and also set what kind of tools are allowed for it to store, such as: only axes, axes and pickaxes, electric only, etc.
    Maybe use m+click or shift+click to access the menu while your holding it.