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    Tl;dr: Same problem, did some debugging, waiting for Forge to update.

    My server is running the regular tech/psudo-tech mod set(IC2, BC, EE, RP2, Forestry, EC), and I just encountered the same problem with the batbox, works fine in SSP, but crashes the client that tried to view the GUI for the batbox.

    EDIT1: Update! I took a look at the server output and it seems that the server thinks the batbox is an iron furnace?

    1. 2012-03-19 04:57:42 [INFO] Player Kulek used the wrench to remove the ic2.common.IronFurnace (227-0) at -6021/60/-1049

    EDIT2: It also doesn't accept power from any side, tested by wiring a fully backed up generator to every side at once -1 six times(every side open once while all others were wired.

    EDIT3: Just had to rewire the first bit of my system, seems like it was remembering the "batbox" in the place i put it and the wire I put there after removing it wasn't recognized as a passable block, dismantled the whole thing, rebuilt, still nothing. Then I looked at the generator that I had removed just prior and replaced, and not having put any coal in it this time, it remembered its charge level from before. So I broke everything again, logged out, back in, replaced the generator, and it was empty again, rewired a second time, and now my macerator gets power finally.

    EDIT4: Ok, looks like If I do the reload thing, the batbox works fine, just remembered that I had an iron furnace in the original spot for the batbox :| its all working now, you just have to be careful to never replace anything unless you unload the chunk and reload before placing blocks. Time to wait for that Forge update.

    Seems like there is a problem with the links that are on the forum now, but its fixable from the user end if they remove the "www." from the url. Check your mimetypes, or maybe domain forwarding not pushing the www sub. If you have no idea what i'm talking about(You probably do, since JAVA), get at your hosting provider and ask them to look at it.

    O.K. I started from SCRATCH and with all the new code, it works! Though, I cant get the config to work. It throws this:

    Is there some example code for getting the config files to play nice?
    I can work around this for now, just ignoring the config file, but I would like to get it working before release.

    Time to start working on the real meat of this! woo!

    I made sure the zip was last in the list, its named: "".

    I'm thinking about starting over from scratch. What do i actually need to have in the jar before I decompile? I've had ModLoader only, and i've also tried ModLoader Forge, and IC2 all at the same time. I just want to make sure i'm starting out on the correct foot.

    I have this great idea for a mod, and have a ton of pseudo-code waiting. I've begun the modding process, and have obtained the IC2 API, and am using Eclipse. I've managed to make a block, and a couple items with some basic recipes, but whenever I try to use an IC2 item( using for example: ItemStack waterCellStack = Items.getItem("waterCell"); ) in the recipe, the mod fails to initialize properly, and throws this:

    I have been coding for years, but have never really dabbled in Java, and i'm wondering if my packaging is correct. It probably isn't :\

    I've been looking for a concise guide on how to set up an IC2 mod from scratch, and have resorted to taking apart other peoples code to see how they did it. I know, it's bad, but I'm curious and want to learn.

    Is there such a guide that I can follow to get an IC2 mod working?
    I really think this mod will benefit the community, and is in no way a "god mod". I've done hours of calculations and testing within minecraft and how IC2 works its numbers and have make sure that the end result of this mod is in no way over powered, but actually quite challenging to get to, and keep up. I am reluctant to say exactly what this mod will be doing at the moment, as I would really like to be the one that releases it :p