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    just looked at the main post 2 things
    1. can move the swirly purple portal blocks? interesting :D can you say tardis build?
    2. if your building a TBM with thaumcraft why not just slap an arcane bore on the front?

    You kind sir have just saved me the hassle of rebuilding my WHOLE tunnel bore because of a fail head :D
    Thank you SO much if I make a new video I'll be sure to mention you. :D

    Alblaka can you post a screenshot or give a basic explanation how it works? I'm having an hard time adding the "backward" direction :(

    I haven't done it myself, but I assume that you just have to add another caterpillar engine or whatever kind of engine that makes it move forward but make it face backward, then you can turn it on and it goes backward :D I should add it to my bore...

    I can't help with your drill head problems because i haven't built one yet myself but i can help with the inch worm drive jamming. you see that designs big flaw is that the motor closest to the door is getting intermittent power cause the battery-box keeps moving away if you dedicate a battery-box to each motor that will move with the motor the power will be constant and the forward drive will jam less often.

    So thats why the engine was jamming! :D
    I thought it was because of lag...
    Thanks though! :D

    This is cool, and makes some of the breeding so much easier. I've been trying since the update to try to get hops for beer, and I'll be impressed and happy if you figure out how to do it. :D

    I tried the ip that was in the thread,, but it said it couldn't connect, and when I used the ip that was on,, it didn't work either. I am running mc 1.1.0 with all the mods that you said in the thread, so what am i doing wrong?