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    Thanks for the explanation. I nearly thought I was a little bit dumb ;)

    One questions still stays for me. Usually you want to have a multiplicative of 200 in heat as your outcome to maximize your boilers efficiency and not creating any additional heat. Is there a way to interpret heat in the matter of liquid? I thought about installing a fluid regulator which should transfer the offset to a stirling engine but i need to setup the amount of fluid.

    Just imagine the reactor is creating 220 heat. Then I would install one boiler and one regulator and the regulator should push 20mb per tick to the stirling engine. In the beginning the regulator may get more than it needs but after it is full the distribution will be fine under the assumption that 20 heat per tick equals 20 mb of hot fluid.

    The order it tries to eject is simply the order the code is run checking sides, there's not really a preference beyond that. (East is the very last side to be checked for reference).

    Ok that is what i thought but is there a valid setup for a fluid reactor independent of the orientation?

    First of all I saw one build which did like this on youtube.

    But second I have a similar problem. Maybe you can help out.

    I build a fluid reactor with Steam Boiler (for superheated steam), 2 turbines and at the end a condensor. My way back is via a pipe system. Problem is that depending on the orientation the boiler releases water into the turbine no1 which forwards it into the 2nd turbine where it got stuck. With the correct orientation the first turbine automatically shifts back the water into the boiler and forwards the steam into the second turbine (i think it has to be the east side of the reactor). I did not orientate the fluid ejectors in any way. So the normal prioritization seems to result in the perfect behaviour. Is this the whished behaviour? Did i miss aynthing in setting up my reactor design?

    And also. How fluid can one reactor port handle? My is idea would be to build all the turbines at the east with two liquid ports (one for input, one for output)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hi there.

    Even though i'm playing IC2 for quite a while I discovered the chunkloader quite late. Sadly there is not entry in the wiki. Therefore I want to ask a couple of questions.

    How does it work? Keeping the chunks and all machines in it active I think...
    1. Do I have to be in the same chunk to activate it and then only make the chunkloader keeping it acive? Or is this chunk als active when i rejoin the server somewhere else?
    2. Is the chunkloader also working when I'm off the server?
    3. When I activate chunks via this machine how does it affect other machines like miner when the miner is in an active chunk but not the whole search area of the miner?

    Thanks :)