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    I was just about to make a suggestion thread myself, but then I saw this! So, I'll tell you some plants I've came up with:
    Tier: III
    Tags: White, Ice Cream, Flower, Stalk
    Drops: Vanilla Beans
    Can be used for: Vanilla Ice Cream :D (I'll let Alblaka think of the crafting recipe(s) and the hunger points given)
    Tier: I
    Tags: Red, Fruit, Juicy, Berry
    Drops: Strawberries
    Can be used for: edible, Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Ice Cream :D:D (I'll let Alblaka decide hunger points given and crafting recipes, again)
    Tier: III
    Tags, Blinky, Glowing, Caves, Vine
    Drops: Glowstone Dust
    Note: this plant is actually in a game called Terraria. I thought of suggesting Blinkroot because someone had once suggested Waterleaf, which is also in Terraria.
    Also I'm obviously thinking of chocolate ice cream as well. That would just be cocoa beans with unflavoured ice cream.

    One day, I had a dream of finding some Plutonium (It was obviously a minecraft dream). That's when I got the idea of a suggestion for Plutonium Ore. It generates in a similar way that Uranium Ore does, only that it is slightly rarer and can only ever be found below sea level. When mined, (can be mined with the same tools Uranium can be) it will drop Plutonium. This can be used to make Plutonium Cells, which are basically Uranium Cells but much more powerful. Unlike Uranium Cells, Plutonium Cells can not be re-enriched and will dissappear once used up. As they are more powerful, you will have to monitor your Nuclear Reactor more often so that it doesn't overheat. It's crafting recipe is the same as Uranium Cells, accept using Plutonium instead of Uranium.

    Hope you like my idea! ;)