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    I appreciate the effort but I'm not going to touch internal inventory. :)

    it's ok, i understand your idea about the particles of the pads. XD

    I'm guessing you had something still in your bar? ;) The hot-bar is prioritised before any armour is affected, so it won't start on the armour until the hot-bar item is drained completely (or items, if using proximity/wide-band upgrades). This is inverted, if you use an armour priority upgrade: the armour has to be completely charged/depleted before the hot-bar is affected.

    nah, i just derped and accidentally steped on 2 pads; one with drain conversion & wide band booster and the other one with armor priority & FE. no wonder the armor would not drain. it's just a 5 seconds of error

    how about adding a new effect for it to make the particles from the pads looks more thick and concentrated so it can reach the internal storage? i guess paying additional EU/t in that upgrade makes it balance for what it does. i think.

    and BTW, a pad with a drain conversion module & wide-band booster module doesnt seem to drain the armor's energy. is it a bug? << nah ignore this

    can anyone confirm if my mod also work for forestry machines? Got tip that it work, but for me it's a bug rather a proper feature. Will bug SirSengir how he saves charge value. It seems that he uses the same NBT key as IC2 does, so it can get ugly at some point...

    yeah it worked with forestry when i tried it yesteday, i thought it was a feature, it displays MJ values in EU.

    prevented ForceField creation if another Generator powert a 2. Projector

    i dunno, it seems not working to me, i use 1 generator and 2 cube projector, 1 projector creates a large cube and 1 projector still creates a small cube inside.

    nah i think i got it, each projector must have a different generator to make the jammer work. i built it wrong thats why its not working. when i created a new generator the jammer works and the 'jammed' projector spits out the items (blank card,projector module, etc) and you cant open it's gui, you have to break and replace it.

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