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    Got around to install and play a bit with this mod today and i have to say it's really fun.

    Between the parachute, the jetpack, and the glider, you can come pretty close. I'll see about adding a couple more options that can make aerial building easier.

    It can! Although the tools will only draw power from the chest piece currently, while my power tool will draw power from any equipped item. I might try to do something about this if it becomes an issue for people.

    Actually for me it seems to draw from the boots with 0.1.21 (didn't try latest version) :P
    Anyway, that is great, filling another niche left by the other mods not-super-expensive armor that provides both protection and power.

    Some suggestions:

    A graphical indicator for charge level on the items.
    Some kind of preview of the weight and other parameters before installing modules in the table.
    EU reader module
    Hover mode for the jetpack (a-la ic2 jetpack)
    Mining laser module!
    Night vision module
    Backpack module (that expands the inventory of the player) - not sure how much of a PITA that's gonna be to code :P
    Some kind of module that allows to charge or discharge items by clicking an energy storage block

    Anyway, great mod, keep up the good work :)

    This seems like a cool idea. I'd really like if it provided creative-like flight in some reasonable way, the only other mod that has it for recent versions of minecrat is gravisuits and i highly dislike the complexity and costs associated with it (by the time you can make one, you already have everything and there isn't much use to it anyway)

    Also can the armor act as power source for IC2 tools? If it doesn't it really should.

    I've used a [reed farm -> fermenter -> biogas engines -> transformers -> EU] setup in multiple worlds and it works just great.

    Using a single 21x21 reed farm (with optimal fill pattern, 80%) 1 biofuel engine on a forestry harvester - produces more reed than you know what to do with.
    The fermenter needs 1 biogas engine powering it for every ~25-ish engines that need biomass.

    And If you want a REALLY OP setup with forestry - do it in an accelerated mystcraft age lol.

    Yeah, splitter cable behavior is a major pain in the ass.

    I found a small workaround, if the cable is encased in CF it becomes a solid block and behaves a bit more sanely, you can put a lever directly on it to power it, etc.

    I have no idea why the devs are so stubborn about changing it, every single other mod manages to get it right, except IC2.

    Examples like these its why i will never (In the personal level) support Open source nor i would suggest anyone from doing so. Yes i know there is a lot of benefits in going open source, that just because its open source doesn't mean a free for all (Depending on your license and if you choose to enforce it severely if someone violated it even though you do this for free/fun) and that not everyone is like this.

    So you won't suggest others to support open source because someone took a piece of closed source code and used it against it's (non-OSS) license? What?

    Somehow i actually ended up copper starved in my 1.3.2 world. Got to the point i'm making copper ore with UU lol.

    I'm blaming solar panel spam (never used them much before), those cables eat tons of copper once you start cranking HV arrays...

    I'm using dense ore age + filler (and standing under it collecting stuff into forestry backpacks) for my mining, as without working chunk loaders quarries are useless. Currently mining from Y~=30 upwards (i have more than enough diamonds / gold / lapis / redstone to last a few decades).

    How latest is latest? :P

    I'm currently stuck on 263 due to mystcraft, is that useable?

    Edit: Apparently not.

    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: it.<init>(Lrj;III)V
    at ic2.common.IC2Loot.<clinit>(

    Half a year? Yes, look at how long Eloraam hasn't updated Redpower2 or said a word.

    Except that her stuff was mostly working, IC2 in it's current form is almost unplayable in SMP and has game-breaking bugs in SSP.


    P.S. Is it that hard to join the development team and fix a bug if you care so much?

    This is the last post on the recruitment thread that became an IC2 dev: Recruitment
    It was made over a year ago, since then nobofy else joined the team via that thread, as far as i can see.

    On of the guys applying was Rawcode, the dud that posted the unofficial bugfix for 1.106 and got yelled at for it.

    So yeah, i assume joining the dev team isn't as easy, even if you can and want to contribute.

    I'd love to see IC2 as an open source project... and probably any other closed mod out there that i care about. I just don't "get" what's the point of keeping game mods as closed projects.

    If i ever create a game that becomes anywhere near successful i'll structure it's license in a way that forces all mods to be OS :P

    also - what's wrong with Induction furnaces? Haven't played that much yet.

    1.106 had ISidedInventory implemented incorrectly on most (all?) machines, most of it was fixed with a ninja update but induction furnaces are still bugged. Items inserted from any side end up in the output slot, supposedly will be fixed in 1.107

    Thanks for the update!

    Thanks, Yeah I wonder if the pipe extraction / insert it working fine on this one.

    Works fine for me... now if only IC2 fixed their induction furnances...

    Edit: Anyone ever experimented how many normal furnaces with overclockers are needed to smelt the dusts from one rotary macerator without backlogging? 2x with 6 o/c each doesn't look like enough.
    Edit2: 2 furances with 7 o/c each seems to do the trick.
    Edit3: Any chance to get BC triggers on the advanced machines like normal IC2 machines have?

    2: Can you add a config option to make the capacitor to use the old functionality to make it power directly off of eu?

    +1 to this suggestion. I personally liked that i could create self sufficient protected areas, right now it's impossible and anyone with enough patience can keep the chunk loaded and wait till forcium runs out (or break any automated means of getting it from the outside).

    It might be a good thing for some [pvp focused] servers, but there should be an option to turn it to the old system.

    im crashing whenever i place a solar array and it corupted my save :(, here is the log.
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ic2.platform.NetworkManager

    You have an outdated version of the IC2 API in one of your mods.
    Try updating all your mods related to IC2 in some way, if that fails try opening every mod file you have installed and deleting the ic2 folder inside.

    Not really sure how this started, but my world is crashing with a NPE upon load. The error mentions both your mod (HV Pipe) and Additional Pipes (Power teleport pipe).

    we've demonstrated that there's no real situation where coalfuel is a viable power source. How about this: What's better, geothermal power or forestry biopower gen + biofuel? (not biomass)

    They both give 20k eu at 20eu/t, so it depends on availability of biomass and lava.
    I do consider both somewhat underpowered, and prefer using forestry biogas engines running on biomass (not fuel) then converting MJ=>EU with one of the crossover addons (currently favorite - transformers)