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    Just like the name implies - a machine that will disassemble a block or an item down to its components.
    it could be made so that it breaks down an item down to its "raw components" or down to the components it is made of
    e.g. an extractor could be broken down to its initial components - circuit, machine block, tree taps; or if down to raw materials circuit and machine block will be grinded down as well, yielding iron, wires, redstone and wood(or sticks)
    It wont be 100% efficient of course, but it could be made upgradable.

    Right now, if you make a low tear network of generators(e.g. :Water Mill: ) and machines, the only thing you can do to them, after you make smth more efficient, is recycle them for scrap or store them in a chest. I believe it will be nice to have a machine that will allow you to actually recycle some machines and salvage some of their parts for another use.
    Thank you

    IC needs its own, unique to its theme, enemies
    Here are some ideas:
    a terrifying safety inspector!!!!! He steals your gold and diamonds if you have too many uninsulated cables or water next to power line.
    an annoying hippie who'll spawn if you have too many nuclear reactors or fuel based generators. He follows you around (like that clown in SIMs) and talks trash about being one with nature or smth. He also destroys your GM crops and frees tamed dogs and cats. He'll become peaceful if you make IC compatable with "better than wolves" :)
    And for SMP - the most dreadful of them all - A UNION REPRESENTATIVE!!!!!!! he'll prevent you from building things the way you want the to build

    add more suggestions people!!!

    Outdated info there. Mojang hired 4 bukkit devs, last I heard the API's going to be bukkit related. bad, but either way I still think that moders (big ones that is) know more than we do(They hide something from us :evil: ). Considering how much feedback minecraft developers request on every snapshot they release it wont be a surprise for me if they consult and ask major moders about their opinion on how the new API should be made since its them who are going to deal with it after its released. imao

    if by "soon" you mean at least a month, if not two. 1.2.5 does NOT bring the mod api to the scene. That's 1.3, even then it's going to be a rather limited API compared to Forge as it'll be around bukkit level.

    I know that it will be some time before it comes out, but I wanted to know how modders view this upcoming feature. maybe they know more than us average people. Eloraam is helping out Jeb on mod API so maybe Al and his IC colleagues know a little more and are willing to share :D

    Hey IC dev team!
    The mod API is coming soon, what do you expect of it? Are you Psyched? Do you expect it to make the life easier or harder for yourselves?

    I must join this one
    Thank you so much for everything you do!
    Ive been playing this mod since the early minecraft beta and as long as I play minecraft Ill always play it with IC. Two things became one for me and there is no way I could separate then now. Minecraft = IC!!!It was because of this mod that I continued playing minecraft for so long and I dont intend to stop playing it for the same reason.
    I hope that this mod will continue growing in the same direction and will become more and more popular within the minecraft community
    Again, THANK YOU!!!!

    :Diamond Drill: rules :)

    sounds like something that would completely destroy someone landscape and make life a hell of alot more agrivating. personally i like building in jungles and swamps and would like to keep my plant life alive, water clean, and what not and keep it asthetically pleasing while i enjoy in the activities of my daily maceration session.

    well ya, thats the idea - to make life harder. part of having an industrial equipment is to manage properly what it produces and dealing with side effects. plus if managed properly, you wont lose any of your jungle/swamp plantlife. it take s A LOT of time to build up a damaging level of pollution and pollution could also be combated with extra plants - in a way it promotes planting more trees :P

    plus wont it be great to have a gloom associated with smog around processing facilities? suffocating air, poisonous rain, gloomy looking factories that dump waste into rivers. we can recreate London during the industrial revolution times!!!!
    if you dont want it - plant some cleaning plants be a little considerate of your actions and you are good.

    thaumcraft implemented land corruption with taint - thats the sole reason why im going to install it in 1.2.4(and cute following chest for my tools :thumbup: )
    I like the idea that one must take some responsibility for his/her production facilities.

    fuel based generators produce smoke that pollutes atmosphere and dirt several chunks around it(different level for different fuels). grass does not grow, trees die out and acid rain falls in the area. The more smog there is the stronger and more wide spread the effect is.
    machines like extractor or macerators produce small amounts of waste that also slowly accumulates in the environment, making it incapable of sustaining plant and wild life.
    nuclear reactors produce nuclear waste( MinecraftSlime ) that should be securely stored underground - it kills plants all around the reactor area or the storage area (and spawns mutant slimes or smth :D ). reactor components can also become "used up" in the process and must be disposed of just like the nuclear waste.

    battling the newly made pollution is another "fun" consequence that adds more to the game (although i hate cleaning 8) )

    Idea - adding mods modes for CF sprayer, like the ones present in mining laser
    e.g. - one block sprayer mod, scaffold only sprayer mod, cable only sprayer mod, etc .
    justification - sometimes when you only need to coat one small cable(or fill-in a small hole) you have to waste a whole shot worth of foam(and it still may not cover the spots you want it to cover).
    since original sprayer is made of cobble and stick maybe make an electrical version of it that can support different mods?

    so its exploration only, huh. It is very useful in the Nether, no doubt about that. And exploring caves is also good stuff. Its just that after you get :Quantum-Leggings: :Quantum-Boots: it is easier to explore with them than with jet pack. And mining with exploding laser projectiles. And building with scaffolds. Glad to know that at some people keep on using the jet pack after they craft it. For me its a dust collector :)

    Could you change the hover mode to be more hovery(i.e. stay at fixed height)? or maybe add another mode so one can freeze in the air at certain altitude and stay there until fuel runs out? 'cos right now, aside from preventing fall damage, hover mode is not very useful. You can't build or mine with it, since you continue to bounce up and down(unless you hit a block with your head)